Election Espionage, Wuhan Wars!

Today on The Prather Point:

    • Army China Spy Arrest = Dangle!
    • Distract from FBI-CCP Cover-up!
    • Will Gascon FBI Yu?
    • Musk X vs China!


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14 Responses

  1. Yes, actions reveal motives far more than words !

    Hard to comprehend the amount of money, equpment and people expended in Ukraine for nothing except political power and money. It is all a giant money laundering asset and a location to keep the biolabs easily. Are Americans slow or what on all fronts ?

    Was J&G sales, involved in fast and furious with Holder and BHO ?

  2. A patriot loves their country regardless of their feelings for their government.
    Liberty is inherently opposed to government, there is a dynamic tension that must maintain balance.
    Government is an agreed upon organization requiring responsibility by all parties.
    Liberty is the natural state of man requiring neither responsibility nor agreement.

    Concentrations of power in control systems or top down control must be limited to the systems where the results are optimized. This turns out to have a very small number of applications, because very well designed systems will have a nested hierarchy, with self organization operating independently to some extent. When the higher levels try to manage something that was already self correcting, we end up losing fitness in the system, this can cascade through the system in a butterfly effect.

    Without liberty, justice doesn’t exist.

    Liberty is dangerous when ethics is eliminated.
    Liberty is a blessing when we exercise practical wisdom and follow our moral compass.

    The price of liberty and the value of liberty are two entirely different things.
    The value of liberty is very much like the value of dignity.
    The true value of anything is the portion of your life you are willing to trade for it.

      1. With all due respect I strongly disagree that there is anything to be seen as positive about her TUL.G. deflection from the Demoncrat party. I am very disappointed to see how large a percentage of Americans fall for this stuff , as if party membership or their constant lying words mean anything. SHE is a WEF young world leaders graduate, that is really all that need be said , because we know who then are her real handlers, and what agendas she will push while disguised as whatever will fool the people in the moment . I expect many more will do this ,, and the so called Republican party is already filled with them as well. Instead of just talking about her military career , please show who finances her and backs her , and everything she did not do or speak up about while they were murdering the children and citizens of Hawaii , which also had some of the most tyrannical mandates of all , she did nothing and said nothing. Doesnt that tell all. SK

  3. The first 50 seconds of this video are truly extraordinary if understood , what an extraordinary life adventure you have lived and are living , a great example in action for ALL . SK

  4. With all due respect , I do NOT see Musk as working in alignment with our side or anything good , just another front man to shift evil deeds from front man to another to keep us confused and guessing. He is a Rothschild relative and highly programmed in my opinion. No doubt there may be some in the cabals shifting loyalties and turning on each other in power struggles .That is inevitable .It is also part of making controlled opposition believable , you have to attack them some but their pretended opposition is already neutralized by those higher up the power chain. DeSantis is perfect example of this. LOOK at the fighting between Gates and Musk. LOOK at the energy around him if you can see it . SK

    1. NWO and the deep state are vey different entoties, just as our political system, if red vs blue are almost the same entity.

      People are programmed accordingly and it works quite well to control the herd. I agree on Musk and do not fully trust him, same as I do not fully trust Trump any longer as well ! How many satellites has Musk put up for the 5G junk and Trump still believes the CV is real and the vax ?

      Both are mute points in a way because Putin likely will detroy the stellite and the CV and vax are dying also. Does not eve matter to me because I will die a pure blood with none of it in me. Protecting our soul is the most important thing !

        1. This looks like a “rod fo God” kind of weapon or just an exteme type of laser device for targeting, but I could not understand one word of that he said.

          Please translate since your wife spaeks the language !

  5. Beware of anything written or said by anyone who has the last name ending with Berg or Berger.
    Doesn’t matter what the topic where it is said. Never listen to them.

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