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12 Responses

  1. Thought of the day.

    I write forbidden truth, so I am here again. The lie, in a democracy the people always vote themselves more money, handouts , and bread and circuses, etc. You get a group of conservative constitutionalists and it is like a circle jerk, patting each other on the back. They say only the republic, the people must support a proper kind of republic, for them a traditional republic. So alternatively for rich evil it is a single political party ran republic dictatorship.

    This lie sets conservatives up for allowed intellectual laziness and of course the excuse is to blame the people for not fighting hard enough for who/what runs the next republic, right?

    A little problem about this lie is the example of Switzerland. So they have to lie to themselves and to God at the same time, so instead must have total denial and put Switzerland out of their tiny weak minds.

    The great Sin of this lie , no effort for good democracy design reforms , while lying about history. Right? Though, Switzerland is not perfect and has gone downhill in recent decades because becoming more republic like.

    Ignoring the truth , especially a very important truth is exactly like turning your back to God.


  2. I figure for a good long time it will be hell and chaos. Every time mankind gets a breath of air, only to fight of who/what runs a traditional kind of republic at best, that of course is bought off to destruction again. . Or more likely, of horrible single political party ran republic dictatorships (facist/communist) with AI and secret services management.

    So a series of bad republics and AI with management dictatorships will define the coming dark age.

    Until? You know what , an successful new enlightenment movement worldwide.

  3. Thought of day
    Normalcy bias and ability to hold on to denial is slowly and harshly ending for everyone.

    I Just read the grisly details of once short list vp contender Kristi Noem who wrote in her book how she killed her puppy dog and then goat. The once good gal attractive woman and possible vp has turned out to be a potential psychopathic killer. The biggest gaffe is her lack of judgment in writing the story. It is a line between being a good tough guy/gal , or a cold hearted killer in the public’s perception.

    Another loaming gaffe for many conservative constitutionalists is the fact they are only joining in the fight of who/what is going to run the next dictatorship republic. If so, then what for the future world? Everyone then can only join a tribe and nominate a warlord to lead . We generally know how that turns out in a future history.

    It is going to be hard to avoid a mad max situation into the future. A world full of countries, regions , city states all fighting for independence in a tribal manner. Why/how? If the only unified form of types governances are dysfunctional, this puts people into a harsh existance crisis ongoing.

    Right now the USA and most western republics can only deny that reality only for a bit more time as can still print and borrow money. Once that ends, most of failed former first world republics will slam harshly into third world republic status.

    The natural condition of third world republics are having strong man dictatorships with a backing single political party. This go around likely with AI with secret services management with super rich evil mafia on top. Chaos will rage for the elite rulers class as well, as they must mafia war infight sooner or later.

    In this chaos, all illusions of normalcy will end, all forms of denial will end , either by adapting to survive or by dying( such as the denying shot takers will die).

    The good future is not from (only) joining in fight of who is going to run the next dictatorship republic. It is from a new good enlightenment movement worldwide. It is clear only a long term working for a new good enlightenment movement will end a dark age.

  4. The instinct to join a tribe to survive is there for a good reason. As if every form of acceptable governance is totally dysfunctional and likely trying to kill you, family and friends.

    Then the smart will rapidly find a tribe that will protect them, at least for a bit.

    Like moving to a red state of similar religion and culture etc. Even though the government is corrupt, your chances of life are still better, it is good instincts.

  5. The world’s future?

    It impossible to predict the exact future. But we can see it shaping up to something like this. First it is going to shift toward global third world chaos. The political economy that enabled a first world republic is ending worldwide. The average worker/consumer of the west is going to be reduced to third world status.

    Once the western republics go bust, and currency value destroyed, they will attempt CBDCs but the chaos will only increase. BRICS+ will get stronger, but that will only go so far for them as well. A global third world worker/consumer means no markets for first world consumers and no market from first world level governments as well.

    All will want to borrow for goods from china etc, but little ability to pay debs etc.

    It will be a start of a dark age of global third world chaos.

    There will be no way out without an effective new enlightenment movement worldwide.

    Likely wars will rage on all fronts, chaos will rage. If can avoid a big nuke war and nasty plandemics etc. Hopefully there will be pockets of better society here and there across the world. Places to hole up during the dark age.

    The progression, war or wars, lots of dead bodies, exhaustion, stalemate, (maybe frozen conflict) and then hopefully good peace deals. That is unless one side totally dominates the other in victory.

    I suspect many wars will end up to a stalemate toward a frozen conflict status. Then what? The rich evil will work on their dictatorship making systems.

    War (or plandemic or EMP etc) to make emergency, then emergency powers to martial law. Under the cover of endless war or created emergency make single political party ran republic dictatorships. Work in AI control grids with cell phone tracking and control systems. Make CBDCs, tie into cell phones. All under the cover of endless war or emergency, etc.

    But of course nothing rich evil does is stable or good. Maybe if lucky some western republics will go for BRICS+ and trigger again a new good cold war situation for the western republics?

    By definition, chaos outcomes are unpredictable.

    Know that any better run and free government system will dominate the bad dictatorship systems in time. So that will cause the end of the dark age, someday.

  6. The key to the future for the western republics?

    No matter what, there will be an end to excess borrowing to support a first world lifestyle for people, elites and nations of the western republics.

