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5 Responses

  1. Just received this info uncertain on verification yet , anybody else know ?
    More Baltimore weird

    the SHIP is said to be heading to SRI-LANKA for its next landing,

    13 containers contained CDC bio-weapons that were intended to be used to cull the sri-lankan population, who have been up rising all bio-weapons at scale are manufactured near wash-dc and shipped from this port at Baltimore;

    Say what? That 13 containers just happened to be forward on the bow and all just happened to release their cargo?? In Baltimore??

    Thirteen damaged containers, “some with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] and/or hazardous materials [HAZMAT] contents” are being examined by an elite Coast Guard team, according to an unclassified memo from the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. The team is also examining the ship’s manifest to determine if any materials on board may pose a health risk, the official said.

    1. It might have been a hacked system? Add engineering to the list of fields I need to study more, but that bridge collapsed from one point. So from limited construction know how, that bridge had zero anchor points.

  2. Thoughts of the day.

    A very interesting situation long ongoing , it seems all players are essence are joined in the fight of who/what will run the next dictatorship republic worldwide. The historical dictatorship of recent times is a strongman with a backing political party. I have been pointing out in my writings over 20 years that most western republics will join the third world in having strong men running over single political party ran republic dictatorships.

    The conservative constitutionalists are by far the best of the rest in terms of this battle. As they believe in good strong consitutional rights and real representative democracy with real freedoms from God that no man or government can legitimately take away.

    However, sadly, given the realities of the real republics in the real world. All the player’s can actually do in the real republics of today is fight for their own champion to be charge. As in the real world the rich elites will chop to pieces any nice guy populist leaders in time.

    So by obvious default we are going into global chaos. The ongoing fight of who/what will run the next dictatorship republic worldwide ongoing. Until?

    Of course the obvious, the good way out of a dark age is a reformation or a new enlightenment movement. Of good morals and good government design reforms. Until then, it will be the fight for the next dictatorship republic, so many flavors of dictatorship republics are possible. The communist, the fascist, the hybrid of communist/fascist single political party ran republic as like China with AI with management lurking in the background.

    The likely future? Well if the death shots are effective with Mrna in foods, most people will be sickly and dying. No rich evil will sniff a jail cell in the world’s real republics.

    This will drive chaos and we will have a dark age.

    The new governments, likely to be single political party ran republic dictatorships of any flavor possible. Cycling one after another, in the mix is AI with management dictatorships, likely hybrids of these together in various ways.

    However, in the raging chaos any nation of people can choose to work on the new enlightenment. If so, they have a good chance to dominate over any dictatorship area. How/why ? Of course any more free better run nation with better morals with God will dominate over any evil run nations. This is an iron unbreakable rule of positive political economy, the freedoms and prosperity will be with any of God’s people.

    So if evil makes a Babalon in any area, the history is clear, total self destruction is their end result. For examples look at Ukraine , any USA blue cities, much of Europe, on and on , ongoing.

    Note, the simple solution is for to fight to install your own king into power. But this does not go along with the history of the past enlightenment or 1776 etc. The harder, but best solution is the long hard slog working for an new enlightenment movement worldwide ongoing.

  3. Thoughts of today.

    More evidence piling up that there will be no true reserve currency in the future world for a time. To me, a true reserve currency is one you can buy government bonds from and get full value back in 10 to 30 years. In the future world where as everyone will be fighting over everything including having a phantom digital currency that rich evil can trick or force people and other nations to use.

    Think carefully, a world full of failed whore republics, run by rich evil banker’s who can’t control themselves all trying to force their own phantom digital currencies to be used in all republics where as people have too little political power to defend themselves.

    Can you see chaos and self destruction everywhere, ongoing?

    How will this go? Every enity with a brain must by default stack hard assets. The rich evil will try to trick and force the starving mssses to use phantom control grid currencies while the people fight back, bottom up, trying to find/use anything that holds real value.

    Rich evil and their whore republics , many are single political party ran republic dictatorships, of course some will confiscate gold , silver, and outlaw competing digital currencies etc. The people put into existance crisis will resist best as the can. Bottom up direct democracy by the people vs the rich evil dictatorships etc.

    As i wrote before (most everything is obvious that I write), the whore republics mostly captured by money. Direct democracy resistance is happening. Voting by feet, voting by accepting or rejecting rich evil mandates. Trying to support real populist candidates. Trying to get honest elections, resistance by spontaneous, noncentralised demostrations that are hard for rich evil controlled secret services to stop etc. Voting by not joining the military, or rich evil run police, and so on.

    In other words, most every lever of power in the real republics of the west are captured but buy direct democracy action bottom up , people are resisting.

    Exact future outcomes unknown by me, but current trends will magnify. So any acceptance by any people anywhere of AI with management control grids . With cell phone run social credit scores tied in with digital currency. That will lead to hell and death for those peoples and nations. So, the people will be in a ongoing existance crisis must resist or starve and die etc.

    The talking heads must accept reality and work for good government design reforms, mild to wild , whatever it takes to be enough. As a starter, i can point out some ways to think about of how to do so.

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