Afghanistan Falls America Rises!

Today on The Prather Point:

  • Not Intel Failure -Planned!
  • Inevitable when Baghram abandoned!
  • 100K Americans & allies left&  told to hide!
  • 5K terrorists freed, with US arms to Mexican border!
  • Biden puppets paid Taliban ransom!
  • 82nd airfield Firefight!
  • Biden SITROOM photos faked!

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6 Responses

  1. Ok great ur mugs are made in china. Ur hats are made in Bangladesh. So please stop with that shit.

  2. I just looked at the design of government in Afghanistan before it’s fall, loosely based on a common republic with two bodies of legislation. The upper body had half of the members selected by the president. To me this cannot be that democractic or very popular, as it is designed to be a puppet of the globalists.

    Since the Taliban took over it is becoming a Emirate, which as I understand is a mixture of theocracy, monarchy and dictatorship. It seems there was a kind of Taliban emirate government in exile waiting to move in place, hard to find details? If so, no doubt deals were made.

    So this is educational in many ways. No way there was any real effort to put in place a popular design of government in Afghanistan to last after the USA withdrawal. It was designed to fail, even if the withdrawal was handled well, the odds Taliban of take over still very high.

    I think that if effort was given for best honest good design of democracy in Afghanistan for true rule by the people, chances of success would have been much higher. That design work should be open to a broader mentality than just the common republic basic framework of design.

    However, I do know that muslim concepts of sharia law makes any kind of democracy difficult.

    Many Afghans are voting with their feet and are running out of the country. We can hope they do not bring the backword ways of sharia law with them to the western republics.

    What it is notable is the western elites are perfectly happy to deal with a backward stone age country, to have them to take power. That is a lesson for the people of the world. I suggest supporting democracy design reform for the western republics. One very simple thing that can be very important for the future is demanding direct democracy at every protest by cell phone. The importance of this will be apparent in time as the cell phone will be the main tool of dictatorship in the future.

  3. Interesting thing in NYC they are looking to require proof of vaccine to go indoors. Guess where voting takes place? Guess how they how they are likely going to have that proof? Most likely by cell phone app, sooner or later.

    The dark evil elites full well plan to use all methods of technology to make dictatorship. They plan to use the cell phone for tracking, vax psssports, for digital currency, for social credit score and anything else they can think up for control.

    Bluntly the current design of Republic cannot keep any kind of democracy into the future. The combination of elite money buying up everything with modern technology has made the current design of republics obsolete if we want any level of democracy. If one is honest we can see most every republic in the world failing right now,

    I suggest a massive intellectual effort worldwide for democracy design reform. The common people must have more political power and must consider all forms of direct democracy. At least forms that veto bad legislation and remove bad judges and bad representatives.

    I strongly suggest at every protest for people to demand direct democracy design by cell phone. Why? Because it is simple to demand that and simple for people to understand. However, more advanced democracy design is far more complex.

    Right now in republics the rich elites basically own all levers of power, the representatives, judges, officials. They own most media, the own the intellectuals, in think tanks and universities. They own opposition groups, own and control most levers of power.

    A little trick, elites, fascists, communists and even their hidden lackies hate democracy. Hate it like poison, none of these will support more REAL democracy.

    Sooner later the people will figure this out as they must, as this is the only way out of the coming dark age.

  4. A hard question? How much do conservative constitutionalists self identify themselves as like 1776 era slave owning rich elites? Remember most of the American elites of 1776 were a product of that time.

    So of course they moved the world a long way forward in terms of constitutional rights and representative democracy. But they were terrified of the mass of people having any kind of direct democracy. In fact as I understand it they originally only wanted white land owning men to be able to vote.

    Fast forward to today’s times. Were as most every republic in the world is rapidly failing to self killing chaos. We are in desperate need of multiple democracy designs in competion with each other across the world to force the globalist elites back a bit. I suggest putting any kind of democracy design that gives the common people more political power on the table up for consideration.

    Step by step, most every republic in the world is inching toward dictatorship hell via high tech means. The logical response is forms of democracy by high tech means.

    Choices, no surprises.

  5. Thinking, since nothing is accidental , I wonder of those planes full of Afghan men are terrorists ready to operate.

    While American citizens are forced to wait and demanding $2000 per ticket out for them!! Those communists/fascists are sure are crafty and it is easy when run by rich elites who control most of everything.

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