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8 Responses

  1. Jeffrey…….WHERE on Earth did you get the FALSE info that CAF (Catherine Austin Fitts) was SUPPORTING Planned Parenthood?!?! That is PURE FKN INSANITY! She is 1000% AGAINST ALL of that shit! As a GOOD CHRISTIAN WOULD be!! I don’t know where the hell it is that you got this BS info, but you are WRONG, and you own Ms. Fitts a PUBLIC APOLOGY for DEFAMING HER!! Just, WOW!!!!!!! That woman has stated, PUBLICLY (in her vids/video interviews), NUMEROUS TIMES that she IS ANTI PP, ANTI-PEDO, ANTI-CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, ANTI-GROOMING, ANTI ‘TRANNY’…..ANTI ANYTHING that HARMS CHILDREN!!!!! What you said in this video, about CAF, COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIND that you EVEN SAID such BULLSHIT!!! YOU are not a good Christian for BEARING FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR!!!

  2. Current general trend. Something like from the time period from the USA revolution 1776 to the French revolution until the revolutions in 1848. Where as moving from monarchy/church rule, toward capitalist elites running the controlled republics.

    But this go around moving from the rich capitalist elites running failed or failing republics, toward something new?? The evil elites plan to turn back the clock toward AI with management run dictatorships, but likely first single political party ran dictatorship republics will rise up initially. The resistance response is trying vainly to hang on to a good form of constitutional republic.

    Exact outcomes unknown by me?

    However, the peaceful protest has been removed by the elites in many countries. As that is the only allowed form of direct democracy in a republic this is a trend that leads toward wars, often without good resolution.

    One good trend is the fight for true free speech, that is equal to the fight for democracy for and by the people. These two go hand in hand together. Fighting for true free speech is exactly the same as fighting for direct democracy power. As, without that power you cannot keep true free speech. So in effect any republic lover fighting for true speech is by default fighting for direct democracy power for the common people. Which is great! They will deny , but is true.

    So when a republic lover fights for free speech but pulls back on having more direct democracy power. That is okay, as eventually , someplace will get it and move forward.

    Meanwhile the great deceiver will continue onward with every dirty evil trick. Ongoing, chaos will only settle down eventually when people have more real direct democracy power. Sadly , likely it will be a ugly ride until then.

  3. It way past time to stop calling the “elite insiders” that , and call them what they are COMPLICIT CRIMINALS in crimes against humanity and Treason

  4. On the theme of quickening collapse. I guessed or predicted by information given by Dr Cahill and others. That very likely death waves from the past shots will kick in around 2 to 3 years after most people got them. This summer is right at 2.5 years. As she said that the elderly and weak people will really start to die(or be very sick) from effective mnra shots, the rest in the later coming years.

    All this happens to be timed right at the 2024 election cycle.

    A perfect storm of growing death waves from the past shots. The coming election cycle, the economic/currency collapse/chaos that is coming. The coming wars. All of these threats are growing this fall and winter.

    The death waves from the past shots taken roughly at 2.5 years ago for many people. That gives huge incentive for evil elites to drop more viruses/bioweapons here soon for cover up. I expect death waves from past shots to continue until many/most who got effective mnra to be dead in the next 5 years or so. Sad, but may happen. Death waves differing due to the age of shot takers, and other health variables.

    The elites will do anything to prevent Trump from president. So noticing Ukraine’s declaration of martial law and election cancellation, that may happen. Looking at the war in Ukraine, a ww1 like front lines . It looks like a scam to me, top to bottom, a meat grinder for Christians stupid enough to be cannon fodder. A war for elites vs their own people for the most part, for profits, for power and control and little else. A giant con in a way. I imagine the elites would love to see all their young Christian men to be blown up at the Russian front lines if they can pull it off.


  6. Starting to detect a new rising trend. The horrible ongoing fight by ALL sides of who what is going to run the dictaorship republics. ALL sides trying to get that next viral video/incident/issue/person/celebrity etc on their side.

    All the while the masses are getting sick of the lies/tricks/cons. Lack of free speech from ALL sides. Yes even the conservative side is shutting down true free speech on their platforms to an extent.

    Beware, the conservative population will tolerate this for only a short time and support will vanish toward somewhere else as the elites experiment with what they can get away with in their own con games.

    One small example is Elon’s X. If only a con game, then support by conservatives will vanish there sooner or later, etc.

    The whole of free speech online is mostly controlled to an extent. But that is fragile as people will always seek out new providers. Right now people are rapidly learning the evil games and will start rapidly dropping the shill sites toward more true free speech sites. The people are learing all (want to be republic dictators) hate true free speech and true democracy by the people.

    The people are as interested in a conservative dictatorship republic as a far left woken communist/fascist dictatorship republic. Which is not at all. We are likely decades away from a giant shift away from old systems toward something better and new,, hopefully. If we can find way from dictatorship republics.

    Right now the people need to refused to go the slaughterhouse ww1 like front lines of war the elites are pushing for dictatorship control at home. Just need enough people to figure out the death and control cons at the Russian front lines etc.

    Anyway, i smell the trends. Right now the people are sick of rich elite run streaming services. They are learning rapidly to reject the conservative platforms just as fast if they try anti free speech con games. Also all the dirty nasty tricks, like suddenly new shill populist canadates pushed up front, etc , etc.

    Pandering to the next flash mob movement is not a move by a good steady leadership, peoole do know,

  7. Hello again , I am torturing you with my posts as the infowars comment section is shut down, hopefully temporally.

    Thought of the day, the loaming reality of living in a third world republic. The example of Mexico fits in nicely to the recent example of Maui. Mexico is a long failed republic in a way as the situation is many power factions fighting for power and control. The police, the military, the gangs , the rich capitalists, the common people community groups etc. For the most part the fight is who is going to run the next corrupt government or republic. The community groups, they all are just trying to survive, understand the common people are the exception.

    So the lesson for the failing republic of Hawaii? Fairly obvious if your not just fighting for who runs the next dictatorship republic, right? What do the common people want and need?

    Simple, if you want to fight your fire started by the evil elites. Have your own gas powered pumps drawing from local near sources. If you want warning sirens, have them in local community houses. If you want to be able escape the fire, you have local in community people able and willing to open the roads as needed. On and on , this is the general idea, including checking on dry grasses around power lines, etc.

    This sort of thing is direct local community power by the people. From the ground up, a kind of direct democracy power,,, the evil hates.

    The people of Hawaii are going to learn , they must or lay down and die.

    The common people in any failed republic NEVER will control enough corrupt representatives. They must get it done, the best they can from the ground up.

    Eventually, hopefully this global third world republic chaos situation. It will lead toward better democracy designs. Otherwise likely a kind of dark age , with local people fighting for survival.

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