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  1. I would like to know in which food products scientist are developing growing with Mrna (I hope I got those letters right) .
    Beef, chicken & turkey are already ‘contaminated’ they are working on bananas and the popular fruits and veggies.

  2. Anna webinar April 10, 2023
    fraud and criminality goes all the way back to ancient Rome, Ecclesiastical law, more about
    Corporations, our State Trusts, claiming your private property, Washington, D. C. truth, up-
    date on going to Rome, another British substitution, Wizard of Oz, 9/11, focus on the Posi-
    tive, donations needed
    partial transcript-highlights/important points by Amethyst
    Not verbatim
    Comments/edits in red by Amethyst
    Teri stated that Anna has been educating Cardinal Memberti about the depth of the
    corruption and evil we have endured. Anna has written numerous new articles on her
    site detailing more info about the corruption.
    Anna: The immensity of the corruption has shocked people. This has been going on
    since the Dark Ages. For the commercial aspect, you can go back to the split of the Ro-
    man Empire, and the struggle for power within the Church, between Constantinople
    and Rome. This continues even now.
    Anna and Teri stated Rome never fell. (Wow, didn’t know that!)
    Look at the split of Roman Empire, and the monarchies then. This has to do with
    church politics as much as anything else. The power struggles, associations, and rela-
    tionships are more complex than we would think. This has been going on at least since
    Henry VIII on the commercial side.
    Teri stated that this is what Anna stated in one of her articles explaining this in detail
    to Cardinal Memberti. And all of this is basically family infighting, as Anna has stated
    some time ago.
    Anna stated there is an argument that has been going on since the Dark
    Ages, if people can be self-governing, or if they need to be herded and
    treated like animals. One side says, yes, they can be self-governing if they
    are properly taught, but the other side says we’re just going to take over,
    and treat them like farm animals.
    There has been a decided struggle between the royal families, the patri-
    archs, and everyone arguing this.
    Anna says the self-interest of the Church, in terms of worldly control, got
    into the middle of this more than it should have. The Roman Empire supports
    the Roman Pope, and you have a situation where a Church is deeply involved in secular
    administration. They established the role of the Roman Pontiff, and Pontiff means
    bridge– a bridge between governments.
    There is a King of Italy, and has been for a long time, Anna says. There are
    all these different offices going on in Italy and the Vatican, and the Holy See. We lump
    it all together in our minds, when looking at it from the outside, but these offices are all
    quite different, and semi-opposed to each other. The big dream for the Western
    sphere of the Church, was that the Pope would be caretaker and steward
    for the whole world, and the ultimate authority for all things. They wanted
    One overarching hierarchy, with the Pope in charge of it.
    Anna states she does Not believe the Church was Ever an appropriate ve-
    hicle for that kind of power, but The Church got pressed into service be-
    cause people trusted it to make ethical decisions.
    The Holy Roman Empire was a theocracy, quickly accumulating money,
    land, and everything else, and becoming secular.
    From the year 800, when Charlemagne started it with the Francs, and the Norman
    Conquest, we have all the results of that.
    Teri commented that the whole Crusade period was very brutal and
    bloody, and there was Nothing sacred about it.
    Anna stated, No, not at all, and there were always those who were sol-
    diers of fortune, and associated with church politics, and the Church
    would have to hire mercenaries, in order to fight its wars and protect itself,
    as well as all these other things, so The Church was one of the bigger em-
    ployers of mercenaries. They had Their own loyal upstanding Christian
    forces, then They had mercenaries, mostly from Africa.
    This is a very tangled web, Anna says, when a theocracy gets involved in
    secular world affairs. She says the Holy Roman Empire was very strange,
    in terms of its structure, set up and influence.
    It wasn’t Roman, and it wasn’t an Empire—quote from Voltaire.
    This is the 4th version of the Holy Roman Empire, technically dissolved in
    1809, just so it could disappear, then go under the radar, come back and
    re-brand itself.
    Here we are again, 500 years after the previous incarnation of the Holy Roman Em-
    Anna mentioned the Enclosure Acts of Henry VIII again, as she did last
    week. This was about Henry VIII stealing private property in England.
    This is where the land stealing began, and surveying land began, and how
    boundary markers were used. And by doing an enclosure around some-
    one’s land, you could then gain control over that property. What’s to stop
    the king, or someone pretending to be the king, from putting boundary
    markers just outside each of the 4 corners of someone’s property? It’s
    about creating a new claim on land that belongs to someone else.
