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Today on The Prather Point:

  • Connie vs Jayden X!
  • NY vets vs Cheesecake Factory!
  • Cop Talk for Dumb Dems!
  • Schiff spy lies!
  • Airlines to Amtrak surrender!


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10 Responses

  1. If people are to dumb to find you they aren’t worth our time! Thank you for all you do🙏🏻

    1. Lori, yes, good question. Steve Bannon is an enigma to me. I think The They set him up earlier, when he left the Trump team in some disgrace. Trump also bad mouthed him some then as you may remember, but was that planned before hand so that they would do that to separate themselves purposely? I’m not sure. Bannon seems very good right now on the WarRoom, he isn’t giving any ground that’s for sure and very savvy. But, as we know, Who Can you Trust these Days? He has some great guests on to and is trying to help the Jan 6th political prisoners a lot. We shall see…

  2. Excellent needed comments and analysis on many issues !

    I get the same negative reactions you described often and well used to it also. Problem now is most people have almost no valid or real reference points that matter in their lives at all about what is relevant ? Even some of your supporters are clueless on many matters. The old paradigms are not at all relevant any longer and few grasp that simple fact. Many cannot handle simple truths as they exist and cling to the illusions they still believe in.

  3. I want to know what my slice is? Reason is I been giving pie my whole life, and yes I carve a slice out for myself. It is how the world works. I understand you been through hell, but has not the entire human race. I am still on the fence, is this the last stand to save humanity from the geometric climate change? Or a reshuffling of the board, or what gives? I still support American ideals! It is the best model of humanitarian models that I personally understand. If you show excellence, a person can excel, before that was only the king that could do so. I do NOT work for any king. Never did, never will. I do support you, but under my own terms. I have my own struggles. I need my own help, but I am learning to create it myself! I hope everyone does!

    1. Oh ya I wanted to express the ideal that tonights walk gave me, it not that black lives matter, it is free lives matter it will hit any black person heart home. It not race it freedom is the issue! FLM- Free live’s matter!

  4. I figure all the restore the fallen republic movements will fail unless supported by a very strong positive outside political force. Why?

    The true average condition of real republics of today’s common designs . Republic = Third world always at the edge of revolution.

    That is the bad news , the good news is that the more a common republic is positively reformed in design. The better chance it can succeed in terms of having stable first world society with max personal freedoms.

    A bit of history and reality in today’s world, my viewpoints. Most of republics in today’s world are not that successful, most are failures, rigged elections, run by a single political party, have a strongman in charge. Etc, etc. That is the average real republic across the world. Right?

    The western republics were fairly successful during the cold war era. This was a lucky fluke of history to a large part. FDR gave the new deal out of the great depression, this was not freely given to a large part. The western elites were facing losing the whole world to outsider communist elites, via the USSR and China etc. This gave them the needed TERROR to give ground, the 40 work week, higher wages, stronger unions, social programs such as social security etc. Most important was higher wages and free time to spend that money.

    This enabled a semi balance of political economy, people vs elites. This new balance of political economy enabled for the first time in history a first world level of economy for the western republics people. In short, the basic economic unit is the worker/consumer when that unit makes enough money to spend during their free time. Then they can support a first economy as a consumer. Very simple, also that worker/consumer can support a first world level tax base.

    Otherwise , the average REAL republic, were people have too little political power. The tiny middle class cannot support a first world economy and tax base. The rich will not support a first world tax base, and the masses of poor cannot, so the average landing zone for the western republics will be third world economic chaos,, as current trends continue.

    Once the cold war ended in 1990, that was the beginning of the end for the western republics. They have been hanging on since then for two main reasons. One, the free speech power for the people due to internet and cell phones. Two, accelerated borrowing of money since the end of the cold war era.

    I had hoped that greater free speech power for the people due to cell phones and internet would save the world, but of course it cannot, but it has helped a lot.

    So an alternative plan. Any good democracy design reform, or alternative democracy designs in place in the world will replace the cold war situation , but in this case in a much better way. It will be nice to have multiple competing good democracy designs in place in several countries. This new situation ,if it happened, will put a huge positive political force on the bad elites and their despotic governments.

    As per real history and real republics overseas today. The general trend after elite fascist/communist games will be hellish single political party ran republics in most of the dying western republics. As the elites make their republics third world, they will make themselves as like a third world mafia elite, much elite infighting will start up soon most likely.

    So a global movement for positive democracy design reform should happen. Something like this for starters. One, support good strong consitutional rights . Two, support non centralized control over society , ie, democracy design reform. . Three, support elements of direct democracy for the common people.

    As a very simplistic start every protest overseas could include the demand for direct democracy by cell phone. The details can be worked out later.

    We all know the elites will use the cell phone for dictatorship control. Tracking, social credit score, digital currency, making sure you take your vax or meds etc. If tied into digital currency, then can’t buy sell and trade. It will be hard to escape this control, right now the republic of India has digital currency in some fashion.

    I suspect it will be either elements of direct democracy by cell phone or dictatorship by cell phone with little inbetween the two extremes. If you dont like that , then must come up with some kind of workable reform. THAT WILL WORK IN THIS CENTURY.

    Support several competing good democracy designs in existance across the world.

  5. I really like the idea of Swiss referendum, combined with Athenian Democracy that includes women, and keeping the US overall Republic structure. I think you are correct those grasping for control of a crumbling empire/republic hybrid at the moment. I still think geometric climate change is real. I started with Guy Pierce whom claims habitat loss is gonna wipe our species out of existence. If he is correct or not I do think elites would fall in the same boat. Event NASA couldn’t make the biodome work without large bodies of water so there is hope in humanities ability to enlighten itself. I have small circles, but one recent traveler still thinks this as a spiritual war first and foremost. Maybe it is or not. I just know that I taken in too much info, and to vet info takes a lot of work. At some point it is in God’s hands, but I will still swing the axe when needed. I will do my small part. Decentralized Cypto is where I think salvation is at least on economics. The elites cannot control ecommerce, if enough independents build a better system to override the agendas. Perhaps Elon is correct AI will take care of us in the end, but who knows, do trees really bother people? They just get chopped down when the need or desire is there, and there is not much that can be done from the forests point of view. I did go to a rally and the good news is EVERY block of society was there representing freedom, and the capstone from that experience was a group of 20 or so of some tribe showing up marching in with dress and colors. I do think this is won be humanity in the end, but it will be painful. Where there is life there is hope.

  6. One of Jeffrey’s best shows yet, among so many. Take this advice and use it and support those who actually have their heads (and lives) in the fight (right now). Thank you, Jeffrey

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