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4 Responses

  1. Thoughts of the day

    Centralization vs decentralization of political force and power.

    So in this world of dictatorship republics are these governments gaining popularity with the common people?

    The fact that the dying western republics are losing the ability to man their militaries with volunteers tells the truth. So the new talk of drafting, so how will that go you think? Forcing vax shots on military draftees who all know they are death shots.

    So when every centrally run government, ie the dictatorship republics are all trying to kill and enslave. Well the stupid get to die first, the rest are figuring it out slowly. This direct democracy political force is growing against all forms of. dictatorship.

    So by extension the new enlightenment movement is slowly growing.

    The controlled opposition(or btainwashed) is now facing the aware and mad population, more and more . Support for a republic by design that cannot ever work for the people is vanishing. This even forced on the controlled opposition. This is the power of the new free speech power on the internet, the printing press of today’s history.

    So the force of direct democracy of public opinion slowly comes inintininto play, this most basic broad form of direct democracy. Notice the forces of evil instinctively fighting true free speech driving broad public opinion ?

    So that even the most controlled opposition is in fact forced to go along with decentralization of political power, and therefore is working for democratic power for the people.

    Notice that the talking heads are unable to support the failed design of the dying western republics as much ? This is growing, so the new enlightenment movement is also is igrowing.

    The evil is seeing this and is trying to deflect it toward hell and dictatorship. The fight of who runs the next dictatorship republic.

    So decentralization vs centralization of political force is raging now.

    Those people more likely to live longer will find organizations that are decentralization supporting and are for them.

    So that even this show is actually supporting the new coming enlightenment, that must happen to escape the coming dark age.

  2. Centralized vs decentralized of political force and power.

    The good or bad of each is not a simple matter. Also there are short term factors and long term.

    It will take a detailed analysis of this subject to try to figure the likely future.

    However in general, the good future is by better democracy design to have just enough decentralization of political force so the common people can defend themselves. So that the centralized control over society is actually working for national interest.

    This is the essence of the needed new enlightenment for the most good part. IE the needed good morals movements and better democracy design reform.

  3. Thought of the day.

    Republic lovers = often are babbling idiots.

    If you care to be honest and look at real history and real republics across the world , at any moment in time. You will see the real republics of all flavors in chaos. Most often in third world hell never ending.

    So, with that simple fact, and the talking heads never talk about it. So, they must all be on the payroll or brainwashed stupid believiing in republics as they are designed now.

    Maybe if they did not lie by ommission of truth I would have more respect. Like saying, yes the republic as designed now is almost always a failure, but still it is the best we got. I could respect that a little bit. But of course the natural thinking would extend to “lets try something different” and then bring up the history of Switzerland with direct democracy, etc.

    Then often the babbling idiots then say something like “we never seen this bad thing happen before in a republic”. When anyone paying attention knows elites buy off all levers of power in republics everywhere all the time. Most of the time it is hidden, but still it shows up.

    So it goes like this, when the western republic in question goes it’s natural way into hell. The babbling idiots—those blind republic lovers act shocked and may say we never seen that happen before. Then they may start babbling about lost social contracts between elites and the common people.

    So they must be on the payroll or brainwashed stupid to my mind. So I may get banned from posting. Well, at least I can look God into the eye on this issue when my time comes.

    Sorry, but as incredibly hard as it is going to be , some generation in the future must do enough democracy design reform movements,, to get out of the likely coming dark age. Also enough good morals movements in a combination. That is my prediction.

    But the worst by far are the evil elites running the communists/fascists. These are 100% for killing people via single political party ran republic dictatorships.

    Any republic lover honestly supporting good constitutional rights and honest elections for representatives is far better than those monsters.

  4. Thought of the day.

    The past history of the ancient city of Laodicea shows a possible positive future.

    It was named in the bible as the location of the lukewarm church to be spit out by God. It is interesting for that though it was Christian and rich, it only had bitter mineral water. So the rubuke for Laodicea in revelations in the bible.

    The point I want to focus on is that it was noted to be Christian and rich. So why so? It is because it was a relatively free city, with more of God given freedoms and morals , better than most of the rest of the Roman empire. Also for whatever reason it was run better.

    So ancient Laodicea was more free, had better morals and run better than most of the world at that time. So it was considered richer , so rich that it was considered to becoming too comfortable,,, in its good worldly status in the bible.

    A lesson here, notice in all of the Roman republic empire it was noticed to be particularly popular and successful, that is if you like a kind of first world living. This, despite not having a good tasting water supply.

    Eventually it was taken out by a large earthquake long ago. Maybe eventually it did become too demented and thus too far from God’s grace?

    In any case, such examples in history and in today’s world show way toward a positive future ,,, if people have enough brains to want it.

    That is if you have a culture of personal freedoms and good morals, along with independence from the evil elites. Add in enough political power and wealth to be able to defend yourselves and so on. Then with God’s grace you may have a first world, semi stable society.

    Notice that few civilizations achieve such conditions. Also that Christianity achieves that status from time to time in history. Few other basis of morality come close, for instance the communists never come that close for its people. As it has poor morality, it will only ever go part way to first world status. Same for most other religions and political movements.

    Such things are historical facts that future generations must understand to be able to crawl out of the coming dark age.

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