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7 Responses

  1. Still unable to post on infowars comment section? Maybe that part is gone, maybe someone is protecting me, or can’t take my free speech?

    But still, all praise to Mike Lindale because of his genus of thinking of a way for the common masses to monitor wi fi emissions etc in elections, and more. That ability is beyond what the elites running the whore republics want to allow. In effect, it is a element of direct democracy. Imagine that, praise by all for some new direct democracy power .

    All hate real democracy, the general fight in the near term future is who is going to run the dictaorship republics?

    But keep your eye on the new technologies ball. The hope is using new tech to empower the people in any way possible, while the evil uses it for dictatorship power.

    Right now there should be no artificial limit thinking about more direct democracy power for the people. Beware the controlled opposition.

  2. It looks like the stranglehold on Lahaina is continuing and maybe even growing??

    Saw an article on the failed attempt to issue CBDC on Nigeria. In it is a good explanation on how most all the people rejected it for good reason. However , the article was clearly written by a controlled opposition. Why? It carefully called that “properly” designed republic, a unpopular failed state and did not point out it is a failed republic.

    There are many types of controlled oppositions that I know about. Some take money to create confusion and misdirection, some are sincere, but are brainwashed or misinformed. But, some 100 % know what they are doing when they won’t even talk about the failed design of a government. A failed state usually means a failed republic(of some kind) 99% of the time. IE the design of government failed.

    Right now in the world are mostly failed or failing governments of differing flavors of the republic. We need a honest open talk about working on better democracy design. We do not need the endless chaos of everyone fighting about who runs the next dictatorship republic etc.

    My free speech can be banned, but people are not stupid, they can see this reality for themselves, sooner or later.

    Name your failing republic, the USA for instance, many to most republics are going toward a never ending fight of what who is going to run the next dictatorship republic. Short term a good populist may save the situation for awhile. Long term only better democracy design can save the world in my opinion. Everybody should figure this out sooner or later.

  3. Thoughts of the day. A new harsh reality is coming, it is agreat economic depression leading toward a kind of dark age for the world. This go around the political economy conditions of the world indicate no quick emergence from a economic depression, so the possible start of a dark age..

    Looking honestly at the Trump indictments, the western republics have gone full bore banana republic++ status at the least. As if Trump by some miricle gets into the white house it is a full bore internal civil war there and Trump against a army of evil deep state billionaires, their companies and paid for government lackeys everywhere.

    So the short term future for the western republics is mostly civil war of evil elites vs their own people. The ongoing civil war of who is going to run the next dictaorship republic in question. The only way out of this long term is good enough democracy design reforms in my opinion, but no one is working on good reforms, and even if so, no easy path to there.

    When we have a form of government, that is by poor design that has rule by harsh evil force instead of law, real democracy at some level and good senee constitutional rights. This situation by extension means we are in deep trouble in all ways, chaos, wars, never ending conflict and economic depression etc. No amount of prepping can really prepare people for this coming global situation.

    Globally it is a failure of democracy design.

  4. Since no one realizes the situation we are entering into because it is too terrible to accept. Even for me.

    First the republic as we knew it is gone. Right now the people want Trump in office, the evil elites cannot allow that. This situation cannot be solved by honest voting(that won’t be allowed)and rule of a law in the USA republic. Hince, the design of the republic has failed, it is over, a done deal. No one wants to accept this fact, except the evil elites running the communists/fascists who are going 100% effort for their single political party ran republic dictatorship. Once that dictatorship is firm in power, then hot civil war starting under the cover of foreign wars etc. The communists/fascists always kill millions in their take over operations. They kill everyone including their own lackeys, sooner or later.

    For survival, the best hope for common people is to be in the best red state they can, once it gets goiing harshly toward that communist dictatorship situation, etc. We all have normalcy bias , this future is hard to accept. In any case empire’s often take a very long time to collapse. The exact future is unknown, so shall see.

  5. Understanding “political economy” in terms of a great depression then the possible start of a new dark age. Very simple question , where is the next enlightenment , that is emerging to bring the world out of this coming dark age??

    Where is this emerging enlightenment?

  6. Question ? How do you go bankrupt? Or, how do properly designed republics fail? Same answer, slowly, then quickly. So are we going into the quickly phase right now? Maybe so.

    Trump the popular candidate, the populist. Question ? How long do nice guy populists last in a real republic? Answer, usually not that long.

    So as I have long ago predicted, since the end of the cold war era, most western republics will go toward single political party ran republic dictatorships with strongmen, with all flavors possble. Long term rich evil wants AI/robots with management dictatorships and will try to implement that ongoing, in a longer time frame.

    Question , what is the weakest form of direct democracy power? I would propose that to be true free speech. So since every political actor in the failing republics are fighting to put their king and single political party into power–ongoing. That likely means whomever is in power will hate true free speech. That includes thes of conservative political groups to an extent as well.

    This will drive chaos, as the more free better run areas will be economically stronger and will dominate sooner or later.

    What is the outcome? It can be anything, usually evolving in time. Chaos, wars, no economy, civil wars, etc

    To shut down these social upheavals, usually means basic freedoms and a decent stable enough economy. Since most every real republic in the world is third world and always at the edge of revolution.

    That means, most likely to get out of the coming dark age will need a new enlightenment of democracy design in some manner. Either mild reforms or wild, in any case it must be enough to have a balance of political economy of people vs elites/governments, etc.

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