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10 Responses

  1. The general assessment.

    5th generation warfare of people vs evil elites. Of course the exact future is impossible to predict.

    The big one, the evil globalists will most likely take out Trump. Likely in a way to show that the system is totally unfare. Then of course the current good enough design of the republic scam is over. Then slowly , primarily by instinct, people will know the republic design is terminal, it is against them. As if a billionaire can’t stand up to the system. It is impossible for a common person. But, any other option pushed by secret by evil elites will be of course be worse. Such as communism, fascism, monarchy and church rule, or AI with management rule, so on etc.

    So the least worse option will be the best of a republic design of government. With a faint hope of honest non rigged elections. So chaos will likely rage on like never before in history. Why?

    The new tech of cell phones and internet. It means knowledge and information travels faster than ever in history. That lying sociopath, psychopath, narcissist,
    that evil leader rich elite, or lackey , etc, is caught out someplace on the net too quick. The common people fear and loath him/it, but no respect or love. That leader is hated, so that propely designed republic is a dead man walking, a zombie corpse on its feet. Just waiting for social upheaval.

    It is evolutionary, and revolutionary times. The sociopaths in charge, are ratted out these modern times faster than ever before in history. This is modern times evolutionary.

    The powerful force of positive political economy is in play. So that any more free and better run area will advance. The more dictorial areas will fall behind, slowly or quickly.

    Look to the history of the rise of the printing press. That enabled the move away from church and monarchy rule toward the republics. Out of that came better republics and worse republics. The worst republics were and are the communist/fascist ones. The better republics have good constitutional rights and representative democracy at some level.

    The future, it of course can go many ways. But if I had to predict. The positive future is a new enlightenment leading toward advancement of democracy designs so people will have more direct political power.

    Of course it will be a rough ride toward that future.

    Look for single political party ran republic dictatorships in the dying western republics. Look for AI with management run dictatorships in the shadows. Look for the rise of good populists, but know no good guy populist can keep power in today’s design of republics very long. So they will have to be mean, and cunning, or won’t last long.

    If you want to know the truth, stop lying. Look at real history everywhere. The fixed election is as old as the republic itself and long ongoing.

    A brief, but extinguishing ray of light is Switzerland and its history of direct democracy. However, as it is going toward a common republic design of government, it is failing in recent years.

    Know that everyone hates real democracy.

    So they subvert the word and concept of democracy.

    In general. The people must use every bit of direct democracy and political power they can muster. Free speech, vote by feet, vote by where to spend money, vote by resistance to evil elite directives etc. But these alone are not enough.

    Must have.
    Good morals movements.
    Good sense constitutional rights.
    Noncentralised control systems.
    Strong enough elements of direct democracy.

    Globally, should have multiple competing democracy designs, ongoing forever to stay out of a dark age.

    Any good kind of new cold war situation can be very helpful.

    The best option is good think tanks working on good enough democracy design reforms.

    On toward a new good enlightenment. That is a positive future.

    As the evil restricts and controls, the light will go out of most of the world, but a few places will move ahead. The people will want to copy those better places.

  2. Thought of the day.

    An internal contradiction of the opposition. The primary one is the support for free speech, while not supporting more direct democracy. Free speech is a very weak form of direct democracy, but can be broadly powerful. Supporting free speech, this contradicts the idea of not supporting more direct democracy.

    How, why? The real republics of today’s world cannot handle true free speech. Even my free speech cannot be tolerated on the infowars comment section. This goes to the root that everyone hates real democracy, in a sense.

    But remember real democracy is the true opposite of dictatorship. So chaos rages.

    So single political party ran republics cannot tolerate real free speech, and often they cannot take the direct democracy of voting by the feet. They cannot tolerate the direct democracy of people accepting or rejecting the top down policies of the elites.

    The multiple political party republic is the best in existance of today’s world, even though still most every election is rigged. But new technology is changing the world, the past status quo will not hold. It is full bore ahead for elites to use new technology for more dictatorship. A major one is the cell phone. It will be used for dictatorship power or for direct democracy power by the people with little inbetween in the future. This is obvioud, but the talking heads are not talking abiut the obvious to the most part. Why?

    Likely because their old heads are stuck in a imagined past. Of good old style republics functioning well.

    The contradiction is, to have true real free speech, the future world must have enough good democracy design reforms. But many cannot mentally go there, but it must happen by good direction, or by haphazard events in the future chaos. Or free speech will vanish, as dictatorships rage across the planet, but still the power of positive political economy will not let nasty dictatorships last. So a likely futue is chaos until a new enlightenment.

    This is the power of this contradiction. To resolve this contradiction will take enough democracy design reforms so that the government can be stable in the face of true free speech.

    Obviously no single political party ran republic dictatorship will have true free speech in the future and will be unstable. Also the multiple political party ran republics of today are in a similar position , for instance the western elites are fighting hard to secretly, or openly, push down free speech in their multiple party ran republics. The need this for them will only increase as those republics fail into third world chaos.

    So in effect, by extension the fight for true free speech is the same as for good democracy design reform. These two cannot be separated, they are connected. To try to disconnect them will only stretch out the timelines of the chaos.

  3. Thought of the Day.

    The real world vs the scams. The real republic vs the hoped for imaginary one.

    Once again, if you want to know the likely future in general, then stop lying.

    The new GOP darling, Vivek Ramaswamy , I just read a article on him on the Covid Blog. Check it out. From the first I thought he sounded very good, very slick, very charming, just like a sociopath, psychopath and narcissist etc. So I thought, wait and see to figure out his track record. Of course infowars had some articles about him on their site. It is a good chance they were caught out themselves as well.

    In any case, from long experience living in a real republic, anyone with a brain will be cautious of a new populist darling popping up from nowhere. We all remember Clinton and Obama etc.

