Initiation: Boys Are Born, Men Are Trained Kindle Edition
by Jeffrey Prather

Follow Jeff Prather’s personal odyssey to spiritual manhood under a legendary Apache singer in the mountains and deserts of Arizona. Prather is tempered physically and astounded spiritually, experiencing a hidden world of incandescent power. To the outside white world the Apache were the tigers of the Southwest. Yet Prather learns that paradoxically the most sacred ceremony of these stoic warriors is the coming of age of each little girl. The ferocious physical prowess of these ultimate warriors emerges from their innate spirituality—and sense of humor. Training with the descendants of Cochise and Geronimo, Prather discovers that, though boys and girls are born, men and women must be trained in the rigors of adulthood. He learns that we are defined by our duties to others. Further, we are all connected by an invisible realm of luminous energy, and if we access these etheric meridians, we can direct divine power through us to protect, heal and connect to all our relations—to literally change our lives and save the world, one life at a time.
“As essential as water—a handbook for the human race.”
– Dr. Joseph K. Eleid, M.D.
“This book is a great read! It is entertaining and full of ancient teachings that offer practical life advice for today. For more than 18 years I have experienced personally, and witnessed in others, the changes in life that result when people practice the techniques described in this book.”
– Darin Ashley, Major, USMC (Ret)
To learn about Apache Initiation read Jeffrey’s book “Initiation: Boys Are Born, Men Are Trained”. Despite the title, Initiation is for Men and Women.
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Initiation Seminar

Group and Private Initiations with Jeffrey Prather
Location: Tucson, Arizona

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Today’s society offers driver’s licenses, voting rights, and secular education, but no adulthood training, and no transition to adulthood. Initiation does.
Native cultures have long known that their children must be formally trained for their roles as responsible adults in society. Men and women are vital to each other, the family, and society. The roles of men and women are unique and different, and both are essential. The family, now endangered by popular culture, is the basic building block vital to a free, healthy society.
This seminar is part of a cycle of intensives leading to spiritual, psychological and emotional resiliency and maturity. Jeff Prather founded Initiation in 1988 after his own rite of passage training with legendary Apache Medicine man Phillip Cassadore. His experiences are chronicled in his book INITIATION: My Journey with an Apache Medicine Man, included free with registration.
You will:
(+) Discover non-physical, spiritual reality.
(+) Learn luminous vision.
(+) Gain practical application of inner technologies.
(+) Understand the natural roles of men and women.


Purification: SAT. JAN. 16th 2021, 8AM to 8PM
Empowerment: SAT. FEB. 27th 2021, 8AM to 8PM
Impeccability: SAT. APR. 10th 2021, 8AM to 8PM
Quest/Vigil: SAT-SUN. MAY 22nd & 23rd 2021, 5PM to 10AM
PREPARATION: Training is demanding and our schedule rigorous. Accordingly, you should be fit, and if under 18, able to provide written, legal consent. The elimination of distractions which minimize our abilities is essential. Best results will be obtained by avoiding commercial meats (particularly red), processed foods (especially fried or sugared), all drugs (coffee, chocolate, beer, cigarettes, aspirin), and emphasizing whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice), fruits and juices (apple, cranberry), dark green vegetables, and B-complex vitamins 48-72 hours prior to training.
Tuition: $175 per person per cycle.
$50 discount per additional family member.
Commitment to all four cycles and total cost of $700 per person required.
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Dr. Prather’s personal odyssey to spiritual manhood under a legendary Apache teacher in the mountains and deserts of Arizona, are the experiences that helped to make him the man he is today.  His relationship with his Apache Teacher is recounted in his book “Initiation: Boys Are Born, Men Are Trained”.  His giving back this tradition to others began decades ago as an intensive seminar series.
This amazing story of self discovery and eventual full acceptance of what it means to be a man in the Apache Tradition is sure to inspire and educate all audiences. The teachings conveyed by Dr. Prather when he speaks are applicable to personal life and business. Do not let the title fool you into thinking this message is only for men, as the information provided is just as thought provoking and valuable for women, girls and boys.
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