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Streamed live on August 06, 2020

Dems couldn’t destroy Trump in 2016, so now they’re destroying America!

DeBlasio & Cuomo killed New York, now they’re check pointing visitors. Pima county targeting whistle blowing voter fraud. Antifa/BLM burn US Flag, Bible, Pigs – Next Pro Trumpers. Bill Clinton flew children to Epstein Island. Mask mob bullies.
Streamed live on August 04, 2020

DEA – CIA in on KIki’s Murder

Streamed live on July 30, 2020

Countering Cyber, Voiding Vaccines

Streamed live on Jul 28, 2020

Re-set from malfunction/sabotage

Streamed live on Jul 26, 2020

POTUS rolls up PRC spy rings, shuts US consulates, shares intel that PRC paid for UN WHO chief, Operation Legend & Diligent Valor, Gelding America via vaccine autism.

Streamed live on July 26, 2020

Second Wave War Room Ep12 (with Jeffrey Prather) by Dr. Paul Cottrell

Streamed live on Jul 23rd 2020

Enemies Foreign & Domestic – China spies steal biotech, infil Twitter, cancel Q Anon. KVOI censors me, Pray for Police, Get in the fight before its too late!

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