Tulsa massacre anniversary , the future of citizen snipers saving lives, covert assassins killed, cyber meat hack planned, next China plandemic, Biden betrays babies, hides Hyde starting the next revolution!

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Bag Up

The Faraday bags are up in the shop. I just held one up the other day and now they’re selling off the shelves. And that is great because if you want to have any privacy, you’re going to want to bag up. So you can actually talk without big brother listening in on you. (Remember the FBI agent, driving the two ISIS terrorists to Garland, Texas for the draw Mohamed contest. And then the cop shoots them both, and the FBI agent tries to flee!)

Sign Up

Get your head in the fight and understand what’s going on. Sign up with Team America to create an action plan. The Faraday bags will come in real handy and I’ll have more stuff to come in that regard. While patriots are not criminals or spies, you are going to have to learn to operate with Tradecraft and OPSEC, operational security, like criminals and spies, do.

Hold the Line

To all who are standing up for Team America and Team Canada: You’re starting to stand up and get together and figure this out. We will win this. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be fun. It’s going to require great sacrifice, but we will win this together.

  1. A secret told isn’t.
  2. No communications are secure.
  3. All security is breachable.
  4. All codes are hackable. Concealment is not cover.
  5. All cover is temporary.
  6. All codes are breakable.
  7. Use a one-time pad. One time looking is not seen.
  8. Hearing is not listening.
  9. Moving is not action.
  10. Knowledge is not wisdom.
  11. Perseverance beats talent.
  12. Power is not force.
  13. Hope is not a plan.
  14. Plans are useless.
  15. Planning is invaluable.
  16. Training is essential.
  17. The most committed wins.
  18. Freedom is never given. It is earned, fought for, won, and taken.
    TAKE IT!

15 Responses

  1. Jeffrey
    One add on to your statement, about freedom, earned , fought for, won , taken AND DEFENDED

  2. Hi, I was trying to sign up with team America but I must be doing something incorrect for it will not validate my information with capture.

  3. Ever since Jan. 6th, I’ve been asking, “Who in their right mind would willingly pay taxes to a government that has openly advocated for their incarceration or worse?” Jeffrey, you are the first person of record I’ve heard ask a related question. There are many reasons to cut off the revenues of a corrupt administration. We will support Team America in the interests of learning how we can legally resist by withholding tax payments.

  4. Jeffrey,
    Thanks for repeating the desertification info, it makes perfect sense.
    I noticed in person, repeatedly, the people from Mexico of strictly Spanish decent, look down on the citizens of native decent.
    The tomato biz is frightening, along with the bird flu. GW said there would be more waves of viruses.
    Three to six months out without seeing relatives is tough. I’d like to know if one has the antibodies, if they would still be effected.
    Using the last aircraft carrier to move people is planned, purposeful stupidity. There are so many other ways to move them!

  5. Jeffrey … Regarding you search for Doctors who can counteract the talking points of the medical “establishment” that has now been compromised …. There is a group called: American Front Line Doctors. They can be found on: You may or may not be aware of them. Just wanted to mention them in case you were not aware. Thank-you for all your efforts for our great Constitutional Republic! Patrick – Jersey

  6. Today’s world has left the founding father’s of the USA so far behind in many ways. In fact the internet has become a tool of collective action, ie, that mob rule so many Republican’s fear. However, that is a good thing as the republican “mob” against the elite’s wishes and the elite’s controlled lackey’s wishes is the fragile thing holding the consitutional republic together.

    Either the reality of modern times be accepted, or anti dictatorship movements will be swept away. The vast wealth and power of the capitalist elites can only be held in check by good collective action, and by forms of better democracy design, and by more direct political power for the common people.

    This reality is here NOW. The conservative constitutionalists need to understand this relality. It is my opinion this is the only hope to aviod the coming dark age, to increase good direct democracy.

    In any case after jan 6th the collective mob of trump supporters were held in lockstep in a collective way by conservative leaders. This continues today and will continue most likely as long as internet communications exist. The future the USA founding fathers could not imagine is already here and is increasing. Question , will this situation evolve in a uncontrolled way or not? Think and understand….

  7. I would normally think…once Alphabet, always Alphabet just maybe co-intel.

    But since you give Honor and Glory to Yahshuah

    Fight/Expose Abortion

    Full disclosure of VAX

    Pro Constitution

    Fight For the original Land Owners/Natives

    Weren’t sexually corrupted..straight

    Love horses


    Doing something…..

    I’ll personally vet you.


  8. There are many ways to continue my line of thinking I am sure most people can think of them. Anyway, the reality of the real republic of today. The rich elites and their paid for representatives (and judges) lackies actually hate the conservatives constitutionalists “mob” that are propping up constitutional rights in the failing republics.

    Without that direct democracy “mob” against the current representatives at the federal level, the consitution will fall in an instant. Not understanding this reality is due to brainwashing, and lack of knowledge of real history, tied into political economy.

    The talking head conservatives are leaders of this “mob” and are the political force holding up the consitution. Very fragile as it depends on free speech on the net that the elites and most of representatives of the real republic are working hard to stomp out. Understand? This reality will NOT change into the future, you will not be able to hand a fixed republic to a good set of representatives someday and all is ok. Nope, no chance.

    Hard truth, must have democracy design reform in the future, including forms of good direct democracy to have any chance of a stable first world system for a period of time. Study the history of Switzerland to see a starting point. This month of June they are supposed to have a direct vote to restrict their government on covid related lockdowns. Hope that goes well.

    Most failed republics end up dictatorships , ie fake republics with strongmen and/or communism in charge, lets not repeat that history in all of the dying western republics.

    Note, constitutionalists are doing a very good job for the most part.

  9. I am beating this to death I know. The 2016 election Trump won. Why, how? The “mob” the democratic “mob” obtained too much power over the control type “information control” from the rich elites, largely on the net. This was not supposed to happen. So the elites went berserk to beat down the internet democratic “mob” and to fix the election, the second go around.

    So the battle continues today, the democratic “mob” verses the elites and their lackeys. The internet and cell phones are much like the printing press in the past. It is a disruptive new technology giving common people more direct power over information control. My understanding of the printing press , that this new tech enabled the people to fight their way out of the dark ages, in fits, by stops and go’s , etc.

    So now the internet and cell phones can do much of the same thing in the future. The birth of the consitutional republic against monarchy and church control was a big step forward for 1776 onward. Now must advance again today, beyond that example–in my opinion.

    It can go either way, if people lose control over what happens in their bodies it will be very dark times ahead. With gene editing, nanotechnology, etc, etc.

  10. Jefrey, Israel is the biggest terror sponsoring state in the world. period. Not Iran. You must know that. Do you work for MOSAD? Respectfully ..Branko

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