Today on The Prather Point:

  • Americans & troops bombed & shot!

  • State Department told Americans LEAVE airport!

  • US B-52 bomber in route turned off transponder!

  • CIA pretends Taliban good ISIS-K bad!

  • AZ audit covert op success!

  • Pfizer fakes!

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16 Responses

  1. I cannot say this often enough or loud enough. UNLESS you are reading peer reviewed scientific papers or court written legal cases, then you are being fed a 6Oclock conspiracy hour as your news. The only thing you can guarantee from the news is an event happened. The next question one needs to ask themselves is this event a distraction? Is there an agenda behind the event? or is this just something that is part of the daily life of humanity? It is the basic starting point to have half an idea of what is going on. In today’s overdrive of information it is very difficult to have a complete clear picture. I say this mostly to those paying to get their news, since they paid some capital it can’t be wrong? I leave it at that. I doing my little bit, making people more aware, to question, and occasionally a bit more.

    1. Event peer reviewed paper need a looking over, how did the conclusions get derived? Sometimes you need to learn a little science on the journey of the info download. Something useful never hurts.

        1. Please explain that which is front and center and eye level yet missed by Mr Caporale.

  2. I’m as angry as you are, Jeffrey Prather.
    Only I want to see Biden and Harris, Piglosi, Schumer, McConnell and the rest of the traitors to be publicly hung.

  3. Rep. Adam Schiff interview on Capitol steps on Wednesday : ” there is certainly an opportunity for an attack at that airport”. “OPPORTUNITY” . If you watch this interview, watch him try to stifle his smirk. He is on the House Select Intelligence Committee. Knowing his character as we do, would anyone be surprised to find out, one day, that he knew something was being planned ? He certainly runs with the crowd that would know.

  4. Biden did not bomb the cabal, he’s just the front guy, the player, the fake President, I know you know this… Excellent rundown Jeffery thank you, yes, I don’t think anyone can say this wasn’t as planned as Epstein killing himself. But, they are losing the narrative, it’s no longer a slam-dunk.

  5. Over the last month, I have really gotten to respect you, sir and all you do.
    It angers me too, seeing this. I have gotten off the couch by joining your team in my state, getting involved in local involvement with the audits, as well as prepping and preparing. It saddens me that my closest ally and his family has taken the jab and says he will continue to. I don’t believe he will be around long enough or will be capable enough when the jab takes hold, to do anything.

  6. It is intentional purposeful incompetence, the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It is a peak incompetence of a failing republic, perfect for a insider induced self destruction of a nation. Nothing was accidentally made wrong. Any single low ranking officer could have planned the withdrawal better, if having honest intentions.

    I notice lately Mike Adams at least in general terms is open to better systems of government, to have non centralized control. Etc.

    As a starter for attempting better democracy design I propose three main areas of focus. One, good constitutional rights—set in stone. Two, noncentralised control systems in government. Three, adding elements of direct democracy, to give common people more political power they desperately need. These are the starter main points, to go further needs a bssic theory of human behavior. Also a study and understanding of elites, their types and their control types. For instance the leading elite type of today is the capitalist elites, and their main control type is wealth or money, where as they buy or own all levers of power. See, it is possible in principle to develop an alternative theory on how to create differing democracy designs.

    To get out of the coming dark age will take a balance political economy, mainly a balance of political power of people versus elites. The goal is that balance achieves stable first world society with a maximum of personal freedoms.

    Currently, there is much hope into the future although it looks bleak at the moment. Primarily, any, area, state or nation etc, that is more free, that is run better , that has a better balance of political power because the common people have more political power( for instance because of a honest system of voting) . That area will in today’s world in a few decades move past the more despotic, less democratic, less free areas. That simple, this very simple political economy power is steady and relentless and is always for the people of the world. As the elites win, they are also destroying their despotic power base in comparison any nation that is run better. Anything done to help the positive forces of political economy will also help win the war, the global war. Peoples, verses despotic elites everywhere.

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