Shadow war tradecraft 2021: Non-state, covert fighters protected by deep state & Dems, covered by riots, paid via cutouts, in information influence net operations, while mil-industrial complex co-conspirators buy hi-tech irrelevance!

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  1. It seems to me that Mike Lindell is doing some great warfare with a new freedom platform and launching a competition company to Amazon. Wouldn’t you agree. It is about time. When all the complaining about the censorship was going on I wondered why someone was not able to form something else. We need to take our money elsewhere, away from Amazon, you tube and politicians. Of course the CCP is funding our politicians so they many not suffer from our withdrawal of funds.
    Thank you for your truthful information!

    1. Thank you, Jane! You are spot on. There is a lot of catching up to do on the “alt” platforms.

  2. Excellent broadcast today ! I am waiting for the outcomes of this weekend to make decisions. Hope that makes sense , it does to me in spades as I see the comments and rections at Tulsa s a sign. I am not at all hopeful except for a very few people. You, Sidney who is not happy witht DJT and maybe Mike Adams who most will reject his delivery but I think will be extraordinary. We shall see how it all plays out ?

    I am dialed in like a laser beam and paying great attention for guidance from the higher powers. Hold the line MOFO !

  3. Website looks better. I’m missing the ability to download audio of the shows directly from your site and have available offline.

    1. Hello Nicky! Thank you for your comment and feedback. We’ll be adding in an audio player later this week.

        1. Thanks! It took a bit of effort to determine how to download – it’s not very intuitive.

          1. Hi Doc, thanks for the feedback. The interface is better, but you are right, the download button is a little hard to see. Will add some instruction there.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but Ronald Reagan did the evil empire speech and labeled communism or Russia evil ..I could be wrong.
    My son is a Green Beret 7th Group. 7312

  5. send cv-6 USS Enterprise. The Grey Ghost… 20 battles stars.presidential commendation.

  6. Beautiful website Jeffrey. Appreciate all you do I’ve asked my husband to look at your classes as he is very interested in things you teach. God bless.

  7. Great new look. I was confused at first. Thought I was on a bot site.
    I used to download the episodes n listen to them while driving.
    So far I’m unable to download them onto my iPad. πŸ˜•

  8. Very fine broadcast. Your website is looking very good and is a big improvement. Our skills are being honed and appreciate your helpfulness. History repeats dues to common strategies. I often think about the Winter War where my ancestors were challenged. The ancestors were the natives who guided (as wilderness experts) the Vikings on their eastward journeys and who fought for Swedes and Russians. Despite these sideshows we became free. I am still at total peace in the forest. Godspeed.

    1. JT, thank you for your comments! Your ancestor’s story sounds fascinating. Those were certainly tough people and something too many people in this country have lost.

  9. Thanks for posting a link to Audio only. I often listen and re-listen in order to catch all the info, and nuances. Best, informative podcast that I’ve watched. Thanks for all your efforts, and I’m finally ready to take the plunge, and join-up.

    1. Hello Tom, thank you for your comments and kind words! Glad you like the audio version of the show. It makes it easier to listen on the go for sure.

  10. Your new website looks great! I was also very excited to buy HMAC and a Team America shirt online through your new storefront!

    1. Hi Denise! Thank you for the kind words! And, for your support of the show. I am grateful to you!

  11. How can I ad a picture with my name on here?
    Would be nice to let others know what I look like.

  12. Mr. Prather, I love your intelligence and experience. You are absolutely a relief of solutions that I can use to prepare rather than just wallow in the pain of what has happened.
    Thank you and God bless you!

    1. Jaime, thank you for your kind words! Always stay in the fight. God bless you!

  13. interesting. I did not know that about the middle finger. yesterday at natural grocers I gave a manager forcing me to cover my nose the middle finger…

    do you by chance know where the f*** word comes from (for real?)

  14. INGREDIENTS IN THE PFIZER COVID VACCINE: POTASSIUIM CHLORIDE WHICH IS USED IN AMERICA AS AN EXECUTION DRUG. This drug is used to slow down the heart, and people are dying of the vaccine in their sleep from heart failure…


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