On today’s show…

On today’s episode of The Prather Point…

► Video proof of  covert Jan 6 False Flag! 
► Deep state plans to own you financially via Black Rock in White House!
► And as a patented Genetically Modified Organism via not vax nano-tech!
► Army Birthday -Before there was a country there was an army! 

17 Responses

    1. The problem I had with this: I went to a credit union for a car loan. Their response: “Sorry”. I then went to Toyota. Their response: Here’s the cash.

  1. Marine Birthday is Nov 10th 1775 formed in Tun Taverin, at least that what they said in boot camp.

    1. That’s what I thought, too, as one of my ex-Marine work colleagues used to always bring in a cake on that day.

  2. Hope you folks have read NASA engineer John Casey’s book “Upheaval” regarding
    The solar Minimum of 2031, making it the coldest year of this century.

    1. Sonny: John Casey has another book entitled: Dark Winter: How the sun is causing a 30-year cold spell. This book is in our library system and I have ordered it. Upheaval was written a few years later about devastating earthquakes and the sun. Thanks for the referral. May I suggest you check out this website: Lots of great articles on the sun and the cooling cycle we are in. Great information! Too bad our “gurus and political manipulators” aren’t familiar with it.

  3. Texas here DFW AREA. Veteran Alett 1 we have reports of Chinese former general bought 130,000 acres here next to an Airbase. I have made and posted on 7 sectors for Texans to form Team America easier.

  4. this well done video break down of the Cap. shooting by Wooz news from months ago was the most convincing I needed of an FF (which I never doubted anyway), the acting and timing and everything they did is so bad, it wasn’t even vaguely realistic looking, and it’s honestly comical, if it wasn’t so serious.

    With your background, does this look to you how a 14 year AF vet would act in this situation, going straight for the line of fire when someone yelled “he’s got a gun”? And why was she buried “at sea” just like Osama? Is it tradition for Air Force to be buried at sea these days? I really would have thought that sounds like a navy kind of thing. And would anyone, anywhere, especially in that building, shout “he’s got a gun!” about a cop? And did any of them react like normal civilians would if a gun went off?

    Is that how SWAT teams usually act? Isn’t their thing more like they would have had them on the ground long before they got that far? Is that how any kind of police (again, in that building especially) would react in that situation? So none of them had any kind of basic first aid training with gunshot wounds?

    And how about that cop at the end who walks through the little pool of blood (from the neck gunshot wound), and the little ‘crime scene’ cordoned off with medical gloves?

    Some people object to this video because they believe she really died, and her husband’s been around looking sad, and maybe he really doesn’t know what happened and thinks she did, or maybe he’s in on it and a good actor, and I definitely don’t want to potentially risk making light of a woman dying, but I don’t have any problem making light of a woman pretending to die in a staged event with such sinister motives and aims, which seems like a far more plausible description of what’s going on here. Plus, I suspect DS 3 letter (or private … Blackwater?) would not be that surprising a career move for someone with her background. In any case, you really should watch this. I’d love to hear your comments.

  5. Hi! Mr. Prather,
    I’m on Team America for Utah.
    What can I do to help? I’m praying but I am not a soldier in a physical sense but I am a soldier-in-Christ. I am in a wheelchair but by God’s Holy will He can use me to help in different ways.

    Lisa Clements 🙏✝️

  6. Mr Prather,
    David Lester Straight retired Navy Seal(Friend or Foe) preaching winning in court and how to become a sovereign as an American National. And on two committees POTUS 45 also American National?
    Also his mouth piece here in Penna. Bobby Lawrence who sent me this Link Direct from (GITMO?) True of False Data.
    I have only limited resources to vet at this level. Hope you may assist me.

  7. What is your wife’s HCQ recipe?
    I made mine with the skin of 3 grapefruit and the skin of 3-4 lemons. Boiled for 3 hours in water.
    Take 1-2 spoonfuls.

  8. Charlie Ward, on one of his podcasts said that HCQ is a VACCINE. So, I guess I can say that I’m vaccinated…
    So, everyone make your HCQ asap!!

  9. A “law” made that says if I patent a synthetic product that modifies your body so you also become synthetic I can then claim I own part of you. Like if your neighor came over and suggested he could do that to you and had such patent what would you tell em? These deep staters make up lies and often use em then later break em themselves but like the motto or Roman Law, “Let him who be deceived be deceived” like its your own fault for doing it.

    1. My adult daughters got the vaccine, so no, I won’t be staying far away from them. They ste not stupid…they are vulnerable young adults suckered in by the msm and US Govt lies.

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