Today on The Prather Point:

    • Fatal Freezing Famine!
    • China cops in Canada!
    • Open Season on Pro-Lifers!
    • Dems push porn, pedos & trannys!


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16 Responses

  1. Read The Law by Frederic Bastiat.
    The Law

    The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose! The law become the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!

    If this is true, it is a serious fact, and moral duty requires me to call the attention of my fellow-citizens to it.

  2. The FBI whistleblower stated that saw the fuselage of the airliner and the bodies and chairs scattered inside the Pentagon so, either he is telling the truth and the official narrative is correct or he is part of a psyop.

    1. Not a chance that any hijacked airline hit the Pentagon and did the damage we have seen no wreckage now way to steer that size of plane into the pent. and make just the small hole it did , no one saw any plane hit it , they did see a missile from a drone hit it .

  3. That Hurricane. The whole thing was created to hit Florida.

    The water still hasn’t come back from where it was taken either. Pictures show Cat 5 damage.
    Areas that are not going to recover ever are off the coast of Florida.

    Never forget Nuland admitting to 46 Bio Weapon Labs in Ukraine that the US is paying for. Nuland most likely is the one why controls the Pentagon.

    Always follow the blood lines. Last names may change but they do not change that much through history. Families do not give up power.

    How did some get some where how are they in Politics? How are they actors, How are they writers?
    Look at their Blood!

    1. I have watched the live flyover of most of the state now and this level of destruction in astounding , notice it did not hit where ALL the predictive models showed and it was stronger . I doubt many of these areas will ever be rebuilt . Many of these areas should never have been developed like this , now Im researching the geoengineering watch to prove it was geoengineered storm , Its continuing up the east coast now having made its 3RD landfall.

  4. ?????? This guy ‘thinks’ that the WTC’s were ‘hit by al Qaeda’????? LOLOL Seriously?? ALL of these years later, and their are STILL people who ‘BELIEVE’ this??? WOW!

    1. Hard to believe isnt it still playing like planes hit it and Al Qaeda did it , and any of the following wars were somehow justified by it ?

  5. Someone needs to tell all of these ILLEGALS, across the planet, that they are GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!! They’re ALL ‘headed NORTH’? Headed NORTH, where the CITIZENS of all of these countries, are already going to FREEZE & STARVE. WHY would these illegals want to FREEZE & STARVE along with them?! lol They need to stay in their ‘warm-year-round’ countries, where FOOD can be grown, year round.

    Something just popped into my head, the other day: I think that I know WHY it is, that these Globalists want as many people as possible, from Central/South America, the Middle East & Africa, to ‘head north’. The reason being is, The Great Purge Part II (as I am calling it). The Great Purge Part I, is the Globalists killing off ‘people’ with the Death Jab. Part II is the coming MASSIVE EARTH CHANGES, that is part of OUR (Earth’s) NORMAL CYCLE (it’s happened MANY times before). Want to know about this NORMAL Massive Earth Changes Cycle?…..Look into what Edgar Cayce (the man was NEVER WRONG!) said WOULD happen in OUR time period (also see; ‘Edgar Cayce’s Map’).
    But, anyway…..more so for Europe…..Globalists want as many people as possible WITHIN Europe, when these MASSIVE Earth Changes happen; because just about ALL of Europe (and Western Russia) WILL GO UNDER WATER…….MASSIVE, PERMANENT FLOODING. This will leave Africa (which will turn into THREE ISLANDS) for THEM to do as they wish. Everyone ‘up north’?? DEAD! DROWNED! PLUS…..add in the coming ICE AGE!

    1. Maybe not , if you could listen to the Russian language blogger truth tellers , they are showing that now , Russia has a large faction of WEF people in place there , they are putting digital ID , PASSPORTS and VAXX status as well there . They are force vaxxing the new mobilzed troops and giving the DIGITAL ID with vax status to them. I stand by my prediction that Putin and Russia are just wanting the the new world order to be theirs and not controlled by the west.

  6. Notice the one place that all this is not happening, Switzerland where they keep all the money and the WEF folks live and has stayed neutral and avoiding wars for like 600 years.

  7. The Monster of so called Free Masons(Masonry) of today is a Triangle with tons of eyes. This is always accompanied with the Letter G. The G is no big deal it’s just Esoteric English or Gematria.
    (The Universe representation of Numbers etc)A builder needs their tools to build and each is a degree of what they may do, so to is man as he builds his soul under God need the tools to make sure his work is perfect(The Temple).
    Alchemy and the Builder, A protractor and a square.

    But the Triangle with the Eyes is Odd!!! I have seen it when they Opened up Cern there was The triangle with the Eyes.
    I saw it when they opened up a underground Passage in Switzerland. I have seen it when they Pope just visited Kazakhstan.

    Triangle with tons of Eyes, or One Large Eye with tons of little eyes is their God their Demon.
    Watch of it in the World Economic Forum.

    It’s imagery tied to Fake Masons. Their temple is not worthy under the Divine.

    1. So I am not sure what to make of this? I looked up your reference to the eyes, BUT I do know from art school, and watching an opera in Switzerland, and meeting with a gal whom acted/stripped on stage, she had no idea what some of the dancing around, ect. represented. Point is artist interpretation or story telling can mean multiple things. I am not 100% what to make of the eyes and portal, maybe multiple dimensions? Maybe something to do with quantum fields? It could be lots of different things I just don’t know, but what it actually represents is subject to debate, just as art is, sometime I question if people see what they want to see, it could be I just don’t know?

  8. Careful of art. There is war going on for your thinking. And it uses art, Sound, words, whatever it can to create a low vibration state.

    Triangle with Eye in the middle or multiple eyes at many events of Freemasonry is troubling. I have no idea what it represents. It could be a metaphor for many things.

    But what it isn’t is high vibration frequency on life, thinking, and perception. What kind of state does that imagery possess.
    It does not represent good spirits.

    I have only seen it three times maybe four so far and it is always at these events.

    When I see color of black and red that sends off alarm bells.

    1. It represents what they call the 1000 eyes meaning total surveillance and control from the power structure at the top of the pyramid the CCP call their spy program 1000 talents meaning they send people into all walks of life and professions as spies , and particularly their students studying here . Why should we let student come here to study from countries whose leaders OPENLY say they must and will destroy America and Americans

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