    We are doing something similar to that today here. She mentioned ease-
    ments on our property, naming the driveway, as it passes over the road
    easement. If your driveway opens into the road, guess what? This is the
    interface reminiscent of the Enclosure Acts. They are actually naming the
    easement, and They are putting Their marker on a road, in terms of a num-
    bering system, of a piece of land.
    It’s up to us how we’re going to describe our property, and how we are go-
    ing to post it as separate from the public property and the easement.
    Say the piece of land They’re referencing is 2319 South Park Road, but
    it’s really the easement They’re referencing.
    To claim your land, you need a bill of sale, and a description of your
    property that is recorded.
    Anna said she has signs saying Posted on either side of her driveway, it has the street
    number that was issued by the borough government, facing on the other side. This is
    a reversal of the Enclosure Act, where you are actually cutting into a public
    They pulled this stuff to make false claims to own private property. They
    are always looking for new collateral. They pull things into the public
    sphere to lay a public claim to your private property. This has been the
    game since way back to the time of Henry VIII. They do this to seize upon
    the land and soil assets of living people, and use that as collateral for Their
    government spending.
    This whole history is just Fraud, criminality, and violence going back
    100s of years! Why haven’t we seen it and objected to it?
    All that is hurting us comes out of the British Crown and Municipal Corporation. And
    this is all out of the air jurisdiction, thus it’s all under Ecclesiastical Law, and the ones
    administering it are under Canon law. Canon law is the law that pertains to how The
    Church administrators, officers, priests, and nuns are to behave, and what the stan-
    dards and rules are.
    Ecclesiastical law is Their jurisdiction mainframe. That is where the creation of all
    these Corporations comes from-all the different kinds and definitions, what They are,
    and what They can do, whether They can sell shares, or be subject to securitization, or
    be subject to some kind of review, and what is private or public. This is all done by af-
    filiates of the Church.
    Again, the Pope has the responsibility to liquidate Corporations that are
    causing injurious harm to living people and their property, but because no-
    body calls Them on it, and nobody brings it before the Ecclesiastical au-
    thority, then nothing is done, and They run wild and do whatever They
    want to do, and no one can do anything to Them, because They derive from
    the air jurisdiction, and They are under air jurisdiction law.
    Anna is willing to bet that most people don’t even know about the air jurisdiction at
    all, and don’t know it even exists.
    She says people are probably wondering what she’s doing, bringing this
    before the Vatican Chancery Court. But They are the actual authorities
    over Corporations.
    There are other ways to go after the Corporations, but just try and get one of Their
    courts to go after one of Their dear Corporations—Not happening!
    That’s why the Sherman Anti-Trust Act hasn’t been used in Years! The
    controls that we have for Corporations are few and far between, and when
    you go looking for them, you realize that They are all predicated on the de-
    signs of the administrators, and are pretty much just to cover Their own
    butts. If They see something really getting out of hand, the politicians and
    Their appointees get busy and bring it back to the Corporation, and say,
    This is what Ronald Reagan did with the air traffic controllers, but it was
    more like an employee versus union issue, instead of it being a Corpora-
    tion issue of getting employees to perform to your standards, versus them
    working for the Municipal government.
    You have the British Crown Corporation working as a Municipal Corporation vendor.
    Pope owns both and plays them against each other, but it’s 2 hands that belong to
    same people. The British Crown Corporation has always been in support of the Munic-
    ipal Corporation throughout history, Anna says.
    No one has time to research this, but Anna has done it for years, though.
    Teri commented on the breadth and depth of the Fraud, that it is so Huge,
    and to make any kind of dent in it takes Enormous effort. And people are
    Anna commented that they don’t believe it, either. They don’t know that the Queen is
    a fraud, and there is No British monarch, and never has been, since 1087. Nor do
    they know that Great Britain is a British Crown Corporation, since the
    early 1700s. Then later, They created the U. K. Corporation, a Municipal
    They use the Territorial Corporation to go in and take over. There’s the
    British Raj and the American Raj, and the Indian (India) Raj. That was taken out tem-
    porarily, but They tend to come back under different names and start stuff all over
    again. They have made phony claims on things, and also claimed “emergency powers”
    that Do Not exist, and They have No authority to do so! And They claim custodial in-
    terest, which is also fraud. This is the same kind of interest the Pope claims to have
    over the whole Earth.
    They came in and pretended to be part of our legitimate government,
    during the time when things were rocky and confused. People accepted
    Their presence, and did Not question it, but They were actually acting as
    mercenaries and came in and pulled all these sleight-of-hand substitutions
    of Their people for our people. They soon had what appeared to be a new
    government set up, with new State of State Constitutions, creating a con-
    tract between themselves and the people of the State, but the people of the
    State didn’t even know that it was any different.
