Streamed live on January 19, 2021

Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman as Churchill is riveting.
Streamed live on January 14, 2021


BREAKING! Pelosi blackmailed into 2nd charade impeachment. POTUS declass China Strategy. Dem’s bill to end Electoral College. Antifa Agent Provocateur John Sullivan outed.
Streamed live on January 12, 2021

Final Option

Big tech crushes POTUS & all free speech. Patriot pretenders finally unmasked. Combating covert ops at capitol breech. Deep state announces next false flag.
Streamed live on January 7, 2021


We Stand Alone Together.
Streamed live on January 6, 2021


False Flag underway. Regain Initiative. Far-Near recognition signals. More violence at dark. Re-establish narrative control.
Streamed live on January 5, 2021

The Longest Day

Tomorrow is the Day of Days! The new Operation Overlord against the new Axis of evil. Behind their cyber trenches and bureaucratic battlements, traitors and enemies are afraid. Here’s what to do next.
Streamed live on December 31, 2020


US officials on CCP List! FBI clean teams for CIA wet work. Judiciary covers FBI corruption. China’s slow roll to global control. Biden’s virtual inauguration tells all.
Streamed live on December 29, 2020

Stealth Wars

Counter cyber interdiction via collaborative weaponry, stealth drones, missiles and covert, close quarter battles define the raging war between the Deep State and America First!
Streamed live on December 22, 2020

AF Confirmed!

Covert WW-4 rages: China Assassin Mace struck. SCOTUS Scalia-ed. Electorals extorted. DS traitors revealed! Not Martial -Feral!
Streamed live on December 17, 2020

BREAKING: US Nukes Hacked!

US Nuclear stockpiles penetrated.
Streamed live on December 17, 2020

FBI Fraud

Rapid Reaction Cyber Task Force up. Powell to SCOTUS. DNI confirms OCONUS election interference!
Streamed live on December 15, 2020


Barr and vaccine are out! UA is hacked. Fake news wrong again on Trump & vaccine. Solar Winds CEO betrayed USA. Trump shows enemies his Army-Navy support at game. US military deploys to stop the infection – & Covid. The way ahead.
Streamed live on December 10, 2020


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Hold fast, keep faith. Together we will restore our Republic!
Streamed live on December 8, 2020


GA Gov Conspired with China, Bio-targeting US Troops, 12/8 Unsafe Harbor, China Vaccine Vacuum, & 5 KIA SPECOPs Museum Mystery.
Streamed live on December 3, 2020

War of Law

Flynn calls for Martial Law, CIA German Storefront Reveal, Enemy Election Disruption Oplan
Streamed live on December 1, 2020

Low Intensity Conflict

Low Information + Low Intelligence + Low Skill = Low Intensity Conflict. SOLIC Answers: Legendary Green Beret now DoD AD Chris Miller + DD of JSOC/SOCOM Ezra Cohen Watnic + Sydney Powell Krakens.
Streamed live on November 30, 2020

Ann Vandersteel

AZ Hearing Drops MOABS: America battles WW4: Psychological Warfare
Streamed live on November 24, 2020

Not Civil, Spec War!

Covert WW 4 between CIA vs DIA, USMS vs FBI & SpecOps vs Mercs!
Streamed live on November 19, 2020

Q Up! JSOC In! Biden Charged!

Q = ECW! SOCOM vs Deep State! DIA vs CIA! USMS vs FBI! Flynn Shadows the Shadow Gov! Reset vs Awakening. This is far from over.
Streamed live on November 17, 2020


Not myth but real! The sting of the steal revealed. This isn’t over. It’s just getting started!
Streamed live on November 10, 2020

2016 HACKED, 2020 FINE!

Scorecards & SCIFs, Hammers & haters, math & money.
Streamed live on November 5, 2020


Brace and buck up. National Guard called in, vote observers unfair. Ballots changed after voters depart. Dems steal but they FORGOT the sting! Its going to SCOTUS.
Streamed live on November 3, 2020

Calm Before Storm

Report vote tampering here:
Streamed live on October 29, 2020

FBI Flails

Tucker’s Bobulinski interview flays Fake News. Deep State desperate for relevance. Free China begins. Republic rising!

Say it Aint So J-! – 2 PM Show

If its not the Deep Sate then its Fake News, then China, and now our own military?
Streamed live on October 20, 2020


Hunter wants his laptop back! Where’s Joe’s $10,000,000? What was bought? Prop press asks nothing. where’s the tape?
Streamed live on October 16, 2020

Red Line War Room Interview

Dr. Paul Cottrell interviews guest Jeffrey Prather from “The Prather Point”