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  1. Beautiful! my dad he’s 26 years of his life in the Air Force. Our family is made up of great patriots. Thank you! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. More of this! Great video of true Americans just trying to live the dreams of our founding fathers. I lived that dream for most of my life. These days I have my doubts that my children and grandchildren will have those same freedoms. Not unless “we the people” take our freedoms back.

  3. My dad served USAF 30 yrs. retired CMSGT….He flew B36 & B52 bombers….Fought in WWII, Korean (2X), and Vietnam. He graduated ☝️11/21/2013 ☝️from Vietnam A/O complications.
    My grandson is 21..USAF Load Master on C-130 Hercules in Rammstein, Germany. He wants to follow in his Pawpaw’s foot steps.
    My son-in-law is a Marine….
    I thank them for their dedication and love of God and country.
    Texas Nana 🤠
    PSALM 91

  4. I have an unusual story to tell that happened a long time ago. It was an amazing act of love and kindness I experienced from an African American soldier that I can never forget, even at that young age of around 6 years. This happened in 1945 near a Village in Germany. As children we would look for areas of interest that where not always safe.
    I can remember being very near a large bomb crater filled with water surrounded by fields of grass. Not realizing the danger I drew closer to the area.
    Suddenly without a sound a man, what I later learned in uniform, swooped me away from the area and picked me up. He had saved my life from falling in and drowning. It was this kind man that showered the children, that where playing near by, with all kinds of sweets. He must have taken extra to fill both pockets, seeing so many. To be sure that I was safe, he carried me home to the village.
    Many years have gone by since that time. I would have liked to meet this soldier to thank him for what he did. And thank the mother for raising such a fine son.
    To me this is what the heart of America is all about, being there for others no matter what the cost. Thank you dear sacrificing Soldiers and Families! God bless America!

  5. I will always love and miss my Father.

    My heart goes out to ALL who served and gave all for our FREEDOM.
    Kelly ~

  6. Oh THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I shared your “Remember…” on my FaceBook page, I’ll add the great video! God Bless America. 🙂

  7. I have watched it multiple times with tears in my eyes. I am an old woman, so I can only share your patriotism…..and…..I won’t step in line.

    1. My dad served as a rifleman in the 2nd infantry during the Korean conflict. He came home, started his family, joined the police dept and worked as a Deputy US Marshal and a commercial photographer in his spare time. One winter afternoon, I was in the police cruiser with him and he stopped on a bridge to arrest a homeless man. I heard him call in that he was making a vagrant arrest. I pulled him aside and said, “Dad, he’s not hurting anyone. You don’t have to arrest him.” i cry as I remember his response. He said, “You don’t understand. If I don’t arrest him now, he’ll freeze to death out here tonight.” Over the years, Dad took in several homeless people to live on our property, to try to help them. For years, every week, he collected day old bread and other foods, took them all over the city to homeless shelters and churches. He gave countless hours helping the homeless and older soldiers and Veterans groups. He gave his all and he taught his kids by his actions. My Dad was my hero and I so miss him.

      1. Thank you, Kate sharing your dad’s timeless wisdom here. There are still many of us that share is bravery, compassion and insight.

  8. I grew up in the footsteps of my father, Lt Col Ronald C Anderson, USAF (Ret), who passed in 2010, He earned the USAF’s Silver Star for downing the first N Vietnamese MIG fighter while flying a US F-4 Phantom jet fighter. I homor him today by serving my country in the Navy for 21 years, and by staying a devoted husband and father of four children. I would be remiss not to include my wife as one of my heroes, as she spported me on my long deployments overseas. The toughest job in the Navy is being a Navy spouse.

    1. Thank you, Michael, for honoring your father here. And, thank you for your Navy services too. A family like yours is what built this country. We’ve strayed too far. We are awakened.

  9. I’d like to Honor my awesome father (89 years young!) who served as a Staff Sgt in the Air Force and my son who’s currently serving in the Army as a Sgt.

    1. Thank you, Grant, for honoring your father and son here. We are humbled. God bless you all.

      1. This remains me of my dad, he served in the Army and Navy he was so proud to serve. I glad he is not here to see things the way they are. Don’t worry daddy your daughter will never step in line you taught me to hold the line. Thank you for this beautiful song

        1. Thank you, Judith, for the wonderful memory of your dad. You will hold the line for him. God bless you!

  10. Remembering my dad Allen “Al” Sanford Atkinson. a World War II Veteran, Army-Air Force, European Theater, served in General Patton’s third army and participated in many notable battles, including the D-Day invasion at Normandy Beach. At the end of the war he liberated concentration camps. His legacy in his words, “I did the best I could”.

    1. Thank you Margaret for sharing that story. You father sounds like an amazing man.

  11. I would like to tell the story about my dad Richard C Reinke. At the ripe age of sixteen in nineteen thirty six. His mother one morning woke him up and said ” Your father has left us { including three siblings } and you are the man of the house now”. He accepted the reasonability that is mother gave him. Then when Pearl Harbor was attacked and the call to enlist. He tried to enlist in all branches of the military but was turned down because of a what they thought was a medical skin condition. That didn’t stop my dad. He had to fine some way to do his part in the fight for the country. That led him to the Merchant Marine school for Radio Operator. Most people that tried to be a Operator failed because it was so hard to learn Morris Code. And the class time was reduced in half because of the need for ships and it’s crews. In his determination to his part he passed and graduated in only 125 out of 600 that tried to become a Radio Operator. He became a Chief Radio Operator and served on four different ships in the Pacific Theater. He had many stories of his time in the war. And he was very proud of of his part in helping his country when it was in need.

    1. Steve, thank you for posting this beautiful story about your dad. Those guys had a lot of grit. We’re all proud of him this weekend. God Bless!

  12. My dad joined the Marines at 17 with moms consent. He went from bootcamp/training then straight to the Pacific war. He spent 36+ years in the military. My dad and I especially loved talking about military God and life. there is no richer heritage than a military family! My dad called me his Sargent Major. I miss him. Today I honor all fallen soldiers and their families for deep and painful sacrifices made, for the freedom of this country and world. Freedom isn’t free! Its costly and precious. We must remember and we must NEVER FORGET. We must TAKE It!!!!! Thank you Jeffrey Prather and family for taking a stand and holding the line. God bless and keep you…!!

    1. Cathy, thank you for sharing your father’s story here. We salute him and you, Sergeant Major, for being part of our audience. We are grateful!

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