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You probably missed it in the fake news frenzy of ridiculous Russia mania, but President Trump finally finished off Fast and Furious’ deadly legacy:  He just ended the CIA’s so called covert operation of arming so called Syrian rebels.

At first glance CIA Syrian covert operations may seem a far cry from ATF Mexican gun running, but not really.  Fast and furious was a covert, international, government, gun running operation.  Just as Syrian is also a covert, international, governmental gun running operation.

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms ran one.  CIA ran the other. Both were Obama administration concoctions.  And let’s not forget the President Obama’s most infamous covert, international, government, gun running operation, Benghazi.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi and Syria were all Obama regime covert, international, government gun running operations.

Yes, the Bush administration ran some guns to Mexico too under Operation Wider Receiver.  But that operation was not covert. It was cooperative.  The Bush DOJ told the Mexican government.  And when the Mexican federales quickly lost the southbound guns either through communication failure, corruption, incompetence or all three, the Bush administration ended the program.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi and Syria were all covert and non-cooperative.  That is neither Mexico, Libya or Syria officials were informed.  For that matter neither were US officials.

Most tragically all involved US run guns being turned against our own, killing US law enforcement, military and intelligence personnel: Brian Terry, Chris Stevens, Ty Woods, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and two contractors in Aman. (

Then there are the hundreds of innocent foreign national civilian deaths and thousands more wounded.  And the guns keep killing. Now Fast and Furious guns are turning up inside the United States as well as Europe.

The propaganda press labels these debacles as separate. But they are not.  Connect the dots.  They are the tips of the Obama presidency’s penchant for covert gun, drugs and cash running.

I know. I was a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent who spent decades on the Mexican border. I am also a retired military intelligence officer who served in both the Army’s 7th Special Forces Group and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

As such I had a unique, three tiered, insider’s view of the Obama presidency’s near obsession with covert gun running in order to achieve their objectives.

Fast and furious wasn’t about tracking guns. Little effort to track them was ever made. In 2010, the year Terry was murdered, ATF had trained only 20 Mexican personnel on their new gun identification system.  So there was no chain of custody. Therefore the ATF, a federal law enforcement agency could rarely if ever, bring a case to trial, to performed their job of actual law enforcement.  The Inspector General’s investigation found exactly that.

Indeed when a F&F run .50 caliber rifle capable of downing helicopters was seized from the lair of the world’s most powerful drug lord El Chapo, no gun charges were brought by the government. Even more damning the two AK-47s seized at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry were excluded from his murder trial.  The probable murder weapons. Were excluded. By the DOJ. From the trial.

Benghazi was even worse because there the government left our guys to die, then lied about it.  Susan, it’s about a video, Rice is no different than Eric, I never knew about F&F, Holder. But recall the CIA was again arming, gun running, Libyans.

Now we come to the other bookend of the Obama covert operations drama: the CIA’s so called covert operation of arming so called Syrian rebels.

So, called covert because everyone knew about it, and so-called rebels because after spending $500,000,000 on arming (meaning gun running) anti-ISIS rebels, the American taxpayer got 5, that’s five guys for their money.

From Arizona to Africa these operations were really about the Obama regime imposing their will on world covertly and lethally.  So, while we still don’t have health care reform or a border wall, at least we’re no longer giving guns to the bad guys to kill us.  And in a bloated, corrupt, incompetent federal bureaucracy, that’s a small victory and a little relief for my brothers and sister warriors still out there.

Fellow chaplain and whistle blower Jerry Boykin ex-delta Force commander

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