From the Cochise-Bascom betrayal, to the Camp Grant massacre to Fast and Furious to child sex slaves from Panama, to the Arizona Audit, to the Vail school board rally, Arizona begins again!

15 Responses

  1. Great Show today. Will forward or recommend to individual whom I know was serving in Panama in very early 1980s.

  2. I just heard that there are going to be some major Indictments, concerning Pedophilia! 47(?) Higher Ups’!! Within the next few days… Did You hear of anything…?

  3. Right on! school boards and all gov here work for us the americans. Just like the board not doing their jobs. fiired on the spot and replaced with others who will serve the people and not a foreign master who hates people and the God of creation Waiting 4 years or some legal term limit is absurd. Who would allow a criminal liar to stay. in their home in charge of home well being and get destroyed putting up with it?

  4. I was born n have lived in California my whole life. Life was great here until the early 90’s then it turned into a liberal hell. GOD help us n please don’t abandon us. UNITED WE STAND!

  5. I was born n have lived in California my whole life. Life was great here until the early 90’s then it turned into a liberal hell. GOD help us n please don’t abandon us. UNITED WE STAND!
    California is not lost.

  6. Having been an exec myself for $MM companies… You have to ask yourself…
    Why did Trump make the worst hiring decisions of any seasoned exec …?? Sessions Barr Wray 3-BushyJudges Esper Mattis … It is because these decisions that America is on its knees… especially the surpemes … not one stood up.

    Pence was shoved down his throat in Cleveland. Finally realized the Pence Rosinstein Ryan McConnell 25A plan… maybe he didnt want another JohnsonJFK… ReaganBush… LincolnBooth… scenario.

    Why did Q know the future? Why was Trump playing along?

    NO BODY WENT TO JAIL? Swamp is more embolded than ever.. who selected Wray Barr Rosenstein?

    The elite play both sides of the fence.

    I voted for TeflonDon… guess because he is a sales-promoter guy…

  7. Hey warriors, It’s time to change the game. There shouldn’t be a lady, child or person going through rape, trafficking ect. Also Why are South Americans risking such things (outside Biden paid me)!? BTW I’m a Navy ,Army honorable veteran. I’m fully aware of many things and A spiritualist. Please don’t give me a BS answer.

  8. There is a parenthesis that says Biden paid me. Definitely NOT!
    I’d really like to know WHY families would subject themselves this such things?

  9. Ahhhh, The Darian Gap, has been one place in my 80 country journeys which I’ve missed….Realize that a single female should wisely avoid this….back in the day I would have tackled it without second thot.

  10. Major, Pls let my know what I can do to help. I can make phone calls, I can EMail. If you know of any applicant who is an LEO, in my state, perhaps I can help vet other applicants. I if they (applicants) have any history of run ins with the law, perhaps they should be scruntinized. ( My life has been an open book, I’ ll be easy to vet.) As I mentioned before, my best skills are with the written word. I am bragging here, if I know the message to be conveyed, I can convey it directly or indirectly. If the writer is male, it can have an male essence. Female. ,gay, straight,etc. I have written discreetly for people whom I don’t identify, personal correspondence of importance. A time will come when this might be needed. But I will do what is needed for TA, whatever is needed. You don’t need to respond, I know you’re busy.

    1. Hello Katherine! I’ve forward your comment directly to Major Prather.

  11. My Uncle, an old time early days pilot in Alaska, showed me photos of Eskimo famlies wearing their finest fir coats all the family coming to the airport of the village to say goodbye to a family member. They willingly flew in to Anchorage or Fairbanks and most if not all did not return due to tuberculosis. Years later local people I picked up in a plane at the Village would sit behind me and cougn like right on me. We pilots were tested but I never got it. Katy, a beautiful young Eskimo girl and wife of a fellow pilot become ill and was sent to Anchorage where further treatment gave her sepsis and she died in about 3 weeks. High time this killing stops

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