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9 Responses

  1. Thought of the day.

    Forbidden thinking, what I write is likely forbidden by every kind of opposition, think on that situation.

    To the members of team America, have you ever seen a pre 1933 USA golden eagle $20 coin ? If not , why? Forbidden?

    Most people alive today have never touched real money as prescribed by the USA consitution. Has your favorite talking head ever done a deep dive on this subject? Why not?

    I know a little about this subject. The USA republic had a engineered great depression leading to to FDR (the USA president) banning personal ownership of gold and silver in 1933, and only by executive order in the USA constitutional republic. One could say that the last tiny last bit of having a strong representative republic fell away at that same exact time.

    So people were demanded to turn in their gold coins for melt. They were give $20 fiat paper per oz, then the USA republic revalued that oz to $30 right after. Theft by the dying republic on the common people by the banksters. All pre planned , and so look at today’s currency crises.

    Soo, get a image of that gold coin off the internet, that your are not allowed to use as legal tender in the failed republic. It says in God we trust on one side and Liberty on the other side. Look at it.

    Since that coin represents trust in God and Liberty, both in fact are taken away in the real republic after this confiscation.

    So , if you can afford to find a pre 1933 USA $20 gold Eagle coin. Get one and look at it.

    So using a very simple way of thinking, the USA will not have God or Liberty back again until that exact same type of coin is allowed back in circulation. Of this fact, there is no doubt, you can quote me on that.

    To get there, by reforms of the failed design of the republic. I think most likely have to fix many terminal failures. Looking at real republics across the world , most being failures or heading that way.

    All have top down run central banks, all have fixed or rigged elections to some degree, all have top down run legacy media, all have only top down run secret services, all have top down run lawfare against people and often the nation. All have NGO’S to some degree run by rich elites against people and nation. All have rich evil elites owning most every lever of power. So all of these fatal problems of lack of good enough democracy design must be fixed by good enough reforms in order to have a real money back in circulation again. Real money with God we trust and Liberty.

    Right now the rich evil is working to make digital currency tied into cell phones and having an absolute tracking and control systems.

    In the future most likely many republics/governments will confiscate gold and silver again. Why? The people and sub governments will try to make independent currency with them. No matter what, the rich evil will never allow gold and silver as legal tender, the evil will fight it.

    The exact future is uncertain to me . But I suspect the coming dark age will not end, until we have In God we trust and Liberty again on a gold coin in a legal currency. Even so with that we still can have paper and digital currency in usage in some fashion.

    But at the instance of banning of gold and silver as legal tender, that government has fallen to tyranny and to the devil.

    As in no God, and no Liberty.

    That is the unmovable measure of having God and Liberty in a society. To have God and Silver as a freely owned legal tender, even if along other kinds of money. If that is not existing then you have no God or Liberty in your governance. That simple, then must make it better or suffer.

  2. Do NOT watch this unless your a REAL WARRIOR with EQUAL SPIRITUAL PREPAREDNESS to balance seeing the level of demonic barbarism going on , ON A MASSIVE SCALE SOUTH OF OUR AMERICAN BORDER and understand ENORMOUS NUMBERS of these sub human monsters have been INTENTIONALLY shipped into this country and YOUR PREPARED TO DEAL WITH IT . THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK TO EVEN WATCH

    1. Seen to much of this already. Did not see pulled apart by pick up as was done in my day. Continues the Aztecan death cults to the detail of skinning and heart removal. This is geo-spiritual infection, and why I say my cross border ops into Mexico were the most dangerous of a long career of danger.

      1. The Aztecs looked at the heart as the gift of life. Also in the museum mentioned below was a bunch of hearts on display. My buddy has hence told me the heart symbolized love. I not sure there is a connection there, but I can tell you from source documents given to me in history class the Aztec scrolls that were NOT destroyed via the Spanish had them terrified of a figure staked on the cross in which they viewed barbaric. In turn from cortez’s journal the other source document, the Spanish were just as horrified at getting offered human hearts, and in turn slaughtered the Aztecs. It was the only history class in which the professor gave us source documents of the time period and asked us what happened and to write about it. He was teaching or attempting to show us to use our head based on what survived from a historic perspective.

  3. This is a very academic view (stepping back from belief and tries to be unbiased via analysis) on current ongoing MRNA nonsense, it goes into a deep dive of the Book of Enoch. It coincides with my personal endeavor of looking more closely at the Khazar (whom were uniquely independent of the crown during their development) photos I had taken, there was a monastery in the same vicinity whom had some older crosses on display in their museum, that had a muslin type crescent opposed from the sun (Sun of God?) Anyhow the reference which speaks on Atlantis, the flood, and what I believe where aliens AKA, “the Watchers” merging with the daughters of man. AKA Genetic engineering.

    One must ask themselves why the Smithsonian hides archived bones?

    1. Also mentions Antarctica as perhaps the Gauntomeno for the Neptunium, or Ancient technology worksite thing the global cabal area 51, or an active crypto-terrestrial base. The point is you get your private jet more likely a missile gonna be your downfall rather then an antarctic storm.

    2. The Smithsonian hiding of artifacts and knowledge and history DOES NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to that of the Vatican/ unholy roman empire church , and the Black Nobility families that created it . THERE are 20 miles of hallways in secret Vatican archives hiding 10,000 years of human history and the truth that they fabricated, borrowed, forged, and mistranslated the entire story and false mind control religion.

      1. This is the same guy going over the “SkinWalker Ranch” where he speaks on this phenomena, he is hosted by a different host, but his conclusion is aliens are masking as demons, not the other way around it is an interesting listen. Now perhaps it could be a cryptic base of operations, point is if socially people want to get to the bottom of this stuff your gonna need an army of caterpillar earth scrapers to see what makes it tick. He is an interesting listen on this sort of stuff, the point is our reality is being misconstrued every day on massive scales, and yet there is no serious investigations, the FBI/CIA is dirty in this aspect as well. Why else would these agencies be involved in the most gregarious false flag operations and turn coating their oaths? I mean current events makes Benedict Arnold look like a saint. Now he is saying he believes Bob Lazar on some levels as well.


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