Ballot Battlefield! Maricopa Audit Insider

Close up and behind the scenes at the ballot battlefield of the Arizona Audit. Who is on the ground, where is the war and what comes next: Deep state abandoned the rule of law long ago!

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  1. I’ve been trying to find your lives. signed up to clout hub, they have no search capability. I can’t find you on there. A Brighteon social media site can’t be found on Microsoft, just Mike Adams videos. I’ve been checking your website. Now at 9pm I find your video; but on both Microsoft & Moxzilla your video has a small box & it says encoding. I’ve been looking on Rumble & Bitchute but can’t find you there either. Maybe you can put in your email letters direct links to these sites to you we can try to save or bookmark. I’m looking forward to seeing this episode….ty Russ

    1. Hi Russ, sorry you are having trouble. Rumble has the best alt streaming right now, but they have some growing pains which they are improving every day. One of those is just the processing of the show video once it uploads. It takes about an hour to process once it’s uploaded. It will get better and better each week. You can subscribe to our Rumble channel here: Thank you for being a member of our channel.

    2. Easy to find using “channels” icon at bottom from clouthub app
      Prather point comes up immediately and there is a search when you click on channels.😊
      Hopes this helps

  2. I agree 100% my house has had enough. we understand that there will be more pain the progressives will be releasing, but i really think the elite are running the whole think.
    Mr. Prather something inside of me tells me Obama is running the show. he is evil and as i always say Time will tell. Thank you!

    1. Watch Stew Peters interview with George popodopoulos Obama’s 3rd term .
      And impeachment 3.0 with Jan 6 commission.

    1. Dyenia, thank you for your feedback. It’s a complicated question. All of the items we sell are designed, printed and shipped from US companies and suppliers. The hard thing is that because democrats and RINOs sold out our manufacturing base decades ago it is difficult to find the “blanks” (shirts, mugs, etc that aren’t made off-shore). We are aware of it and we are always looking to source every part of the supply chain from the US. It’s like a FORD truck is not made from 100% US parts.

      We believe it’s more important to get the message gets out there. So when someone sees a “TEAM AMERICA” shirt or a “I AM A WARRIOR” mug, it shows the world that there are more of us than there are of them. This is an infowar and we are doing our part to take that terrain.

      1. Yes,
        This is what I’ve experienced as well. The printing companies only divulge that the blank t-shirt company is LOCATED in the United states. They don’t directly respond, because they run their products through the printing companies, and the printing companies are busy, lower staff these days, etc.. It’s also hard to find printing companies who are not liberal. They can ban a design, several designs or your company altogether. This situation across the board, with all of our products, needs to come back home to America or at least not be the enemy.


  4. Jeff, I knew my calling to come back to the good guys was real…so much validation…thank you for answering my calls!!

  5. Jeffrey Prather… although I’m almost your same age, you remind me of my daddy….STRONG, WARRIOR, MINDFUL, SOLUTION FILLED, HANDSOME And never afraid to call out all enemies of We the People.

    I so wish you were near to protect two seniors from NYC Cabell judges, bankers and attorneys robbing raping and pillaging one man’s inheritance to bankruptcy

    Thereby causing unnecessary bankers foreclosure of a historic building; held in the family for 60+ years. It’s me only fighting hundreds of maniac attorney/judges trying to steal everything we worked 50 years to acquire

    we’ve committed no crimes; nor have we caused injury to anyone. Only delinquent & fraudulent makers are ruthless bankers robbing seniors, unscrupulous attorneys taking money ($1M enrichment) but failing to defend or complete contract work and maniac liberal judges acting like Lucifer; ruling in behalf of their brotherhood only; like the infamous Rikers island were judges and slave live humans for self enrichment of the brotherhood of British accreditation registry union members so ruthless on Americans they need to be stopped. That is why am writing everyone just to open eyes and possibly seek somebody’s help. I’m one of the Warriors nationally helping to educate others of the lessons the great Jeffrey Prather offers free.

    Thank you Jeffrey you’re my hero, my warrior… that keeps me fighting on when the cabal nearly kills me from exhaustion of 15 years unnecessary legal assault of an innocent man’s inheritance.

    Robbery in the first degree with law B.A.R. license It’s all in the evidence and witness testimonies too many to count. Good day everyone

  6. The Dems would not be fighting if they were not hide something. Now they are fighting for their lives. When all the fraud is discovered, all the people involved in the fraud will be set to prison, some may be executed. When the Democrats tried to steal Abraham Lincoln’s second term in 1865, he executed some them for treason. We can only pray for the same punishment for these traitors. America can not tolerate treason. Hang them all

  7. Jeff, I contacted the GA audit guy you sent and he sounded clueless….just feedback I thought you should have

  8. I figure most elections are fixed, and historically have been fixed in all ways, for left or right.

    As for the failure of nsa, fbi, cia, etc,, all of central government failing to act in national interest of the usa. It is at the core a failure of democracy design. It is not realistic to expect this situation to ever be better without some fundamental change in the design of the system. So in the long term this must be dealt with in some fashion. Realistically, as long as this design failure is in place, these centrally controlled enities will never work right.

    To hope for imagined good people to be in place in these enities when the vast rich elites power is focused on successful corruption, it is delusional.

    At the core of better design, is to design for real people. To focus on non central control of everything, to put more political power in hands of common people much as possible.

    For instance, a possibility, lets say somehow via a new admendment to USA constitution. Make up a “peoples fbi/cia” this body will be made upfrom a body of operatives one from each county of the USA, likely elected. This body can work all togrther and/or in totally independent subgroups. This body will be given huge power of global investigation for anything including government corruption. This body also can publish public reports and have totally independent prosecutors. This body if done right will keep all of government straight, also including the corrupt fbi, cia, nsa, etc, etc.

    If this new body is tied into good judicial refotm and a new direct democracy public power to remove bad judges, representatives, officials, laws etc. Then this will greatly straighten out the democracy design of the republic.

    See how democracy design reform can work? Long term i believe 100% this is the only way to get out of the coming dark age.

  9. Jeffrey, God Bless you standing for righteousness, truth and justice! Essentially – integrity which is a rare characteristic of people today.

    How do we get on Shelby’s alerts? That is a great idea about supporting judges and others!

    The body of Christ needs to awaken. Too many Churches are described by the ones Jesus disliked – Rev 2 (compromise with sin) and Rev 3 (apathy).

    I do believe God is exposing truth of evil as I believe He wants to save America. I’m not a prophet of God but, I believe America’s destruction is not slated until the rapture. Why? God’s nature is Good and His Mercy is everlasting. America is irrelevant in the latter days of the end of times so it is destroyed or made irrelevant by the tribulation. I suspect it is either because 1) America is destroyed or made irrelevant, or 2) a revival happens and many in America are raptured. .

    If America were a secular nation, then I would say game over, but America was a nation birthed through the hand of God with faithful believers in action. Therefore, I believe the same dynamic with God is happening now regarding America’s death, that God will save our nation and turn back great evil until the rapture later this century.

    As for the pastor who made the statement of grace, it is shameful. No man extends or controls God’s Grace, only God! That pastor needs to repent, for he is not God – original sin!

    Pray for reformation of the Church!
    Pray for revival in the land of America!
    Pray for righteousness, truth and justice!
    Pray for God to judge the inequity of the unrighteous in His perfect timing!

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