America’s Martial Art

We are the sheepdogs. And because we are reacting to danger, we will not have time to respond with anything other than what we have on our person at the time. A handgun. Thus, we must be ready and worthy to perform the impossible when called. We must be able to stop the next threat, but never, ever hit the innocent. We must intercede between good and evil, and protect life and freedom.  We must be, Handgun Martial Artists.  HMAC is the American martial art.”
–Jeff Prather
Jeffrey Prather is a master martial artist and former federal primary firearms instructor. He served in special operations, federal law enforcement, and intelligence, and has trained tens of thousands in tactical firearms.
Founded in 2009 all HMAC techniques, tactics, and practices augment natural physiological and psychological reactions in a lethal force fights, so that you will shoot better, faster and more accurately in darkness and under stress!
Part 1
Safety, HMAC Oath, Loading/Unloading, Press/Function Check, Pistol Conditions, Holsters, Holds, Grips, Standing, Kneeling, Prone Stances, Draws, Pre/Post-Shoot Protocols, Real, slow, repeat motion, and more!

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