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9 Responses

  1. The Biden regime put out an Executive Order that is hard on the border, however the ACLU was briefed, and ready to setup a prcedent in court. It apparent to me to play this hand when they can control the courts to hedge a Trump Presidency. This illegal Executive Order is in fact a false president as he is the face of an illegal regime. In essience the plan has been given away. Enough said.

  2. Thought of the day.

    Trends, many trends forming up and growing. Here is a sector, where are the hearts and minds of people going toward? We are entering a time of failure of all sources of acceptable leadership. All republics are failing, all counters as run by rich elites, most often in secret, are failing.

    People are afraid, they are getting distrustful, many to most are entrenching into tribalism, others are going into PTDS mental shock.

    Chaos is increasing, any and all acceptable leadership is failing. The USA republic is going toward mafia groups fighting over who/what runs the next dictatorship republic. People out of necessity, instinctively want to find a gang to join for self protection. Those successful people will find a better gang, those who don’t are more likely to die during the plandemics, endless wars, famines and lockdowns, etc.

    So, some success for some people, such as getting free government money as an illegal in a blue state, being part of that mafia gang. Failure is being a poor woke native citizen person with no usable skills in that same blue state area, soon to be the first one starving and jabbed to death in a camp.

    Understand? In the soon coming real world. It will be life and death in the world’s failing republics to be in the right gang, in the right area, at the right time, for sectors of people. Illegals who don’t work must be in the right blue areas. Native USA citizens may be much better off with real work skills that are needed, in the right kind of red state area. Must be of the right mafia gang at the right time in the right place, to live or die.

    As chaos increases, being in the right area at the right time to live may be like winning a lottery ticket.

    Long term , the possible new city state areas “of republic dictatorships” will not stay stable, but short term they may be a larger global outcome.

    None of this gang warfare will exit the world of the coming dark age.

  3. Flipping the light switch.

    Right now the USA and many other dying western republics can still borrow and print money. But the BRICS+ nations are going to end that situation out of self preservation.

    The set up, the rich evil in charge must have long ongoing wars to stay in power, so they must create that situation. Even many BRICS+ nations (also unstable republics) have this need. So most all will have real wars, and contrived wars by secret collaboration between rich evil elites, etc.

    Flipping the light switch from on , to off, in a dying western republic? What will that look like? Must have war and created emergencies, everything in the rolodex is possible. Can’t borrow money, so likely will wildly print money until currency is worthless then to create and force new currencies etc. Then wildly print the new currencies in the new republic dictatorships, with new leaders etc. Look at the history of third world countries to see likely trends.

    The blowing out of currency and bankruptcy of republics is the off switching of light.

    Take the USA, to keep going it must create money out of thin air. Once it can’t effectively borrow from the world, all bills to paid with a hyperinflated currency. USA currently borrowing 1 trillion and growning every 3 months will be turned off.

    Imagine in 5 to 10 years, no garbage pick up in cities and no road repairs, zero road repairs. All seniors starving death, just for a small taste. Also there is no fixing back the dead USA empre.

    The USA and other western republics can be stable and strong again with good design of society and government by reforms. But the empire can’ be as like before, at least not for a very long time.

  4. By the way, where the western republics are heading toward is mostly like third world countries overseas. The wise guy talking heads and intellectuals etc. They know all of this, likely even much better than me, as they travel overseas.

    Your good buddy talking head may be hiding a lot of this practical knowledge. Lies by ommission.

    Look at Zimbabwe(another republic), many attempted currencies over the last several years. This history will likely be repeated in the dying western republics in some fashion, etc.

  5. Of course in the mix you can have good kings over certain republics for a time, here and there. This can happen, likely will happen for periods of time. However, long term stability will depend on enough advancement of government/democracy design. This is only way out of the coming dark age along–with good morals movements.

  6. Thought of the day, a slow dance into hell.

    On infowars a article about Texas succeeding from the union. For independence and freedom it says. I have a posted counter opinion that instantly can’t be brought up to see. Why? Maybe its accidental or whatever?

    Basically, my thinking goes like this, little republics are even more easy to buy off and bitch slap around by rich evil. So it is better to think of democracy design reforms first.

    Of course this is a difficult task, but not impossible, unless everybody is on the payroll, or brainwashed dead.

    It would be nice to just break up the USA then have little “proper” republics everywhere, running as little freedom prosperity factories, right? However, about zero chance , right? Instead…

    As possible reform, one , have a ground up elected body as a people’s secret service for to investigate government corruption. Then, two, tie that into a direct democracy method to vote out bad laws, judges, representatives and officials, etc. These two reforms are interlocking.

    This alone can go a long way to straighten out the failed design of the common “properly” designed republics. But it is just a start of the possibilities.

  7. I am going to sum up Major Prather. He represents the high road to salvaging the controlled demolition. If you want a metaphoric picture, he represents the 911 first responders in a figurative way, his methods won’t be easy, but will end up making the designed collapse with less catastrophic, his path is a very committed one. It unfortunate folks cannot understand or see what become of this country. Make no mistake those too dumb to see or just drinking themselves to death facilitating the chaos will be in the figurative tower as it comes crashing down. Warren Buffet had a golf tournament this day, and the lost of high level executives was short, this round the list will be event shorter. Please consider your situation and on some level get in the fight, personally I think I need my own life training at this point and time.

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