On today’s show…

On today’s episode of The Prather Point…

  • Why pray Father & Grandfather?
  • Deep state breaks the key rule of covert ops!
  • China’s paper dragon ignites itself!
  • Judge turns on Marshals!
  • FBI flees HQ while outing next fake!
  • From Fast & Furious guns to audit AZ leads!
  • Nano swap bioweapons!


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Bag Up

The Faraday bags are up in the shop. I just held one up the other day and now they’re selling off the shelves. And that is great because if you want to have any privacy, you’re going to want to bag up. So you can actually talk without big brother listening in on you. (Remember the FBI agent, driving the two ISIS terrorists to Garland, Texas for the draw Mohamed contest. And then the cop shoots them both, and the FBI agent tries to flee!)

Sign Up

Get your head in the fight and understand what’s going on. Sign up with Team America to create an action plan. The Faraday bags will come in real handy and I’ll have more stuff to come in that regard. While patriots are not criminals or spies, you are going to have to learn to operate with Tradecraft and OPSEC, operational security, like criminals and spies, do.

Hold the Line

To all who are standing up for Team America and Team Canada: You’re starting to stand up and get together and figure this out. We will win this. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be fun. It’s going to require great sacrifice, but we will win this together.

A secret told isn’t.
No communications are secure.
All security is breachable.
All codes are hackable. Concealment is not cover.
All cover is temporary.
All codes are breakable.
Use a one-time pad. One time looking is not seen.
Hearing is not listening.
Moving is not action.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Perseverance beats talent.
Power is not force.
Hope is not a plan.
Plans are useless.
Planning is invaluable.
Training is essential.
The most committed wins.
Freedom is never given. It is earned, fought for, won, and taken.

14 Responses

  1. I think Biden gave Putin a list of targets, precisely because those are the targets the chicoms and deep state intend to attack and blame on Russia. It’s like a badly written Hollywood plot…

  2. Jeff,

    I love your stuff. What is the difference between the Faraday bags being sold from your website versus the Faraday Defense provider’s website?

    For what appears to be the identical products there seems to be a considerable price difference from one shop to the other.

  3. Praise God that the truth is being unveiled of the evil and hidden secrets of those intending harm upon our nation and people! God will save America and the CCP will fall for this is all wrong according to Bible prophecy!

    They have all under estimated the power of God and the anger of His wrath. God is using this opportunity to expose truth and open the eyes of so many deceived by evil men. As an “aha” moment comes for many of these blind people, the heart will be open to hear the word of truth in Jesus Christ!
    Only God can save America now, and His elect need to do as 2 Chronicles 7:14

    The AP says today that the FBI building is open. The article states a picture was taken at the wrong address. We know the AP is corrupt so much so the IMF bomb their station on purpose (poetic justice)! Are they telling the truth now unlike most times when they don’t?

    1. Why would God save America? I have read the bible numerous times and there is nothing about God saving America. God, in his divine providence raises up kingdoms and brings them down for his own purpose and plan. A one world government, a world leader, a false prophet, and the enslavement of all humanity is in prophecy. Klaus Schwab is pushing this global agenda. Hope and salvation from God’s wrath is found in Jesus Christ alone.

      John 3:18 The one who believes in Him is not judged; the one who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.

      1. Are you on FB? I admire those that are knowledgeable of the Bible and would like to be in touch if that’s ok? ❤️💯❤️💯👍

  4. Really you’re using flight 93 as an example of patriots standing up. There was no plane crash in Shanksville, just a Roger Rabbit outline of a plane in the ground which is not what a plane crash looks like. Hell flight 93 was the first part of the BS story of 911 to fall apart. A mathematician calculated the speed that plane had to be going to disintegrate on impact. His answer “faster than Mach 35”. Obviously impossible. I’m sorry but it’s hard to take someone that claims all your expertise seriously when you make comments like that.

    1. Hi Joe, your comment got my attention because I just found Jeffrey Prather for the first time on June 23rd. and am Really enjoying what he is talking about and have started to believe in him being an Upright American Patriot. However, if I find that he Still believes the “Official Narrative” of 9-11 i.e. 19 Muslim hijackers, 2 jet aircraft destroyed 3 building’s and believes that Our presence in the M.E. (murdering innocent Muslim’s in Afghanistan and Iraq that had Nothing to do with 9-11) is warranted and would take Any suggestion of Israeli/PNAC/Bush & Cheney involvement as Preposterous he will go Right in the Garbage Dumpster Faster than I can spit.
      His program today is Only the second one I’ve listened to (Video) so I Don’t know Anything of his Real background except for what he has stated in the two episodes I’ve just referenced. If you see this and it wouldn’t be much of a problem for you, would you kindly tell me Prathers thought’s on 9-11 as I’ve explained above so I know to either continue being a part of His Team or Not because if he Does believe the “Official Narrative” of 9-11 as I’ve described I Won’t waste another second on him because ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who still doesn’t accept the Actual and REAL Truth about 9-11 is Everybody I Don’t even want to Know much less listen to because I Won’t be able to believe another thing he say’s.

      Thank’s for your Alerting comment as I read it literally 4 minutes before this episode ended which is when he mentioned Flight 93. If he doesn’t know the Truth about the “Inside Job” 9-11 was, then he Won’t know the Truth about ANYTHING at All as far as I’m concerned. Again, Thank You.

    2. Well Joe, I am listening to Prathers Show that is before this one: “Brace! DEEP SLAVERY STATE RISING! but came back here earlier to see if you had responded to my comment where you mention Flight 93 in your first sentence and I agreed with you and then some. But I guess it was too much Truth for even this Program so it was “Arkansided” ; ) But I won’t cut Mr. Prather out on that till I get a bit more of what he’s all about as I do like what he has to say and have found Nothing to disagree with him on so far and he Actually gives me a bit more hope that thing’s could possibly swing toward putting Our Republic back together again.
      I Don’t know what his actual thought’s on 9-11 are, but till I see some confirmation of that subject in what he say’s somewhere sometime, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now because I don’t really know what happened with my first response to you I wrote here on the 25th (I think) but I did see a confirmation that it was received and being reviewed. I’ll see if this one disappears or stays up and take it from there. And btw, my approval heart for your comment remained, just my comment disappeared.

  5. Well, my reply of the 27th no longer applies because my response to Joe Watson on the 25th wasn’t there on the 27th and I assumed it had been deleted but it’s up there today, I guess it took a bit longer than 24 hours to review for printing.
    And as I write this as I’m listening to his video uploaded yesterday the 29th and he is talking about DEW’s used on 9-11 so I guess he’s Not on board with the “Official Narrative” we were all given as to the who and what caused 9-11 so I’m Still on board with him and his expertise and will continue to listen to him to see what he uncovers and covers in the future. But now I need to replay the broadcast of the 29th as I missed some of the details writing this out. But I still haven’t received a reply from you Joe and I would still appreciate if you will.

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