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3 Responses

  1. Under investigation, now there must be a point where, under investigation can no longer be cover, it very clear the Biden regime is illegitimate, there is no if, ands, or buts about it. Now the real question is when Trump takes over, which is inevitable now. Can he be trusted to do what is needed to be done, how much of a leash does he need, or how much rope should he be given?

    I will add Georgia is just the tip of the ice burg, but given the current circumstances, all you need is the tip to sink the Titanic.

  2. People everywhere gaining political power, but little to none political force. All over the world the illusion of third world republics going to first world is eroding away. Right now the general resistance to the horrible policies and actions of the failed republics is gaining , but mostly only gaining political power.

    There is gaining talk about a possible civil war among the people. But in truth there is already a kind of civil war already happening of people vs elites across the world.

    But gaining political power is not gaining political force, at least not right away. As the controlled opposition seems to have no solution, but to somehow sieze control over a future republic, likely just a new dictatorship republic. As history shows, nice guy populists as president do not keep power long across the real world. So as I long ago predicted the most likely future for most failed western republics is single political party republic rule with a strong man on top.

    However, that strong man may have a tiger by the tail as the population with free speech power by the internet and cell phones. They will be hard to pacify, to hold down etc by any kind of restrictive dictatorship. But to crack down, To get rid of free speech power, via cell phones and internet, and other restrictions. That will kill economic activity, and slowly or quickly destroy that said elites power base. So that any more free nation will dominate in time.

    New technology to me looks to be too disruptive to simply go back to any old type of republic with success. For instance, new tech makes it possible to restrict and control by the cell phone. If you care to notice, in many third world areas they have unstable access to, or no electricity, or running water. However, they stll have cell towers and phones everywhere, see the possible control grid in those failed third world republics? See the same possible future control grid in failed third world western republics? No electricity most of the day, but will have that cell phone control device.

    As difficult as it is going to be the common people likely will have sieze control over the cell phone and networks in some manner to have enough political force to protect themselves. That likely will play out after a number of failures of hope, for good populist kings over the republics.

    An interesting case are the failures of dictatorship republic of China. In reality the common people there are resisting, and there is an active quiet civil war going of people vs CCP elites. The country of China is actually slowly falling apart internally. The youth have no interest in CCP dreams or likely even the properly designed republics of the west.

    I hope we don’t have a French revolution sort of future due to the criminal negligence of not working of better design of government or democracy. But that is likely enough, the chaos will rage until a good enough balance of political economy.

  3. Thought of the day, the possible future, near, middle and far future. I cannot predict the exact future, but possibilities.

    The elites aim for the future appears to be death and population reduction in a harsh way, main aim though is more power and wealth. It appears to be puppet representatives, judges, officials near term. Leading toward more and more AI with human management dictatorships. Going toward a one world AI with management run dictatorship, likely with the attempted respectability of a kind of dictatorship/republic.

    What is the response of a largely controlled opposition? Likely to be mostly “bring back the republic movements” of differing flavors. This will naturally lead to good populists rising up, but since good guy populists don’t last long in the real world. Only the harsher meaner populists will keep power long and they must have the backing of a strong single political party, or won’t last long.

    In the mix is the rising resistant political power of the common people, ie, a quiet civil war of people vs evil elites. Most people instinctively want real freedom, real constitutional rights, real elements of democracy. They instinctively want decent good morals movements also.

    The evil elites will push divide and rule in every way possible. This will drive chaos and false movements toward distruction.

    All these things, these movements are old. But what is new is the particular new technology of today. Keep your eye on that ball, the evil elites and their lackeys are focused on using new technology for power and control combined with old take over tricks made by the communists/fascists.

    How will this shake out? A possibility is at first there will be dictatorship republics, strong men tied into backing political parties. Mostly a backing single political party. Can you name any examples? They can be very unpopular, but no matter, the vast wealth of evil props them up. The political power of resistance growing against it by the people, but the evil has most of the political force. This form of republic is old, but what is new in the background is the growing AI with management control grids , growing and growing. Once again , can you name any examples of today?

    So the near term future is evil elite puppet strongmen with a single political party backing , along with growing AI with management control grids.

    On the other side are real populists supported by the people, movements heading toward populist strongmen with a backing political party in the republics.

    These will play out variously in the republics, the dying western republics in particular of interest.

    In the background, is the disruptive technology of free speech power on internet and cell phones etc. The key here is that any sort of restriction, on true free speech and economic activity etc. That will mean likely rapid reduction of that said elite power base, so that any more free better run nation or group of nations will move ahead. It is possible only small differences in freedom can make dramatic results.

    So I hope and expect in time, small or large changes of democracy design in the future to come about. This to stabilize the world and exit a dark age.

    History shows that there is no quick solution, especially if waiting for slow small evolution changes for the better. The chaos can rage on for a long time.

    I suggest good think tanks to form up to study on good democracy design reform movements. This may speed up the process.

    By the way , modern free speech technology. It is new to history, in true history, sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists did most of the ruling. It was rare to have a good leader. However, now all can be caught in a lie, in .1 seconds afterwards and told someplace on the internet. This is new to history, so very disruptive technology.

    In any case, today’s combination of new technology, elites and common people. To me it points toward the only long term positive outcome depends on good morals movements combined with better democracy design, mild or wild. The minimum is achieving a balance of political economy between people and elites/government. Etc.

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