Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
June 7, 8 and 9, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Unite | Defend | Grow

Your American, Faith-Filled Journey Starts Here

"Many are called, few are chosen." - Matthew 22:14

Experience the unrivalled thrill of connection with fellow patriots who share your values, right in the heart of America. Our America First, Faith First event is more than just a gathering, it’s a powerful communion of minds and spirits under one flag, one faith.

3 reasons why you'll want to attend this live event...


Meet & Connect

Engage with like-minded patriots, forging bonds and networks that span across the country.


Defend & Protect

Learn from expert trainers on how to safeguard your family through firearm proficiency and martial arts.


Deepen Your Faith

Immerse yourself in our Christ-centered sessions, strengthening your discipleship and fostering spiritual growth.

Join us and experience firsthand the unique benefits of our event:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced guides are here to help you maximize your experience and growth.
  • Christ-Centered: We put faith at the heart of everything we do, helping you deepen your relationship with Christ.
  • Patriotism at Its Best: Celebrate and uphold the core values that make us proud to be American, in an event that truly puts America First.

Embrace the journey to
Unite, Defend, and Grow – your American, Faith-Filled Journey starts here.

Make a Difference for Your Family!

Meet Your Expert Guides Through Fellowship, Warriorship and Discipleship

Jeffrey Prather

Founded Christ Connection Chaplaincy, HMAC, Bujinkan USA, the Warrior School, Initiation, and the Prather Point.

He is a product of rape, adopted from Cincinnati’s St. Joseph’s Orphanage, by a Catholic mom and Baptist dad. His World War-II veteran father enrolled him in private Catholic school, introduced him to Apache spirituality, and Japanese martial arts at age ten.

A retired Army veteran, former DIA intelligence officer and ex-DEA special agent who was persecuted for his faith, his life was forever changed when after a traditional sweat lodge in 1997, he had a near death experience.

God spoke and forever changed him: I LOVE YOU. THIS IS RIGHT. WORK HARDER. HAVE FAITH.

By 2009 he had formulated the foundations of Christ Connectionism, and founded Christ Connection Chaplaincy to show others the Way.

His wife Rachel also chaplains, and their two daughters Isabel and Annalee are committed to Christ and steeped in the Way.

RACHEL Prather

Rachel Prather is originally from Arizona, raised in a traditional Jewish Family.  Rachel’s Judaic roots run deep.

Her family established the first Jewish day school in Tucson and her mother was the first female president of the local conservative synagogue.

But as a child Rachel’s parents hired Gloria, a wonderful Christian woman to help in the house.  Gloria became a second mother to Rachel, helping to raise her and through her Rachel first experienced Christ-love, although it was many years later when she realized it.

During college Rachel felt a yearning for something beyond the Jewish rituals and traditions she’d been immersed in all her life so she finally attended a small Sunday evening church service with Gloria.

There in a tiny metal building with only a few pews and terrible music, something changed inside Rachel. 

She began to cry and tremble, completely confused and overwhelmed by the experience. 

The “more” continued to call until she met her husband Jeffrey and it has been an adventure ever since. 

The “more” she was looking for led to studying, training, sacrifice, hardship, grief, tremendous joy, love and a life fulfilled beyond all possibilities.

None of it was easy.  But all of it was worth it. 

Rachel is wife to Jeffrey, mother to their two children, Chaplain, Healer, homesteader.

Louis Breton

Louis Breton was born and raised as a conservative Jew in East Los Angeles. His loving parents with modest means supported his swimming, and United Synagogue Youth leadership roles.  Along with caring coaches and childhood mentors in science and medicine, he was blessed with emotional, psychological and spiritual support through early depression and challenging circumstances.

In his adolescence, he witnessed God’s mercy and grace caring for his dying grandfather and working as a volunteer in hospice.

After seeking additional tools to be a better man and husband, and through a series of difficult and divine transformative events, he found training with Chief Chaplain Prather and has been a student for over 25 years.

By integrating the vital skills into his daily life, he had remarkable experiences that drew him to Christ and Initiation spiritual practices. 

A successful, serial CEO and entrepreneur, he is also a Senior Handgun Martial Arts Instructor.

As Chaplain, he provides support for a number of organizations including the University of Arizona Police Department and works to bridge science and faith as a CEO and innovator in the biotech and healthcare spaces.

He lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife Amber and their daughters, and together became founding-members for Kids of Steele, a service-based organization that supports sick children and their families.

Christa Ashley

Christa Ashley was raised in a military family and is the proud daughter of a Vietnam veteran and devoted mother.

In 1999 she started training with Jeff Prather in Bujinkan martial arts and Initiation, Jeffrey’s adulthood rite of passage to emotional maturity.

These disciplines dramatically change the trajectory of her life.

She met her husband through this training and found purpose and direction that lead her to immense fulfillment as a wife, mother to three miraculous children, teacher, mentor, and friend.

She runs a homeschool theater program that ministers to over 40+ families using theater as a tool to teach how to love God and love one another well. Their last performance reached over 12,000.

She is a Senior Chaplain, teaches and mentors Initiation, and Healership.