    All that They did was done under non-disclosure. And the confusion still
    abounds—people still think the States are under the Constitution, but the
    (States) are all under the Declaration of Independence. Our States are
    NOT under a Constitution of Any kind, Anna says. So there is NO reason to
    be looking around at old State of State Constitutions. That is NOT us!
    If you look at State Constitutions, they All say, “State OF California, State
    of Texas, etc. These are Not the organic States—these are Confederate
    States. They are subcontractors of the State, providing services to the State. But after
    the Civil War, the Confederate States of State were bankrupt. They go through the
    bankruptcy process through the State of State, which doesn’t really own anything.
    They conduct business For the State of State, and have employees like the highway po-
    lice, the DMV, the DOT, the Municipal sanitation department. They are doing work,
    but They are organized under one contract.
    In 1863, when They bankrupted our State of State organizations, They
    didn’t actually have much. They claimed that because the State of State
    was Not functioning, They declared a state of emergency and all our assets
    were locked down in a State Trust. They seized upon our land, property,
    name and everything else, and put it in a State Trust. We could Not have
    access to our own money, land, assets, and everything else. They were in
    control of our assets and business. They got control of our day to day busi-
    ness—fees and permits going into Their coffers. And all the land and assets
    there was also being used by Them for Profit!
    Teri stated, we have claimed our State Trusts, but getting that back….
    Anna—With the kind of criminality involved here, They have to be liqui-
    dated, or forfeited. With forfeiture, we could take over Their operations
    without a lot of disruption. We could start directing our own subcontrac-
    tors again, which would be very helpful. And that would be far better for
    the defense of the Western world.
    If the DOD is liquidated, there would be a time period when chaos would
    reign, and we would be vulnerable to attack by opportunists, and there’s
    not a lot of allies to come to our aid, partly because so many people think
    it’s the Americans that have been doing all this CRAP to them, and of
    course, it’s Not. It’s the confusion about Americans and the U. S.
    She mentioned Bidan and Trump, and that They are setting up another
    Corporation! Anna says the set up is to make the military look like the car-
    rot, and the civil service look like chumps. But the military is responsible
    for this whole mess.
    The military have tried everything They could to avoid giving the govern-
    ment control to the people! They have even gone so far as to claim to cre-
    ate their own civilian government, so that They could claim They were op-
    erating properly.
    Anna states that Washington, D. C., is not what people think it is! It’s Not
    Washington anymore; it’s an independent, international City-State. It was
    organized under conditions of Fraud, so Anna is seeking to get that liqui-
    dated, also. The persons who created the independent City-State did Not
    have the authority to do that, and that goes back to the intentionality of the
    contracts that are the Constitutions.
    It was the first Federal subcontractor who was responsible for running Washington,
    D. C. as a neutral Federal Capital. Washington, D. C. IS NOT the American Cap-
    ital; it’s a separate Federal Capital established for the Federal subcontrac-
    tors. And because the business there is All international in nature, it was
    separated out from Our Capital at Philadelphia. Our business occurs on
    the land and soil, whereas Their business occurs on the sea and air, so
    there was a separation. Two capitals were established: a national capital
    and a Federal capital. Washington, D. C. was supposed to be a place where
    the American Federal Republic Congress could meet on neutral ground.
    So again, you have the British Territorial coming in and usurping, and us-
    ing powers never granted to Them.
    Anna said that these persons Know this, but we don’t.
    Average people have antipathy toward “their government,” which is Not really their
    government. It makes sense once you know about the history.
    The military has been our problem since 1863. We cannot expect them to help us and
    straighten them out. It’s not a good idea to go to the ones who caused the mess in the
    first place, and expect them to help. Most of the military is ignorant about who they
    are really supposed to serve. And they are operating as mercenaries/criminals.
    How can They get both themselves and us out of this mess, especially if
    They won’t take the historical information and deal with it? Not possible.
    This is another substitution game they are trying with Donald Trump—he simply
    Cannot be the American Federal Republic President.
    Anna is seriously frustrated that They cannot give up Their little fraud schemes.
    Teri commented that They are incapable of seeing things any other way.
    Anna—What They are apparently trying to do is to take British Territorial officers
    like Trump, and go in and occupy Our Federal Republic. This is another British substi-
    tution. More breach of trust, and fraud. The military Does Not do what’s right. It’s
    Not a good idea if Trump occupies the Federal Republic. It’s Not a good
    idea for us to be occupied by mercenaries. We have to stand up, get orga-
    nized, and object to it! Or else, They get away with it. Anna does Not like that
    They keep saying to “enjoy the show.”
