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Shihan Prather is one of Hatsumi Soke’s most senior students.  They met in  Dayton, Ohio in 1982 and Hatsumi Soke formally took him as his personal ushi deshi or inside the house student in Noda, Japan in 1984. Here you can train on the same Bujinkan techniques he is teaching at his dojo!
Video Lessons Listed Below
Only $4.99 Bujinkan Lesson-1
Begin your first Bujinkan lesson with Shihan Prather with Mutodori – Disarming a sword attack!  It’s not as  impossible as it sounds.  You just need good Taijutsu!
Shihan Prather simultaneously kicks the the opponent’s arm drawing the blade and his chin, then leverages the sword against his neck, taking him to the ground. Learn how now!
Only $4.99 Bujinkan Lesson-2
Hatsumi Soke with his student of 32 years.
Shihan Prather uses the cord of the sword sheath to disarm the sword from the swordswoman while she is drawing her blade! You’ll have to watch closely!
Only $4.99 Bujinkan Lesson-3
Shihan demostrates an unconvetnional waza of an unconventinal weapon: From Hira no kamae using Fu no kata with the kyoketsu shoge to strike the swordsman in surprize from below!
Only $4.99 Bujinkan Lesson-4
Tsurugi- the Bujinkan broadsword is a very ancient weapon but of great spiritual significance as the flaming justice sword of Fudomyo.  Here Prather Shihan demonstrates the versatility and flow of this sword so different in character from the katana.
Only $4.99 Bujinkan Lesson-5

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