On today’s show…

On today’s episode of The Prather Point…

► DIA outs gain of function!
► Joe pimps illegal kids
► No bats in web market
► China dangles Fauci
► CCD to jab-kill kids
► FBI eliminates competition
► Zombie Tic Toc brainwashing

Conservative commentators are shouting out that Fauci lied and perjured himself under oath! Senators Rand Paul and John Kennedy caught Fauci.

NIH and Fauci did fund gain of function research even though Obama had banned it!

And there were no bats in the wet market.

They breathlessly compare this to Iran Contra scandal.

But just like the academy graduate generals who still cling to war fighters only as nation state entities, they have missed the mark. Entirely.

BLM flags now fly over US embassies. They are not a nation state.

But the war winner still gets to plant their flag on the territory they have taken. And recall China says they won a war against the US in 2020.

Ollie North went to prison for Iran Contra. And for Reagan who should have owned it. But that’s the way of covert ops. I know. I saw both ends of that op. Military to intel to LE.

Fauci isn’t going to prison. He’s not even going to be charged, much less trial.

The judiciary has been compromised. Likely blackmailed and extorted.

Its obvious. But DIA, my old agency, and the last patriot, loyal intelligence agency (not unit), says so.

The real story is vastly different. And nowhere in the press.

The DIA has a source. A confidential human source. A Chinese Wuhan lab defector!

This is where all the gain of function stories are breaking from.

And, they did not tell the FBI or CIA.

Because DIA knows the FBI and CIA are infiltrated. By the Chinese. Who waged bio-psyop-econo-5th generation, unrestricted warfare via PLA MI operators and assets.

But that is not the end of the story. Nor the lesson.

Because the DIA, patriots of the clandestine service the case officers, took their case fellow patriots. Paul and Kennedy.

And Paul and Kennedy did what they always do. Held hearings. With Fauci.

Fauci lied. Under oath.

But so did Mueller. So did Comey. So did Brenan. So did Holder. So did Obama. So does Biden.

So does the FBI on FISA.

And the CIA, well they lie for living.

Long gone are the good old days of Ollie taking his medicine like a man, “Did I get all of them”, and going to prison. Or honorable Nixon when caught, resigned.

Now it’s lie daily, more and bigger. On CNN or Fox. Cheat and accuse.

Nothing will happen.

More hearings. More outrage.

No justice.

No Republic.

Certainly, no fair elections.

Until, we get our heads in the fight.

Get in the covert war that we are in.

And counter espionage with counter espionage.

Sabotage with counter sabotage.

Intelligence operations with counter intelligence.

I know.

Because I did it.

Now it’s up to Team America.

Freedom is taken.

Take it!

Jeffrey Prather MAJ, USA (Ret)

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5 Responses

  1. antifa.com does still go to the White House home page.

    Thank you for all you do for us and our republic, Jeff! We appreciate you and need you to help guide us through these times.

    Praying for you every day!

  2. Much enjoyed; very informative. Natural News today has highly sobering report on Chicom attack,on USA, possibly this summer. Your view would be highly valued. My fear is that we have done many things to bring this about. I am made sick by our lack of leadership.

  3. Yes, we must get our ducks in a row, and the correct row! But here’s my question: Where are
    the patriots that are in the know in great enough numbers to DO something? I’m talking about those who
    are perhaps still working in government who are loyal to Team America. Why are we always either playing catch-up or defense? When does something happen that will make this a fight where even the Sunshine Patriots will become emboldened and join the Team? There has to be some important victory(ies), else we are generally demoralized.

  4. Wuhan is a distraction. There is an even bigger scandal. You have missed the data at the CDC and the fact that the Spanish Flu virus was resurrected in 2005 with gain of function research being done in Wisconsin and at Walter Reed. John Cullen presents the evidence. This is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxWR-BjXZnk&t=2s In chess it is called the Queen’s gambit. In magic it is called the Sleight of Hand. There has been an influenza/pneumonia pandemic that has swept the globe starting in 2019 yet Fauci said the flu is nonexistent….The numbers don’t lie. The data doesn’t lie. Everything is hidden in plain sight.


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