Today on The Prather Point:

  • Teslaphoresis towers!
  • Graphene genocide!
  • Covert cell kills!

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11 Responses

  1. Hang tuff MOFOs !

    The maniacs are destroyng themselves in their arrogance and ignorance, so be ready to pounce when necessary ! Never stand down. always stand up and be thankful you can. This is a war for minds, clarity and courage.

  2. God Bless You Jeff!….you are the ultimate warrior against these assholes!…thank you so much!

  3. So I went to Jeffery territory. Saw old tombstone, it was refreshing to see America as a free country, as Arnold said I be back! Reason for the comment, I was on the I15 and had rock after rock hit my windshield. It was a good thing. I meet a retired biopharma chemist, his take is the jab (event J & J- which I though may have been more traditional) is turning off the innate immune system permanently, I was aware this is done to integrate the mRNA, to begin the spike protein, but thought it was temporary. He is saying bottomline it nothing less then depopulation agenda. He is thinking cancer rates will skyrocket, and said he never going to be jabbed again. I agreed, and have had plenty of real vaccinations in the past. There is zero trust in the medical community at this point, more bullets, more supplies, and now learning basic camping methods. I am thinking this will go to the hills at some point, and it best to be ready for whatever this clownshow rolls out.

  4. The fact that George Sotos is walking around free is the first proof that TRUMP
    was ineffective . TRUMP had years to extradite George Soros where he would have
    been imprissoned in France or Russia, but TRUMP DID NOTHING !
    Except play the part in the distraction of bogus impeachment etc.

  5. As we head into 2022 I advise everyone to read and keep up on the Economist Magazine. Why? That is the very publication by the very families that are behind everything.

    Give you two examples. In 1998 there on the cover of the Economist was a Phoenix siting on top of the world currency as it burns. The Phoenix also had a Coin called the Phoenix coin.

    Then started Bit Coin revolution. The Phoenix rises and bursts into flames only to be reborn again from the ashes.

    How about some psychology as a behavior study. On the cover of the Economist in April of 2020 was a picture of the Dog with a muzzle being held with a leash to a human with a muzzle, and the Human is being held by a Large arm with a leash, and on the the title is says “who is leading who”

    Keep an on that publication.

    If Bio Weapon labs are not being shut down then another scenario like Covid 19 may happen.

    We already have Weather Wars all over the World. The Weather is being used as a weapon.

    The Demons have to show what they will do. They must have rituals to try and rid themselves of what they have done.

    The Karma follows your soul into every life and multiple lives could never fulfill the amount of Karma these Demonic Families have here on Earth.

    1. What you say about karma may indeed be true but these people and their masters believe that if they put it out there to be known what they intend to do { which they always do} and they have no emotion attached to doing their evil and the intended victims do nothing but be victimized then they accrue no karma , not saying I believe this but they do

  6. Better to never use a cell phone and protect your cb and ham with em protection easy to make

  7. So I know some of you listen to Mr. Prather, you maybe interested in Joe Rogan, it builds on my run in with the biopharma chemists in Phoenix,(Good news it seems these Porsch club folks are well aware of the Biden/Fauci/CCP/Ect. clown show) as Dr. Malone touches on the Least Common Denominator of the jabs, the J & J is a DNA based (just learned this), and the mRNA (one of his expertise, as an inventor), funny enough he also knows Fauci and Intel folks, it a wonder how Fauci still draws daily breath. He is obviously the 10% of the iceberg that is seen clearly causing today’s fracture that has hit the Titanic called America, the 90% underneath is still unclear, but it obvious to deal with the surface as immediate danger in this country. Now for the


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