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7 Responses

  1. It basically Jan 6th all over again, instead of capital DC police opening the doors, the top brass of Israel abandoned the post, you may as well show pictures of Israel military chopping off Israel babies heads as figuratively that what went down.


    It not the same to compare this to Bush blunders, the history of Israel is not gonna let this slide, the top snake will be chipped on all levels.

  2. Thought of the day.

    The long game vs the short game.

    What or who, is interested in the long game? I would assume the Chinese economically want to win the long game. Most religions want to win the long game for their dominance. There are two tactics, the Judaism Christian religions seem to support free will choice for the most part these times . While islam seems to support forced conversations. But even that assumption is not true everywhere all the time.

    The rich elite families are playing the long game for themselves to keep wealth and power, but every single enity they control more often is more into short term gain.

    So, the whole system of governance in the world is in crisis in the world today. Notice most everywhere, everyone is playing the short game. Most notable, the short term war to control the next dictatorship republic is in play everywhere ongoing.

    So, the war card is being puled out in the world, fan the flames of war via religious conflict. These are the evil elites desperate acts to keep power, wealth and control, by short game actions of war.

    But, short term gains are meaningless if you leave your new and old controlled areas in third world stone age conditions.

    Here is the most likely long term winners in terms of dominate future civilizations to my mind. Those who support strong good sense constitutional rights. Who support real democracy at some level, and true free speech. Who have a design of government of max freedoms and is run very well, etc. Those sort of countries will move ahead slowly or quickly and are much more likely to dominate.

    The countries who are easy to twist around in conflict via evil elite games for power and control operations will go to hell and fall behind.

    A example is stark of today. The middle east of today vs Russia of today. The evil globalists would like to push in millions of radical muslims into Russia to destabilize her, or stir up the ones they have, but Russia won’t allow it. So, that tiny bit of being run better means a lot in the long game for Russia etc.

    So what do I expect in the long game future? Well , I hope after the eventual exhaustion of people everywhere due rich evil games and tribal warfare. Then the kind of society that can dominate due to being run better in all ways, will be a becon of light to the world. For a kind of new enlightenment.

    That country will have a slightly better design of government at the least. Will be more free and run better, have better constitutional rights, real democracy and true free speech etc. Even tiny bits of being better can mean a lot in the future for those civilizations that will dominate.

  3. Thought of the day

    The cons of the psychopathic/sociopathic elites.

    A sociopath/psychopath lies every single day. Remember this and never forget, with every breath comes a lie, every thought is about a con, until the last day of life. They fake emotions, do not be fooled, or suffer endlessly. The only effective way to deal with them is not to deal with them, and never let them be in charge of anything.

    About 1% of the population is psychopaths, about 3% are sociopaths. They are carefully hand selected by rich evil psychopathic elites to be representatives, judges and officals etc.

    So when the people reject these monsters, they have very good survival instincts. Hence the importance of having honest elections.

    Notice, no talking heads anywhere talking about the reality of these monsters in control? So are all of them on the payroll, or don’t know, or too polite, or cowardly not to say? What is it?

    So now with the internet in play these monsters can be ratted out quickly. This is a powerful evolutionary force on the human race, the lies caught out so quickly, new to history. This must push on government design, either backward or forward, your choice which.

    The con games, there are endless examples. For instance pretending to try to stop illegal immigrants. To truly stop it is simple, if anyone helps or hires a illegal it is a felony and straight to jail . That simple, illegal immigrants cleaned up in about a week as they starve out.

    But everything is a lie and a con.

    If you want to know the likely future, it is simple, just stop lying.

  4. Thought of the day.

    The hope for the future depends on the internet based free speech, tied into the political force of direct democracy, along with positive political economy.

    The hope for the future depends little on the properly designed republics with their three branches of government. Yes it is part of the mix, but is becoming less relevant.

    Notice the beat back of the communist/fascist left in the western republics coming on slowly? So how and why this shift?

    It is because of the free speech power on the internet, this is a new modern power of the printing press on the nets. It is driving public opinion against all the evil elites 5th generational warfare against the common people. Despite evil elites every effort to fix every election, and every controlled opposition, every controlled media source, every university, absolutely every lever of power in the republics. The common people are finding the real truth at a enough amount to drive public opinion against the evil elites operations.

    The broad power of public opinion is what is saving the world against the evil elites for the most part, this is a type of direct democracy power of the people. Will it be enough all alone in the future?

    Well, the evil elites will still be endlessly buying , bribing, threatening every lever of power in the dying western republics. So it is unlikely without an enlightenment leading towards better democracy design at some amoun in the world in my opinion.

    The evil elites will use the other political party to beat down the people in another direction ongoing endlessly. The left vs right seesaw being used on the common people. This will be used by evil elites, in their controlled republics at every chance into the future.

    The ongoing never ending fight of who or what will control the next dictatorship republic is a likely future for most republics.

    But still, as the elites rule by force, they kill their own power base. If they put their controlled republics into the stone age. Then any other country even run even a tiny bit better, with more of freedom and better economy etc will start to rapidly dominate the rest.

    So the evil hits a wall of public opinion combined with the force of positive political economy. This is helping the western republics to not destroy themselves so quickly despite the evil elites best efforts.

    The exact future is uncertain, but I suggest to support any direct democracy power by the common people as much as possible to aviod entering a new dark age.

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