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  • Cyber surrender!

  • Schools spy on students!

  • Biden sets, Harris actors!

  • Air siege!

  • Biden’s bio-bluff!

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10 Responses

  1. Ok I am sending this message as I sent this to my father. I still don’t have my head wrapped around this, but this is my current thoughts on the matters at hand, take in spit out, what ever, but I am still under the open mind, critical thought philosophy. Meaning grain of salt, open mind til things are vetted. Things are moving quickly both scientifically speaking and politically, I think some of vail is falling apart….My letter
    Relax I am still on the fence if Trump is part of the problem or solution, it is NOT left and right it is tryranny vs freedom at this point. I have two groups I belong too, the earth hippy Sebastopol group, and the farmer redneck group all over the US of A. The tune is the same everyone is fed up with the shit being shoveled out. Now with that said it looking to me this covid is the current bag and tag operation, graphine which can be part of a bioID code is in all of these jabs. With that said it looking to me like the CCP and the US are on course to a WWiii situation where the UN will miraculously come in an avert the global catastrophe, and implement the global New World Disorder. People have to be willing to burn it all to the ground if needed to rebuild, as if this agenda does not include freedom, I am seeing Nuremberg trials 2.0 on the horizon. Right now it is a drama of tragedy and comedy all you can do is prep, and enjoy the show and do what you can. Most of my Slovenian brothers have taken the jab unfortunately. I am simply setting up a business model as the pieces come tumbling down, that is what success is. Correctly judging the winds and setting your sails accordingly.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      For me personally, I am thankful for many of the things Trump did especially his foreign policy bringing near peace to the ME. With that said, Trump is not perfect, and he seemed to lack an understanding of the evil around him and rooting it out. Also, many on the left will never get over their Trump “insanity” syndrome, so think America needs someone new. Yet, the truth is that America will never get another fair election again if the States and people don’t take more control and demand election integrity. With 90% of evil Demonrats and 35% of RINO Repocons in DC and the many state Governors that have been penetrated by the CCP or Davos elites or both – don’t expect a true election.

      I have a pastor friend who just went to Chico to see family, and some of his Hispanic family members went to vote against Newsom and they were told that they already voted!!! This election was a lie.

      Whistleblower news was out today about aborted baby parts in the Pfizer vaccine.

      Today, I just got told by my American company with 19,000 employees worldwide that I cannot go to a sales event for a training lab I created without being vaccinated. They have not told me I cannot work at the company just yet, but I expect that to come as things get more Draconian in America. We were told over a month ago that starting Oct 11th all employees going into the office must be vaccinated or must do a weekly COVID test. The problem is Corporate leaders and State Governors are bending over to heir Biden’s mandates and lies! People need to say no, but the deception is so great and many don’t see this was a plandemic. Many still trust the CDC, WHO and Hier Furor Fauci. The good thing is the truth will come out, it is like water, and it flows with an invisible force. I believe God is surfacing truth and allowing this suffering to get worse so peoples eyes will be opened to the lies and deception by those whom they had put their trust in for their entire lives. Without a revival in America it suspect it really doesn’t matter what evil leader controls our nation for I suspect God will judge and allow our enemies to destroy America. Our nation needs a radical change towards righteousness, truth and justice from the bottom up!

  2. With my reply to Anthony about preferring someone other than Trump, I just saw Trump’s Iowa rally on YouTube’s Front Page with Scott Goulet (episode “Texas Governor BANS vaccine mandates”) and the crowd was huge! The one thing going for Trump is there is nobody like Trump right now that can draw out the masses. Also, I believe that Trump won the 2020 election, but evil took power as evil does – dishonestly!

    1. I agree there is and will be huge discrepancies, but if this is all a show or distraction, or as the intel community calls a dangle, I have no idea. It seems like a massive effort or distraction, but what is the solution. The UK had a Brexit, and it was common sense. Each side had 10 reps during the entire process with paper trails all the way, no internet interference possible. and there were neutral handlers. It almost time for the US to get a coalitions governance like in Europe so there is no power base, policy is done on not just a two party system but rather shared by all parties based on percentage.

      1. I also like the idea of how the Swiss override anything their government does from simple popular vote and referendum. The Swiss are both have a high education and feel a duty to keep their government in check. One thing that is huge is a for a culture obsessed with time they shut down their own train stations, if you ever been to Switzerland you can almost set your watch by their train system. It not just people in the US waking up the entire planet is waking up, but it is a painful process as 1/2 the population still doesn’t get how important today’s events are. Every country is free, until the day it is not.

  3. Just wanted to let you guys know I sent this letter to the NIH today:

    To whom it may concern:

    I would like request an open, and neutral debate between Dr, Fauci and Dr. Malone. It is apparent as this juncture, including to multiple international credentialed scientists just how conflicted the NIH, WHO, CDC, and FDA really is. The political cover is failing. The problems lay in the financial incentives of the systems in place. Some issues in need of explanation include: overlooked safety protocols, graphene oxide, blood brain barrier issues, and the toxicity of spike proteins, as well as alternative treatments, and the need for a jab passport. Now the CCP and deep-state (an oxymoron simplified IMO) seemingly are overlapping on levels, that at this time continue to hide.

    It is fortunate that science goes beyond the borders of the United States, and continues to shine within the cracks of the WHO. The purpose of this letter is to request more transparency, as it is apparent that phyops continue in full swing, from Biden’s press releases of stackable chairs, and offset presidential logos, the film industry too uses such techniques in thriller movies. I would like to believe there is a silver lining in the false narratives being pushed, however I will not allow judicial bodies to use source materials such as the New York Times as evidence for a case,. The weeds are beginning to be trimmed through peer reviewed scientific papers. Therefore at this point, it is best if these issues of the endemic state of a animal resevoir virus comes out in an open and transparent fashion. Please do not obfuscate this issue by comparing with polio, which had no such resevoir. I do understand that society at times is unable to handle some larger concepts, but I find you would be pleasantly surprised at people’s reception to positive visions, and incentives. Taking dark paths for a higher cause always brings me back to the simple idea that darkness cannot fight darkness, only the light can illuminate.

    I hope you carefully consider these words as history proves time and again the darkness and light are cycles, and it looking from my view that this light is beginning to shine.


    Anthony Caporale

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