    The military needs to stand up and HELP the actual civilian government,
    NOT stand in its way!
    Enough public outcry and attention has to be focused on these guys and
    their organizations so that They do what They are supposed to do (Not
    what They want to do!). The whole situation is upside down and back-
    wards, but They don’t want to change that Or deal with it.
    The military should have come forward in 1865 and informed the Ameri-
    can public about the whole situation, and helped us organize the proper
    public elections, but instead they have commandeered our government,
    and occupied us as a foreign mercenary force, and They began stripping as-
    sets, pillaging, and confiscating property illegally in these military district
    Teri stated it’s out of control!
    Anna said the ones who own this are being addressed under the proper
    jurisdiction and the proper form of law, and They are getting an earful!
    This HAS to be dealt with; otherwise, there is no chance of anyone having a
    peaceful, pleasant life on this planet again!
    What They are bent on establishing is Corporation feudalism, Anna says.
    Teri asked about word from the Vatican about our delegation.
    Anna said that we have to re-schedule, and we have to finish gathering the
    paperwork for this. Both Anna and the Pope have been sick lately. Things
    are more complicated. But it’s getting better. It takes more coordination
    than just getting on a plane.
    Anna says other countries have taken notice and want to get rid of Their
    British Territorial Corporations also.
    Teri remarked France is on fire. (That’s Literally!)
    People will be mad for a bunch of reasons, when the books are opened,
    and when people find out what these criminals have actually Done!
    They will see how much $$$ the government has had, and has stolen, and
    how much people have struggled and suffered, and people will be Furious!
    Teri stated she has been beside herself since Anna told us (some months
    back) that All governments in the world have been Fully Funded since
    Anna: And They just continue to poor mouth, and make all these argu-
    ments about taxes and such. It’s all a distraction, and Lies to keep you
    from focusing on what They’re actually doing!
    People will be heartsick when they find out the truth about all the evil ac-
    tions of what they thought was “their government”, which is 2 commercial
    Corporations in the business of providing governmental services. They si-
    phoned off all the $$$ They stole from us to do things like growing heroin,
    and producing “designer drugs.” They have done everything from organ
    harvesting to other horrible things.
    They want to get rid of the Baby Boomers so They won’t have to pay end
    of life costs. They started this overpopulation Crap in the 1970s with the
    Georgia Guidestones, (which were Destroyed within the last year). We are
    being manipulated. We are livestock to Them, literally. They have mo-
    tives for wanting to decrease the population.
    Party politics is about dividing up $$$ that Does Not belong to Them to give to Their
    political cronies.
    Anna mentioned her first book, You Know Something is Wrong When…,
    which is a very basic book for newbies. There is much good foundational
    information in it. It describes what has been going on in a very simple
    way. It’s inexpensive, available on, or for Free (as a down-
    load) on the American States Assembly educational page.
    Teri stated that America: Some Assembly Required is available there
    also, as well as Anna’s Blood Money series, for free.
    We do have many 1,000s of people educating others now.
    There are some things in the Vatican that belong in a Harry Potter movie.
    If you get lost in all this, go watch the Wizard of Oz, which tells what was
    going on here from 1900-1910. Frank L. Baum, the author of the Wizard
    of Oz book, must have had someone in the government who knew what
    They were foisting off on the Commonwealth, and on us. The whole story
    is an allegory for all the evils that were going on in the U. S. government
    then (and still are!)
    Anna just published an article that brought forward pieces of legislation that was about
    taking over Australia. These pieces of laws came together to enable a Fraud scheme.
    They changed laws to allow Them to pull off a modern day version of the bottomry
    bond scandal, using people as vessels, and their estates as cargoes. They did it to us, to
    Britain, and all the other Commonwealth countries. The hit on the Commonwealth was
    actually done in 2 parts; the first one was a Territorial force takeover—the U. S. sending
    The Great White Fleet to Australia. This was British Crown mercenaries, who went in
    there and did this, under color of law. This all happened in the Commonwealth be-
    tween 1900-1910. The British Territorial was behind this. Now They have the equiva-
    lent of the Australian Raj in place, occupying Australia.
    They started the next part about 50 years later, when they did the Municipal Corpo-
    ration. They started the next big push in 1965-66. They created all these
    Municipal Corporations and declare a public interest in these Municipal
    Corporations, bond them, and start that end of the scheme.
    Anna said it depends on world conditions as to how fast They move on all of these
    Teri stated They usually try to do “emergencies.”
