Today on The Prather Point:

  • Epps dangled, but armed Robinson hushed!
  • Decades later DEA lures!
  • Illegal’s ICE arrest warrants =TSA ID!
  • Russia distracts, Harris 2 Hondo!


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8 Responses

  1. Ya the US post office is shipping free covid tests. My concern is the quality control on these. Is there something in the tests? Are they there to create more positives for some other agenda? I don’t think it over, I do think the agenda is failing (I heard these guys speaking and plotting before everything is a bump in the road to them), but I suspect there is a plan for the election (like I made on the last comment I know this is event 201, event 101 was 911, event 301 who knows what future horror was or is planned?) as it would be a last desperate attempt to keep the reins on the horses, the horses have gone wild, and that is not going to plan, what does the rider do, beat the horse, but the horse is powerful, and can not only take a beating, but kick the life out of the perpetrator. Being active in local groups is not necessarily team American, but it is having an effect. Trust me nationally this corruption is feeling the pressure from folks standing up. It gonna take a village!

  2. Oh I also wanted to say I watched a presentation from one of the MANY doctors starting to stand up, there is NO real evidence of shedding according to his presentation, real heavy hitters are standing up now. I can say I personally did feel a bit under the weather after a roommate got jabbed, however that would be anecdotal, he did mentioned (I keep his name off) anyone getting a jab is a fool with all the toxins in them . My joke now (most people around here are jabbed, but not all lots still not) is as long as you folks don’t start eating brains we are all good. You have to realize half of this is serious the other half is a clown show. I think perhaps getting a body suit and streaking the high schools screaming over the flu can break some of the damage that is being done on the high schoolers, However the masks is only because your local districts accepted blood money from CARES act, basically signed by Biden, and funded from Fauci, is that guy an Italian or a Roman? All roads…..

    1. Well friend Im sorry to disagree on this , there is evidence for the shedding issue, but that alone is not the only explanation. First all the symptoms can and are being generated for some time by the engineered toxic cocktail of chemtrail spray programs in combination with EM frequencies like upgraded 4g ,5g, and that alone can cause all related symptoms, The second issue is human resonance transmission. Everyone is focused on the material , physical,and chemical aspects of the body. But we are electromagnetic beings on the first level,the bands of energy around our bodies are transmitting all the time as are our thoughts and emotions. Those jabbed are now 2 way antennas hooked to A.I. and other tech. for surv. control and elimination, and transmission. The cell phone and tower system can also transmit any disease frequency , as this was figured out long ago. Suggest reading GEOENGINEERED TRANSHUMANISM by Elana Freeland explains all in enormous detail. A friend of mine

  3. I saw no reason to apologize for anything.

    But I am always amazed at the incredible number of weakling fools here in USA today who stilll believe the ongoing propaganda from PRAVDA/MSM for the benefit of the DEM/RINO/DSA.

    As I say often only we can save ourselves and must ! I will never give up or cave in as I would never disrespect my ancestors efforts or my own as well. Death is far better when fighting back for righteous reasons ! http://www.downtoearththinking.com/dedication.html

  4. Now police departments around the globe are sending data on the Jab, going to the Hague, they are on the ropes friends!

  5. Jeffrey Prather–as always, a big two thumbs up for your additions to the tsunami of revelations we are presently witnessing! That stated–I get a very uneasy feeling that the CV distractions, the mandates, the election fraud thea-tricks, and the demise of the corporate propaganda outlets serve to obfuscate a bigger threat: Five(insert 7th letter of the alphabet here). Faraday bags and trying to avoid proximity to the death towers is not going to protect we humans from increasing microwave radiation. Please allow me to bring Sacha Stone’s latest doc to your attn–and I will be most anxious to hear any useful intel in your next report! Thank you, sir, for your genuine service to American citizens. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/5g-apocalypse-the-extinction-event-film-by-sacha-stone/

  6. There is no Covid Test that can determine that you just have Sars Covid 2 it’s all a scam!

    You could have mild flu and come back positive.

    We are not entering What the So called Free Masons wants WAR.

    Keep an eye on all the press since it’s owned by the same people behind NATO. Their Words will start a Global War after Ukraine.

    In January Forbs Magazine a Rothschilds Publication couldn’t shut up about Russia.

    Watch the New York Times they will do everything they can to create a War with Russia.

    In other words what is happening will not be as bad as what is pushed in the press. This includes all News Agency’s in the World.

    There will be nothing positive about Russia. Understand who is set up in Ukraine to create this his last name is Zelensky. Who else has ensky in their last name? CDC Director Walensky.

    How about Berg? Nato Secetary Stolenberg, Facebook(Meta) Front Man Zuckerberg, Fauci last name has Berg in it, (Greenberg Really Rockefeller) New York Times Sulzberger, and so many other other Bergs.

    We can do this for a lot of people in the world. Nothing is an accident it is set up that way. Look at Covid 19 Bioweapon and see all the names world over involved. Watch what those names do when Russia cranks it up.

  7. Imagine the World it’s events, names, and places are a giant Ball of Yarn.
    This Yarn is Sacred Geometry forming a perfect Hexagon or multiple hexagons, 32 Hexagons.

    Be we unravel it and start to place each thread of yarn to a name and event through out history.

    Soon we have a Giant Web of names, a Giant Spider Web. Some where in all this there is a center. who is at that center?

    They say come not here weavers, spinners.
    Spin not your tales of Deceit

    2022 the Master Number 11:11 This is very special time in history. In this Year many things will happen that will change what will be of the future.

    And it will happen because they will not let 2022 go with out it happening.

    Wait till someone says this is my Ace card or Jack of Cards.

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