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Streamed live on October 27, 2020

Say it Aint So J-! – 2 PM Show

If its not the Deep Sate then its Fake News, then China, and now our own military?
Streamed live on October 20, 2020


Hunter wants his laptop back! Where’s Joe’s $10,000,000? What was bought? Prop press asks nothing. where’s the tape?
Streamed live on October 16, 2020

Red Line War Room Interview

Dr. Paul Cottrell interviews guest Jeffrey Prather from “The Prather Point”
Streamed live on October 15, 2020


Spy Hunter, Shadowgate and Biden betrayal.
Streamed live on October 13, 2020

More Covert Kills

Denver Shooting is a covert insurgency assassinations and the police and news are in on it! How to see the battle, and win!
Streamed live on October 8, 2020

Spy Hunter

Is Hunter Biden a China spy? Trump sign in Hollywood. NY Jews burn masks at Sukkot.
Congress smacks ATF. Truth censored.
Streamed live on October 6, 2020

Comey Coup Comedy

Deep State infects Trump. Comey film fails. Militias rise!
Streamed live on October 1, 2020

Bombshell Coup Evidence

2016 Coup evidence revealed. Deep State and Fox are all in it together. Deep state props in AZ. Enemy tactics of order of battle. Countermeasures.
Streamed live on September 29, 2020

God vs Mob

The Return versus the mob. The Way of Life versus the way of death. SCOTUS threats. BLANTIFA tactics. FBI lies. Police surrender. Election fraud.
Streamed live on September 24, 2020

Covert WW 4 Now!

GWOT was WW-3. WW-4 is covert, insurgency vs counter insurgency, multi-dimensional, biological, psychological, informational, kinetic and economic.
Streamed live on September 22, 2020


Streamed live on September 17, 2020

Drive the Fight

Minneapolis city council complains about cops! Antifa brings water starts fires. More Minnesotans arrested for home defense. National Security to Flynn case. BLM Twitter threatened & fired.
Streamed live on September 15, 2020

Election Gate

11/6 is the next 9/11! Here’s the Left’s covert battle plan to steal the election and take the country, and most importantly how to stop them.
Streamed live on September 10, 2020

9-11 Deep State Origins

New evidence, by proven patriots, of deep state sabotage, before and after 9-11, by enemies foreign -and domestic, relates to and reveals, our current, and much more dangerous crisis!
Streamed live on September 8, 2020

Hard Coup Next

Obama Gate – The failed soft coup to overthrow Trump’s election in 2016 failed. In 2020 Hillary, Obama and the deep state are literally war gaming a hard coup, and the arson, murders and mayhem so far is just the beginning!
Streamed live on September 7, 2020

Lethal Force Truth

Former Special Operations Soldier, Intelligence Collector, and Special Agent, exposing the deep state and fake news! Ex-Government insider turned Whistleblower, now your intelligence officer.
Streamed live on September 3, 2020

Trump Treasury & Fed

Trump’s real economic revolution is castrating the Fed, restoring the Treasury and destabilizing China by tariff in the hundreds of billions. How to ride the coming economic tsunami.
Streamed live on September 1, 2020

Ballad of the Kenosha Kid

Storming the beaches of Kenosha. Next up the Rittenhouse Rangers. US Marshals rescue children in Ohio and Georgia. more to come. CDC C-19 IFR revised down to 6%. Antifa = Biden.
Streamed live on August 27, 2020

The Big Picture

By request from a wise veteran, The Big Picture – Why human nature proves tyrants always arise and history shows tyrants always fall. Why the left hates human nature, and the Holy Bible validates nature. Personal weaponry delivers personal liberty. Warrior versus slave. Longbows, to colts six shooters, to 3d printing to citizen internet journalism versus deep state shadownet. Life and freedom always finds a way.
Streamed live on August 25, 2020

Why Hollywood Pimps Pedophilia

Outrage builds as Netflix Cuties, Designated Survivor, and even Pinocchio, seeks to normalize child crime. Weinstein and Epstein are not the end, they are just the beginning…
Streamed live on August 20, 2020

Trumping Spy Gate, Scamdemic & Shadow Net

Spies, Scamdemics, corrupt cops, fake news, and phony impeachments just bounce off him. What is Trump’s superpower? Is he in on it, or one of us?
Streamed live on August 18, 2020

Is Antifa Teaching your Kids?

CIA MK Ultra made the Unabomber at Harvard,. That was a beta test. Antifa and BLM are school teachers. Even in grade school. Are they at your’s. FBI Republic destroyer charged. Shadow gate intricacies.
Streamed live on August 13, 2020

Retreat Not Surrender

Flee failed Demo-Nazi cities, but on your way out, there’s a couple of things to do…
Streamed live on August 11, 2020

Last Week’s Prediction Comes True

Last week I noted how BLM/Antifa terrorists burned American flags, Holy Bibles and pigs heads. I predicted the mask-moron mob would soon be burning non-maskers. On Sunday Demo-nazi TV news said they will burn down all Republicans.
Streamed live on August 06, 2020

Dems couldn’t destroy Trump in 2016, so now they’re destroying America!

DeBlasio & Cuomo killed New York, now they’re check pointing visitors. Pima county targeting whistle blowing voter fraud. Antifa/BLM burn US Flag, Bible, Pigs – Next Pro Trumpers. Bill Clinton flew children to Epstein Island. Mask mob bullies.
Streamed live on August 04, 2020

DEA – CIA in on KIki’s Murder

Streamed live on July 30, 2020

Countering Cyber, Voiding Vaccines

Streamed live on Jul 28, 2020

Re-set from malfunction/sabotage

Streamed live on Jul 26, 2020

POTUS rolls up PRC spy rings, shuts US consulates, shares intel that PRC paid for UN WHO chief, Operation Legend & Diligent Valor, Gelding America via vaccine autism.

Streamed live on July 26, 2020

Second Wave War Room Ep12 (with Jeffrey Prather) by Dr. Paul Cottrell

Streamed live on Jul 23rd 2020

Enemies Foreign & Domestic – China spies steal biotech, infil Twitter, cancel Q Anon. KVOI censors me, Pray for Police, Get in the fight before its too late!

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