Today on The Prather Point:

  • Restoration via remembrance.
  • Corn + potatoes + chocolate =Indigenous America.
  • American law = indigenous law.
  • How they survived  is how we will!


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11 Responses

  1. God Bless you Jeffrey Prather and your family. Get well. Take care.
    Sincerely, Joan Dockter

  2. I am 69 with diabetes and have had it twice. First time 7/5/19, second time much easier. I will not take the jab. I am sorry you and your family are dealing with this. May God bless you and your family. Y’all need plenty of rest. Thank you for all you do. The 2nd time I took ivermectin and had the antibody infusion.

  3. Ivermectin and you are cured in 2 days! God Bless You.

    Also, Russia is not your enemy! The deep state cabal that is trying to destroy America also wants to destroy Russia and is itching to start a war with Russia. Don’t be fooled.

    1. Re: “Russia is not your enemy”
      I tend to agree–especially when reviewing history. I believe a more accurate description of the enemy is the Deep Swamp. And this goes back to the Davos/BIS/Khazar club. Various organizations to include the UN are tools of the bloodline “club.” Various NGO’s and foundations and the Technofascist/transhumanist purveyors are the enemy. Members of global governments who are compromised and/or co-opted minions are servants to their masters; hence, the Govt officials are less powerful than many people might realize. Blessons for the Prather family…you know what to do. Take good care of your health.

  4. Dear Jeffrey,

    I am saying a rosary for you and your family tonight. God Bless you all.

    Please stay safe and continue to recover.


  5. Ruling families and there are a lot of them, create a division of Race and Sex where everything is a psyop against Sex and Race. All the books all movies.

    Indians understood the importance of women and spirituality. They knew women needed to be treated with respect. They knew women could reach a place that is very hard for men to reach in spirit.

    What you call women’s intuition.
    This goes back to Ishtar ISIS.

    Understand that all news is psyop to keep you away from knowing the truth of Vaccines. There is no Vaccine that is correct for you never will be ever. It’s a BioWeapon as you know.

    There is no Health. You have to be a Master. To be a Master of yourself you have to understand there are no experts and you must learn everything so that there is no looking for others for advice on things. Mastery is not easy. It’s a journey and one that must be taken.

    No matter what you do you have to become the Master.

    The Health industry is a scam. NATO is a scam. Jesuits is a scam that’s just The Jews “same families behind everything” nothing new. That’s includes all the popes everything. Never listen to those that are in a Negative field of Vibration.

    Take care of yourself Jeffery.

  6. Healing:
    Healing by sound and vibration
    Healing by crystals(which is also sound and vibration)
    Your Doctor doesn’t no shit about healing.

    This is healing!
    Healing by plants
    Healing by breathing
    Healing by Meditation (which is also breathing and vibration)
    Healing by prayer(which is vibration and spirit)
    And combination of all these.
    Healing by the Seven Rays(the Seven Chakras and Higher Self)
    Healing through a Higher Spiritual Power your Christ self and Christ or one of the Masters(Seven Rays)
    Healing through belief spiritual vibration and will of Heart and Mind.
    Healing through Alchemy which is all of these and Sacred Geometry.
    Healing through blessed or being blessed. Are you blessing the water you drink. Tell yourself this water is most amazing water ever blessed by Christ and it shall make me feel amazing. Tell the water this and drink it!
    All of this is part of the Immune System.

    Nature provides all healing in the world.

    I Feel amazing, I am happy, I live with positive Vibration. I love and am loved. Then you are free of Disease.

    What makes you feel these things focus on them and you will ride on a higher consciousness in life, a wave that is above the lower vibration of much of the world, closer to God and your Higher Self.

    Chocolate was known as food of the Gods. It is a Super food and works on many levels of your body and mind.

    Have a piece of chocolate and feel great!

  7. We will pray for you and your family God bless you rest get well come back too fight another day.

  8. basics of Covid(Dovic, steal your soul)

    Covid 19 is not Sars Covid or Corona Virus.

    Covid 19 is a Bioweapon with Gain functioning created in four different Level Four Labs across the world.

    Wuhan being one of them with Corona virus taken from bats to be contagious to humans(Humans, Homo, as in animal, the word created to treat you as an animal)

    Covid 19 was released in multiple countries on purpose as bioweapon, Iran, Russia I know for sure.

    Covid 19 attacks the lungs and has same effect as Aids (another Bioweapon) which slowly destroys your immune system.

    Corona virus is basically cold virus.

    Virus’s don’t mutate and become stronger that’s a myth.

    your body has tons of virus’s nothing to worry about.

    Colloidal Silver can heal your lungs
    Ivermectin and Hydroxychoroquine with Vitamin C and D can kill Covid and Sars Covid.

    Covid will be rolled out every year as a new mutation or another bioweapon Psyop. This isn’t going away. Ignore it it’s wasted energy.

    Do not think any leader in this world is good they are not. Covid test kits were ordered two years before event 201.

    You cannot test for Covid the test can’t determine if a person has the flu, a cold, or something else.

    All positives are also including the flu. There is no such thing as a vaccine that prevents the flu or cold.

    Your immune system will fight off anything.

    The Vaccines everyone knows about those killers that even rewrite your DNA, RNA, and take away the God Self Connection.

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