Team America up! Trump activated. Frauds revealed. Politicians exposed. Cyber ninjas questioned. Ballot bias. Panama stolen children raped! Ready or not – Ruthless truth!

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  1. ever since the interview with Lt. Col Waldron on eprescott Lyle has had no activity since. i thought that was odd, i thought he would be all over it. Pehaps Waldron knew he wasn’t the real deal and didn’t release more info to him, as he might be for sale.

  2. cyberninjas has an interesting topic on their blog about pen testing self driving cars. This is very timely with this trend coming. The societal and economic ramifications of these self driving cars is a very scary thing in so many ways. these things could be used as weapons very much in the same way the ship in the suez was used, if not worse, if this tech takes over fleets of supply chain transport. not to mention the jobs lost over their use.

    1. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wrote about the CIA during the 2008 – 2016 using (hiring, blackmailing, etc) nearly 5000 new hackers that could hack anything from your smart home ro your self driving car and everything in between. Makes one think when seeing stories like Tiger Wood’s (a friend of Trump) recent career ending horrific car crash.

  3. Another excellent to the point cast !

    You have the capacity to focus right in on the meat and potatoes most never grasp. The reason is a simple one, your life experiences. I have very similar stuff going on and it has helped me tremendously my entire life, even when I did not even realize it ! Let that sink in for a brain teaser and keep up the good works.

  4. Patriot in CT. US ARMY 1976 79 as a
    Heavy equipment operator.
    Small business owner PFP Electric.
    Elected Republican Zoning Official. I led the fight against CT, in my town, whom wants to take over local zoning in the name of equity. I reject that notion. I believe we should stand fast and Hold the line.
    I would be honored to help in any way i can. I try to influence people, wake them up as to the evil and corruptness we face every day.

  5. Excellent video! Fearless lions are waking up. It will ge good to see communism gone for ever.

  6. I give you credit for trying to help obtain a real audit of ballots and votes. Ballots are the data and no one has yet authenticated ballots. Hope you succeed but it is likely that the Dem/shadow government machine will stop the effort. They must have a lot to hide as they are desperately trying legaleasy. The Janet Napolitano appointee will ultimately turn against the audit. If he fails there are many other more sinister options. Remember Nashville.

  7. unfortunately the AZ- Dominion voting machines will have been scrubbed and or deleted systems. the time to capture the machines is far removed, though I will not give up hope. The Cabal are well versed in covering tracks…aka Seth Rich…remember this is a global effort not just perps in the US

  8. Likely, the future will be determined by those consitutionalists who are not Mrna vaccined. It is very concerning about the vaccinated being contagious. If so, that with mutations may be very a bad die off, maybe a almost extinction event. My gut tells me the elites will have effective anti Mrna vaccine treatments. Like anti reverse rna virus treatments, dont underestimate this possibility, if so, elites will have total control over Mrna vaccinated etc. As I said before if Dr Cahill is right serious die off starts next winter and will slowly build for many years, millions sick and dying ongoing. The constitutionalists, their main goal will simply be to survive to the other side of this die off. Need to to know if Mrna vaccinated are contagious and if elites have secret treatments, if yes team america should have independent treatments etc. Long term who is alive may be most important.

    1. To the traitors, if the Mrna vaccinenated are contagious. Then the elites sure to know it, and also sure to have treatments. Do you know about this? I think not, do you really think your part of the “in” crowd?? I think not.

      Communists/fascists always kill their own sooner or later, they always kill their viper underlings sooner or later to protect themselves. Old repeating history and you deserve it.

  9. Ongoing , the more the vaccines the more deaths, this trend is starting in some areas. Why? Likely the Mrna and Mrna vaccinated are causing deadly mutations. The mutations are more deadly for Mrna vaccinated, but can harm non vaccinated. A race now of how many willingly take the Mrna vaccine before too many people catch on ? Or maybe will simply run out of stupid people. It would be interesting to have a method to calculate the numbers, timeline.

  10. Thank you for all you do.
    I not giving up .
    California is fighting back.
    Newsom will be gone soon.
    Trump won!

  11. Why is it that President Trump did not fire James Comey when
    evidence must have shown his corrupt ways?
    Moreover, why then did he hire Christopher Wray who seems
    more of a snake than Comey? Is Trump not able to discern
    character and background in public officials and/or were his
    surrounding advisors so ignorant? It is hard to believe that
    Trump would not see through the vetting or circumstances
    and nominate such a deep state actor of his own choice.
    That Wray was kept on by Biden is evidence of who he is.
    These key positions should have clearly chosen candidates
    such as Ric Grenell, Ted Cruz or another honest Constitutionalist
    supporter. William Barr as AG was the most disappointing, since he
    looked like a supporter of freedom and clearly talked as such. How
    articulate he spoke and even identified the “spying” at the start of
    his term. Little did we know that he would not follow through and
    was too close to others in the Dept.of Justice who were deep state.

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