She lives in Ohio where she home-schools her three children, and other children, based on traditional methods of learning and growing on a homestead.

Darin Ashley

Darin Ashley was raised with a blue collar work ethic, in a small Midwestern town by a dutiful dad and hard working mother.

He served in the US Marine Corps for 10 years and is a Veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

In 1992 he started training with Jeffrey Prather in his Bujinkan martial arts and Initiation practices.

He is a Christ Connection Senior Chaplain, a 6th Bujikan black belt, Initiation Instructor, Handgun Martial Arts Center Master Instructor., and Warriorschool Senior Instructor.

He mentors via Warriorship, the Chaplaincies Overwatch and Dads on Duty.

He is a digital integration and innovation consultant, helping companies to grow human to human connections through custom computer applications.

In his ministry, he passionately teaches approaches to growth in the Christ Connection.

He is married to Christa Ashley and raises three wonderful,  beautiful children on a homestead in the Ohio.

Amber Coomes

Amber Coomes began her journey as Jeffrey’s student and spiritual patient over 20 years ago. 

She has seen firsthand how this process works to save souls, reorient, redeem, and consecrate them in the Christ Connection. 

Amber completed healing as a spiritual patient in 2009.  She had previously been embroiled in a life of drugs and abuse.

She credits the Christ Connection Chaplaincy with helping her to escape this cycle and change her life.

She has trained under the Chief Chaplain consistently since 2002. 

She became a Healer in 2011.  After additional years of service she apprenticed again and became a Chaplain in the Christ Connection Chaplaincy in 2021.

She is a working RN, holding a Master’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Arizona in 2015. 

She is also a Lead Instructor with Warriorschool teaching Female FightBack and Safe Kids.

She holds a 6th degree blackbelt in Bujinkan Taijutsu and teaches this martial art under Dai Shihan Prather in Phoenix Arizona.

She is married to Warriorschool Instructor and combat veteran David Coomes.

Your Destination for the Ultimate Great American Meetup Conference!

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Stoney Creek is the newest, most luxurious hotel and conference center in greater Tulsa.

Discover our spacious guest rooms, unique suites, and indoor/outdoor pool—and don’t forget to visit our onsite bar, the Blind Buffalo Pour House, complete with an outdoor patio with beautiful Oklahoma sunset views.

Our urban lodge decor and genuine hospitality create a true home away from home experience for all who visit. Book an experience today that is unlike the rest.

Schedule of Events

Friday, June 7th 

4:00 pm-6:00 pm Meet & Greet

The first step is to show up. Always. Nothing else can happen if you don’t. The question is, will you?


Shabbat Dinner 6:30pm – Prather & Leaders, Teachers, Chaplains, Family 

We begin by sharing a sacred Sabbath dinner. Together. As extended, God family. Bound in faith by breaking bread.


Saturday, June 8th 

9 AM- 10:30 AM: Unarmed Defense, Protection & Martial Arts – Prather 

Law enforcement has left us. Cops are cuckold. Justice is a joke. Defense of self, and protection of loved ones, has never been more vital than now.  

  • Prayer vs Pledge 
  • Existence = Resistance 
  • Community begets Continuity 
  • Neighbor Up Face to face, State to State, Region to Region 
  • Trust via Training 
  • Lean In Literally
  • Kids & Family Defense 


10:30 AM – 12:00 PM: Break Out Sessions with Sensei 

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Lunch 

1:00 PM  – 3:00 PM: Handgun Martial Arts – Prather

Personal liberty is ensured by personal weaponry. Pistols are as personal as it gets. Handguns are America’s martial art. And a rifle transforms you from subject to citizen.

  • Personal Liberty via Personal Weaponry 
  • Gun not Answer 
  • Citizen Warriorship 
  • Handgun Martial Artistry 
  • Firearms Force Multiplication 

PM – 4:00 PM Break Out Sessions HMAC Instructors 

  • HMAC Kids 


6:00 PM – 8:30 PM Prather & Pizza Dinner – Prather & All 

Prather, pizza and praxis – actioning the intelligence. Casual conversations on the coming collapse. Existence as resistance. Continuity via community.

  • Rally Point Resistance 
  • Way of Life 
  • Q & A 



Sunday, June 9th 

9:00 am -10:30 am Connection & Mentor/Discipleship – Prather & Chaplains 

Our Republic is fallen. Because American exceptionalism, based upon our exceptional love of life and freedom, is gone. Gone with our national ethics. Our ethics based upon our Judeo, Christic, and  Native morals. We rescue our Republic via restoration of our morals. Fortitude requires faith.

  • Christic Resistance vs Empire 
  • Christology vs Christianity 
  • Revelation Endurance 
  • Fortitude Faith 
  • Kids Bible School 


11:00 am – 12:00 pm Chaplaincy Service – Prather & Chaplains 

  • Service & Sermon 
  • Kids Welcome 


12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch Included 


1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Initiation – Prather 

Our society is in crisis. Because our physically mature American adults, are emotional babies and brats. Tribes traditionally trained their children for the hard roles of adulthood at puberty. Without emotional maturity, we will never become the nation we once were. Initiation is the answer to the crisis.

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