    Likely to slam into third world status once unable to borrow. Then have to work our way back again, once our political economy is fixed again, somehow.

  7. Thought of the day.

    What/who is gaining the hearts and minds of the world’s youth?

    That is an interesting question. Who is winning the truth wars? I think ultimately no certain group is winning the truth wars. So what will the youth, now becoming dysfunctional adults are going to do?

    They are like old time serfs of the lords in the past , cut out of any chance to get anywhere in the world’s craphole republics. The lords want them to fight for their republics, but who’s republic are they fighting for?

    So knowing psy ops the rich evil run secret services trick some brain death youth to fight for woke communism/fascism. A bit of Soros money funneled in by globalists run by CIA. A small youth army, instant color revolutions spring up in the failed republics of the west. Old games now just came home, and many talking heads acting surprised. Long ongoing sins of ommiting truth about true republics overseas.

    So what will the youth do? Likely in the real world they will die and suffer , be miserable, feebly fight back by buying CIA run cryptocurrency etc. So eventually they must find tribes to join as any republic, all republics are run by the man, run by this mafia elite or another in a dictatorship way. All real republics are failure crapholes , everywhere, darkage.

    So that here is the Antifa gang, that will spring up, a group of stupid youth in their controlled tribal gang. Sprung up by tiny bits of money. Or take that Hamus gang, tiny bits of money for the youth fighters, from rich Jewish elites etc. The right kind of controlled war.

    Study the history of old Europe, of bloody monarchy with church rule. Or of any dysfunctional dictatoral government rule in history, you will see constant fighting by tribal factions.

    Until ???? Of course a successful enlightenment movement, that turns the world around in a 100 to a 1000 years.

    Sadly the conservative constitutionalists, they are also losing the hearts of the youth, as the fight of who is going to run the next dictatorship republic will not have any good long term solutions.

    That hero populist must turn into a harsh dictator or also be crushed by rich evil globalists. That is the real world. Everyone who is still delusional about this situation will figure it out soon enough. Via the example of Brazil.

    So first the total chaos, all the youth knowing for sure all leadership is lying and conning. They will, they must, join a gang or try to make a gang just to survive. This is the future of global third world republics, a dark age.

    Here and there , right now, still bits of normalcy bias. That is the dying middle class in the western republics. That will start to dissapear rapidly in a few years. Understand?

    I see fools trusting the legacy financial systems of the western republics. Putting or holding money in paper assets or having rental income properly in soon to be communist republics. It is far better to understand communist take over operations by reading rather than living through it. But remember the plandemic? The test run of forcing rental landlords to keep non psying tenants while they must keep paying mortgages. This is just a start, a small test. The governor of Mich banning the sale of plants and seeds during the height of the plandemic scare. The lockouts of public places during the plandemic scare.

    This past is just a warm up. In fact the smart youth may should join the right gangs right now to survive.

    The real world, in the real republics. It is coming.

    Me being partially banned. That is the real republic. No one of authority can stand true free speech. At least not yet with current dysfunctional design of governance worldwide.

  8. Another example, the ways to fight back. To buy cryptocurrency, that will not work without state support.

    To buy gold and silver or barter economy to fight back. If being honest, a communist/fascist president can and will ban successfully gold and silver only by executive order. FDR did it in the past in the real republic, it will happen again. Can you imagine the communists not banning gold someday? I can’t.

    Fighting back by barter trade, that is of a stone age economy.

    Fighting back by cryptocurrency by the people, not supported by the government and the rich? That also is of very limited usage.

    Fighting back by taking over local community government? That is good, but you will be facing all the central government forces and rich elite’s influence money, that they can create in endless amounts.

    It will be chaos, and hell, the rich evil will destroy their power base as they force it, but they can make their dictatorships in most of the dying craphole western republics.

    So, The real good resistance won’t happen until new good competing democracy designs come on line ,,,, someday.

    Everything I write is obvious.

  9. If you are of mind to try to prepare for hard times as a common person.

    First a few guns and some ammo, don’t go crazy.
    Beans and rice for whole family, at least 6 months worth.
    For long term survival try to own outright a roof over your head and a small business tied into a community with needed goods and services.

    Other than owning a roof over your head . Own some gold, silver maybe a bit of the best cryptocurrency. The gold silver of before 1933 coins to avoid confiscation. Or can risk bullion as not all states will go for confiscation, have a plan if confiscation happens.

    In third world republics you don’t survive long term by only holeing up with guns and food.

    Many people of third world craphole republics will try to move to a republic that the rich evil are not trying destroy, at least at this moment.

    Tie into a good church and most importantly into God.

    Join into protective mafia groups of you can. Mix bag here of good or bad for survival.

  10. Notice the ongoing hit job against Boeing? It is over the top obvious that some deep state players are after Boeing. It looks like an operation to destroy it inside and out.

    You can’t have endless hit jobs on Boeing an essential company for USA aerospace and of course not ever touch European and Chinese airospace companies and not be an operation to my mind. Sadly it seems some alternative news sites are helping this operation along. Am I wrong?

    The bulk of accidents are likely due to lack of good repairs and maintenance after purchase.

    Who but the Chinese or other competitors want to take out Boeing? Tied into the globalists etc. What else can it be?

  11. How about it? Are the endless bad press stories on Boeing (and only Beoing) a deep state hit job? Investigation?

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