Jeffrey Prather is a retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistle blower and then targeted by the government.

In addition to hosting his own call in weekly talk radio show, “The Prather Point”, he is also a martial arts master and teacher, Apache wisdom teacher, Kinetic Quotient creator and trainer, firearms and horsemanship instructor, published author, SAG film actor, speaker, father, husband and chaplain.
Jeffrey Prather is available for one on one mentoring, group training, interviews, speaking engagements and corporate team building events.
Prather’s point of view like his skill set, is unique, authentic and irresistible.

Books By Jeffrey Prather

“Initiation: Boys Are Born, Men Are Trained”.

Society is in crisis because we don’t train our kids for adulthood. This true story is about Jeffrey’s initiation by an Apache medicine man to spiritual adulthood. Despite the title, Initiation is for Men and Women.

“Chase Terror on the Border”

CHASE, a Border Patrol agent and Apache rancher John Horse fight to stop terrorists smuggling a suitcase nuke across the southern border to the Fiesta Bowl. This is fact based fiction by ex-DEA Special Agent Jeff Prather who spent a decade on the border.


“Limbaugh, who has always said he is on the cutting edge of societal evolution, is days to months behind you. Limbaugh should do his show prep with Prather!” – Marilyn W.

China spies Twitter, Q Anon. COVID-19 CDC stats. Deep state enrages base, gelds population.

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