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Dane Wigington on the catastrophic damage of Solar Radiation Management (Sun Dimming) on our planet’s life support systems. This is a fascinating conversation. Don’t miss it.


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13 Responses

  1. Gag orders, those can’t be helping much on getting out truth and indicates how they fear loss of use of weather weapons and how those always needing more funding are willing to sell out.

  2. I came across Guy McPherson (McPherson paradox), whom claimed it was the rate of species loss and the services various lifeforms that is the end of all life on this planet. However I detected he used the reference Anti Vaxer that is a shining red light on his view of science, he became a political scientist from then on, I also followed Paul Beckwith and helped him get in touch with Peter Wadhams (the most credible in my mind of the lot), basically it doom and gloom when you realize the Russian research on methane hydrates equates to what amounts to a methane bomb, and there is nothing the elites can do about that. I would say McPherson’s analysis on the 400 plus active nuclear plants around the world is correct, as society fails, then there is no one minding the plants which takes 60 years plus to decommission. So event if the elites made luxurious New Zealand bunkers (coffins), it bought them at maximum a few years more while the entire species becomes extinct. Unfortunately I filled my mind with all of this stuff before covid was a thing. Trust me if there is issues on the horizon, event if certain people win the game of thrones ,they still need to deal with the figurative white walkers or walking death coming for us all. To be fair I am not sure whom to believe, but I tend to like Peter Wadham the most, in my mind the most credible, and the best person to come up with solutions, I also heard about the MEER reflection project, it make 100% more sense then monkeying with natural process humans still know little of, beside that they have. a nice engineered monkey pox coming to discredit the use of cash money. Trust me I am The Guns of Navarone right now, every time I touch lack of brains (educated idiots) I become the party pooper, and kill the room, but hell people need to wake the F up on so many levels. Only three minutes long, but this is a piece of gold in my mind: https://rumble.com/v18l13s-my-feedback-to-the-fdas-attempts-to-inject-5-and-under-for-covid-19.html

    1. Maybe today’s state of affairs just validates the Fermi Paradox, but I cannot believe every other potential life forms out there would follow the exact same paths, that makes zero probable sense as well, so I found a flaw in the paradox.

        1. From what I found this forum has a little more security protocols than normal, when I use a VPN it does not like that. What always got me perplexed is TOR was invented via DARPA, but is supposedly the most secure when used via VPN, and TAILS operation system, but DARPA invented it, I had a computer geek buddy whom made a big point, do you really think the alphabet agencies are gonna sit there and say, oh no they got TAILS we are defeated, the resources of the corrupted is all I will say, right now BlackRock has a liquidity problem and the great reset will NEVER go as planned, just set yourself up for success on their failure, it gonna be patriots rebuilding the mess that is coming, but think of it like this every demolition needs new ground to rebuild, it will literally be the red, white, and blue, the red is the blood that will spill, the white will be the elites unconditional surrender, the blue will be the peace and prosperity from the spirt of humanity that is brought forth! Peace brother till it time to clean the house!

    1. Dave S, yes they are and how many ways are we all under direct attack on many fronts daily ?

      So what do you do with a rabid dog, talk nicely and reasonably to it or take it out, because there is no other choice ? Wake up Americans as you are under direct attack everyday in a myraid of ways by your own government and all their NGO minions that are all bought and paid for and all part of th many crimes against humanity in motion daily ! Realize we have no legitimate government at any levels and no REAL laws or courts any longer but a very few. If you have not figured this out yet you will soon.

      Dane’s works are by far the cutting edge on geoengineering. His works have been on my site now for at least 6 years or more. Which only proves how slow Americans actually are as I mention often ! I say this only because it is true and needs to be said so the slow ones will maybe WTFU finally and see all that is deliberately working against all of us. And lastly ponder this ? YOU are paying for your own demise, let that sink in ! Good cast today with Dane, as the slow ones awaken to the purge in moton of humans and all life forms on this planet. Glad you finally pointed out our own military is part of this insanity and totally complicit in all of it for a job and a supposed pension that will not be there ? They are willingly helping to destroy all forms of life on this planet and that needs to be exposed clearly. Our military is now totally dysfunctional and quite worthless to us, same as every other govenment entity today. None of any of it is working for YOU, quite the opposite as they are clearly all working against you to destroy and control you and most do not even realize they are complicit in this mass death of all creatures !

      Way past time to stop candy coating all of it and thinking nice words or any rational dialogue will solve anything with these psychopaths as they will NOT stop until we stop them. Just the way it is. Putin knows this clearly now but he was also slow to get there, same as most Americans are today.

  3. Good ‘ole Jeff Rothschilds said and I quote “Global warming is my pet project”

    Fantastic is it not. Florida with a future president and Texas in the target zone of Weather Mods.

    On the Dollar bill you see in Latin Order out of Chaos.
    The Symbol of the New World Order is the Phoenix=Saturn
    Called the Dawn of the New Day or the Darkest Night.

    The Occult of Freemasons is the Phoenix

    Occult. To understand the Occult you need to be able to know the codes and deconstruct the Occult. Only through understanding this will the truth be revealed.

    Knowing these truths does not make you more spiritual. If you want to be more spiritual be at peace in your own mind.
    Do good for others. Love others, yourself, and get Love in return.
    Laugh and smile understand how lucky you are to be alive on this beautiful planet.
    Your soul is blessed to experience this life. All of Nature is blessed.

    Now that is being spiritual!

    Yes there are demons but there are also Angels.
    Yes there are bad spirits but also good spirits.

    Always focus on the Good of everything.

    Being psychic is sometimes being led by a good spirit.

  4. The definitive books on these topics are by my friend and author Elana Freeland. Chemtrails , HAARP, UNDER an IONIZED SKY , and GEOENGINEERED TRANSHUMANISM. I can arrange an interview with her if you like Jefferey

    1. I like to see it, it worth a look for food for thought, of course I kick the can a bit with a skeptic, but open mind. Tell you the truth my brain is on overdrive right now, but the reassurance is society is catching up at a snails pace to the overall state of affairs, the tortoise did win the race with the hare, it was just a slow steady pace that beat the hare in the end. I think humanity will get there or die trying.

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