    Anna said They create emergencies for themselves–They create false flags to get
    people to focus on something else that They want, like the 9/11/2001
    events. You can see how the world works just by looking and paying atten-
    tion to what’s going on (and asking questions to yourself) Example: Why
    was a Hollywood film crew there, with Their cameras focused on the Twin
    Towers? They were tipped off to be there to get the footage that was
    needed to get people scared, grieving, and outraged. And it was ALL a pack
    of LIES! All these warmongers have tricked us into supporting Them and
    Their agendas!
    There are criminal organizations posing as “our government,” and we
    have to spread the word and get our State Assemblies organized, get our
    American government on its feet, so that this mess can be cleaned up and
    cleared out, so that we can all have a Life again! If we don’t do this, the
    Corporations and banks that have been paying these mercenary forces to
    go in and do all this stuff “in our names” will push it too far. So many
    countries around the world Hate America, without knowing that America
    suffered a military coup back in 1863 at the hands of our own military sub-
    The other countries of the world think that Americans are the problem,
    and that we are going along with all this war profiteering, and we’re not.
    The problem is the ones doing this are warmongers! They want more $$$
    and more advancement opportunities. It’s always been the U. S. and USA
    Corporations and the damn military! They are NOT defending us when
    They go to some little country like Libya and start beating up the camel
    herders, and They murder Libya’s leader (because he was NOT going along
    with the Central banks! He was Helping his people, Not abusing them).
    We have to stand up and Not allow this go on, or we are accomplices to
    this Evil. Anna realized all she could do is protest it. And if enough of us
    do this, things will change, and very quickly.
    These criminals actually pass legislation in favor of Their own fraud
    Teri mentioned an article about fentanyl, that They are tracking the dis-
    tribution of it to see how successful it is in killing people! She stated there
    is so much in there, and it’s absolutely Disgusting!
    Anna: And once you know this, you Cannot go back to sleep! (meaning,
    you cannot go back to being un-aware of the crime and evil in the world).
    We have to do this for our children—take action against this evil.
    Anna now has to explain this to the Vatican Chancery Court and the peo-
    ple. These Corporations are involved in very illegal activities and deserve
    to be liquidated, but that is Not the point—the point is to prove again and
    again and again in different ways.
    Anna is providing a smorgasbord of corruption. And this talk about the
    Magna Carta being wrong is BS. And the Pope can come back and blow the
    British Territorial thing right out of the water! He can produce the actual
    contract, which will show exactly what went on.
    She is encouraging them to clean this up! It HAS to be done!
    We have to focus on what WE want, Not on what They want!
    We want clean water, food, and air. We want peace and harmony, and
    plenty for all. We are determined that we are going to clean this up!
    We can concentrate on what we want to see Replace all this evil and cor-
    Teri mentioned this is healing journey, and Anna agreed.
    Anna said there is a tremendous amount of Stuff that needs to be ad-
    dressed. Ultimately, the great tower of Evil will shatter.
    Teri stated out of the healing comes the New.
    Teri:…and you can’t fix something that is THAT broken!
    Anna: It’s one thing to know who and what, but that is Not what you
    want to focus on. You want to focus on abundance and security, and being
    left Alone by the damn de facto goons!
    She says not to focus on the negative, essentially. Go to your Happy
    Place, And think about things that matter to you, and your favorite people,
    and your favorite place. Focus on a happier world.
    Teri: Our true intent from our Creator was to create heaven on Earth.
    Anna: Don’t let this get you down! Turn your attention to the Good things
    in life.
    Anna stated it has taken a lot of effort for many years by many people to
    dig all this stuff out.
    She said she is very thankful for all the support. We have significant fi-
    nancial issues this week. If you can send a few dollars, it would be very ap-
    Sending some donations

    1. Yeah we know most of that , so whats the remedy , do you think Anna s discussions or suggestion will be put into action or accepted. Not a chance its their system , we are not going to fix it within their system and their control. That is why they are trying to kill us all and re-engineer all life .

      1. Ana Von Reitz? Don’t trust her. Worked with Planned Parenthood. Intel indicates satanic connections.

        1. That is very interesting . also all her info no matter how historically impressive is unworkable in the current system.

  3. Iam disappointed you keep these guys on, I ve stated my reasons before , they are phony and controlled opposition. Both the Pope and Dali Lama now pushing the death shots. What does that tell everyone ?

    Still Trumps inner circle ? What does that say? Some of the doctors he names are great and sincere.

  4. Sorry to disappoint. Allies are like CIs. This is a sophisticated fight, requiring a sophisticated response. Doing my best.

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