BREAKING: BIOLABS-2 FENTANYL, 2 C-19, 2 Jabs, 2 Boosters, 2 DEW!

Today on The Prather Point:

  • Xi: Defeat US, Rule World via Unrestricted War!
  • Ukraine biolabs begin with Obama!
  • CCP pimps US elite sends US fentanyl!
  • C-19 Psyop/econo-war: brings jab magnetic-genetic weapons!
  • Deep state DARPA DEW slays & enslaves!


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13 Responses

  1. Recently I’ve seen sources that state that Xi is not aligned with the CCP. In terms of the current kinetic realities in Ukraine, it is apparent that the WEF global plan is in endgame status. I have no doubt that Team America is aware that a Zelensky supporter and member of parliament announced that she was pro-NWO. I have faith that freedom fighters (alliance white hats) are active although we cannot say we have won until the smoke clears. Thank you as always for the excellent reports!

  2. Just watched your 3/4 show on Brighteon. I am NOT a brain-washed ‘Putin hater’ (I am Geo-politically LITERATE!). I like the guy!!!
    But Jeff? I wish that you would STOP calling Putin a ‘KGB KILLER’. I look at it this way…..Putin ‘came up’ (was ALIVE) during USSR times. I think that he went through ‘THEIR SYSTEMS’, and came out of all of that, having a MORAL COMPASS and then EQUIPPED to FIGHT THE NEW WORLD ORDER/GLOBALISTS/ISM. Putin IS a ‘GOOD GUY’!! I’ll use this as an example……I have my favorite REAL Doctor’s (like Dr. Joseph Mercola), who have gone through ‘THEIR SYSTEMS’ (of so-called ‘medicine’), and have managed to stay TRUE TO SELF and NOT become Big Pharma-drug pushing-EVIL-Zombie-Psychopathic WHORES who know ZERO about ACTUAL HEALTH and are now MURDERING PEOPLE with the Experimental mRNA Bio-weapon Injections.
    Just because Dr. Mercola WENT THROUGH ‘THEIR SYSTEMS’, does NOT mean that he is a PSYCHOPATHIC BIG PHARMA DEATH CULT MEMBER. Dr. Mercola IS an ACTUAL DOCTOR, DESPITE having to go through ‘THEIR FAKE MEDICAL SYSTEMS’ ! And I do NOT fault Dr. Mercola for going through the same ‘medical schools’ as the Psychopathic QUACKS have. Well, the SAME goes for PUTIN! I do NOT fault him, for the path that he took, that brought him to the HERE & NOW……FIGHTING GLOBALISTS/ISM!

    It is said….’If America FALLS, so does the rest of the world”. This is FALSE; NOT accurate. The CORRECT and TRUE statement is……’IF RUSSIA FALLS, SO DOES THE REST OF THE WORLD!’.
    America has ALREADY FALLEN! We have ONE MORE NAIL to go, in our coffin…..and we’re DONE!
    If the EVIL Globalists take Russia?……THAT is America’s LAST NAIL IN OUR COFFIN!……

    Therefore…….GO RUSSIA/PUTIN!!! DO what ya gotta do!!
    Every AMERICAN should be cheering Russia on!!!

    1. I understand what your trying to say here Dawnie , but its likely a bit more complicated , and not so cut and dried as you think, and very unpredictable. I have been there 3 times , and am married to someone from that nation. First Mr Putin has several doubles [who are we really dealing with?] just like the criminals in charge of this country have . Secondly he is a 33rd or beyond freemason. Third , he has managed to amass a personal fortune of 50 billion or more , if you had been to Russia you would understand its just mafia s dealing with mafia s, When everything went to privatization those in the KGB , FSB and military were in position to essentially steal and take control of everything . That is why they are so rich. He is supporting and pushing the death shots there, just like DJT is here . There is very large percentage of Russian people very unhappy with him and his oligarch friends , and all their elections are also rigged. He may indeed be doing some things now with Russian Nationalism , and serious security concerns in mind . But it MAY be way misunderstanding to say he is at war with the NWO ,or WEF. But then again it is true David Rockefeller openly stated , to fully achieve the NWO we must destroy RUSSIA , and the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH , the latter one Im not sure I understand why that would be so important.

      1. Good comment and considerations. The only common denominator of the Russian people is the Russian othodox church, so they are a target. No doubt Putin is not as simple as a good guy per-se and we do live in a very complex world with many moving parts and perceptions and a lot various experiences to draw on ? I am NOT at all anti Putin and think DJT is just a weakling fool like most are in USA today. Keepng it all in perspective and reality based is very imporatnt and only their actions tell who they really are at any given time. We already know who the REAl criminals are.

  3. GWB was Pres. in 2005, Obama didn’t attain office until Jan. 2009.

  4. I am no longer a Trump supporter, but I am a Putin supporter as he is the now the pre-eminent ANTI-GLOBALIST. Ukraine war is Anti-Globalists against the Globalist.

    By the way, Major, how do you “assess” the fact the I know of no Trump family member going back last several generations who served in military. But Trump received an exemption from the draft because of “bone spurs.’ Right. And explain his lack of support for the Jan. 6ers. They thought that he was their leader, but he abandoned his soldiers on the field.

  5. Obama s parents and step parent , and others around him were CIA he was likely MKULTRA , from childhood not just recruited in college

  6. Well mask are not for Morons, mask were a face propaganda tool, it both a metic of the effectiveness of how gullible the public is, and it indoctrinates the populace giving credence to health authority without any official debate, and procedure. It actually more dangerous then a precedent in court, as at least that can be officially reviewed. I can say this I am under the impression that there are active disinformation campaigns under the guise of science being targeted in low income areas. It is looking more the hand of the CCP then that of the deepstate, but the deepstate and Chinese use very similar mind operations, death by a thousand cuts, when the loosened the ropes they are pushing all kinds of legislation through or at least attempting to do so while people are happy they can go out in a bar without a mask, we are not winning we are losing, it just looks like a win to the guy that just want to have a beer, and have fun. Maybe the egghead think tanks think they are saving the human race with the most evil humanity has to offer, as I said before light does not come from darkness.

    1. So judging from White House (CCP proxy) request for more funding for the next funding of covid (more likely Homeric fever or something of kin, just to cause more fear, and maybe some death too) , the grip of misinformation (mainstream misinformation is propaganda). The executive (not Biden I am not sure he has many marbles left) is obviously not being controlled via US patriots, but a global cabal/Chinese joint operation. The reality is a patriot in the military can simply seize the county temporarily to regain our freedoms, however this always brings to mind when caesars assassination, it just helped bring an empire state quicker, although my understanding the intent was sound, so no answers just questions here. Obviously there are lots of traitors in key positions, and the underlines under them are rubber stamping our freedoms away, so rock and a hard place to say the least.

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