    So from the Covid Blog, he is caught out and must be racing toward the trash bin of history right now. Hey ask Mike Adams to make up a song. Something like another “lying sociopath being found out and so another one bits the dust”. !!

    What I wrote a fairly long time ago. That the new tech of the internet means the lying sociopath being caught out these times faster than every before in history. A little history lesson here kids, most of history is covered up by rich elite sociopaths. So you have to dig around a lot to get a feel of the real past.

    The real history is not as it seems. The victors write the history and most of them are lying to some extent.

    But now the gig is up, in all of real history the scumbag sociopaths were in charge, lying and conning every day. The same lying in the future will go rough on them.

    So now due to the new tech of internet and cell phones, the gig is up they can be ratted out in a second someplace on the networks.

    So all the old lies are in trouble and this a very powerful force of evolutionary change, forced on the human race. Think on it. The lying sociopath in charge since the beginning is now being caught out almost the instant they open their manipulative mouths. Same for the fabled Republics.

    In any case, I doubt I will be free to post on the infowars comment section, but I hope so.

    In any case the gig is up guys. If your a controlled opposition, your in big trouble. As information is traveling faster than ever in history these times. Getting away with the scams won’t last as long as like in the past.

    The evil elites have tiger by the tail and yanking, this tiger is the common people.

    It is a steep learning curve and most people only know by direct experience. This is how most people know the real world, well this is happing rapidly these days. Information is traveling fast than ever.

    From knowledge and experience comes wisdom. So in time, enough people will figure out we all need democracy design reforms in some fashion. Exactly how is variable and open to debate, different people’s likely need different solutions, etc.

    So beware that new rising populist, be care careful of that possible new king over the Republic as a solution. As like 1776, a new king won’t save you. Instead look for better government design etc.

  4. Today….

    Babling idiots, and the real republics of the world.

    Like i have said many times before, the internet of today is like the printing press of the past. That disruptive technology back then enabled the dark age of evil elite control to become lessened. The past, to go from king, monarchy and church rule, toward the republic with representatives.

    Of course reality is in real republics most every election and political party is rigged, every lever of power is controlled to an extent. So why did the fabled republics work at any real level in the past? Reality and history is covered over by lies. So how did the republics work at any level?

    Simple, two main reasons , One, the outside threat on the system by any kind of good cold war situation. Two ,because of the printing press the political force of direct democracy pushing on the system by the common people. That is it, to a large degree , of course the whole of the design of the republic played a part along with people and elites, and political movements etc.

    So here we are, the babbling idiots who say “we have never seen that before in a republic”. That lie has no legs, everything nasty has happened before under the sun, has happened before across the world and history in real republics.

    The gig is up, most people only learn by direct experience, well that is happening now at the fastest pace ever in history due to modern technology networks.

    So the talking heads are bewildered, confused, the lies are being stripped away rapidly. As every election is rigged real time in your face. But most every election has always been rigged from day one of the republic. But in the back ground in the real republic the direct democracy force of free speech by the printing press, etc had just barely, barely, barely enough good effect to prevent a total implosion of society.

    But remember.

    Real Republic = Third world and always at the edge of revolution.

    That is the normal status of most republics during most of history. It is rare flukes of history that a people have first world stability for a time.

    So here we are, notice the elites going beserk trying to remove free speech on the networks? Notice the total blowout of the economic system, spending trillions of borrowing money to try get control over society by the evil elites?

    The likely future? It is to enter a new kind of dark age, then the way out is new enlightenment, via good government design reforms along with good morals movements etc.

    Of course there are much history of failed civilizations that decay and vanish into a stone age haze. So the exact future is unknown.

  5. Thought of the day.

    Trump and Robert F Kennedy, who will be president?

    It is fare to say that most common people will like to see either Trump or RFK as president. Also that most evil elites and their viper lackeys will not. Why? For many obvious reasons, as most people think thise populists are not threatened off, or bought off, and will work for them . The evil elites themselves may lose control, may even go to jail, as they must to prevent killing off the population etc. So they must have a puppet president.

    To know the possible future in general, then must stop lying.

    One great direct democracy force of any real republic is true free speech—driving broad based public opinion. In the past this happened at times via the printing press for the most part . Then that broad public opinion can force the despotic elites who run the republics back a bit.

    So notice the Judiciary and Congress doing little to nothing in the USA republic to have a honest election ??? Notice certain government agencies working hard to rig the election? Truth is most representatives, judges and officals are controlled by evil to an extent. Blackmail and bribery everywhere to an extent.

    So the truth is if Trump or RFK become president it will be over top the evil elite’s best efforts running the whore republic. Only by the direct democracy free will of the common people can a good president be allowed a fair election.

    So if you fear the common people having a direct democracy “mob”. In a properly designed republic, your looking over the reality of the real republic being run by a evil elite mafia “mob”.

    I suggest having a mental shift toward helping the common people having more direct political power in every good way possible. Along with supporting good morals movements. This is the future new enlightenment, needed in general to escape a dark age.

    I can’t predict the exact future but if the USA gets a good populist president it will be against the evil elites best efforts against it. Remember, the evil runs the real republic for the most part.

  6. So if Trump and RFK have any real chance to be president. It is mostly due to the direct democracy force of broad based public opinion. This enabled by the free speech power on the internet and cell phones. This disruptive new technology is at play. The internet and cell phones of today are much like the printing press of the past. So that past history is likely to be repeated in some fashion.

    Exactly how I dont know, but likely will be similar repeating of history.

    The good history is the past enlightenment, leading toward the republic with representative democracy. Now need futher advancement in some fashion, etc.

    The future is uncertain, we also can have a collapse of society and a dark age. As we have nukes, bioweapons and surveillance systems and more in these modern times etc.

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