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12 Responses

  1. Thought of th day.

    We have a big problem here on planet earth. The crazies have taken over, and no one knows how to put sane people in charge.

    At every front we have despotic republics run by crazies or by vipers on rich evil payroll. But on every front the gullible masses are told to support this republic or that kind of republic to have a solution.

    So it is a ongoing worldwide fight never ending of what/ who is going to run the next dictatorship republic never ending.

    Don’t believe me? Every republic in the world is very similar in many aspects. No matter if a Islamic republic, or fascist republic or a communist republic or any other so called republic. They all have certain top down run aspects of being a dictatorship.

    All have top down run central banks, all have top down run military, police, secret service, totally or for the most part. All have rigged elections ongoing,, rigged political parties, rigged candidates, rigged voting, etc, all top down run. All have corruption in judiciary, top down run, etc. All have top down run big government agencies including health care agencies that are being weaponized against people.

    Also, the rich evil is attempting to have a world wide body of such control systems over the whole world’s population. In having a world wide central bank, and health care agency and so on. All top down run, no democracy.

    On every front of government design all people are controlled or brainwashed stupid. As clearly the old acceptable forms of government are not working and are only placeholders as rich evil experiments on even worse forms of dictatorship control systems etc.

    Obviously what is needed is a new enlightenment movement worldwide to mentally break out of this death cycle of fighting in who/what runs the next flavor of dictatorship.

    This is the nature of the coming dark age. Rich evil killing most everyone, while all sides fight ongoing of what form of dictatorship is in power next. If deadly poison in food, no rich evil elites on top ever sniffs a jail cell in all forms of republic.

    To break this death spiral will take the emergence of better democracy designs that actually work, has less of top down control systems and more of bottom up by democracy control.

    Everything I write is obvious and should be long known by evidence overseas for over a 100 years, at least, etc. In other worlds no talking head should ever act surprised that traditional forms of republic are failing, and should not get away with blaming the people for not fighting hard enough for the next type of “their” dictatorship republic.

    Since that all the actors in today’s world can only talk about who is going to run the next republic. This coming dark age looks to be long and very nasty.

  2. So understand, I must be banned at some level because everyone, every enity, on the payroll or not, all can only think of the fight on who runs the next dictatorship republic.

    But of course the common person must figure out this death spiral into total hell. So they will slowly wake up sooner or later. So to actually exit the dark age by an enlightenment movement.

    So will have war, lots of dead bodies, exhaustion, stalemate, then a frozen conflict, hopefully after that peace deals. Better designs of governments , good morals movements, etc.

    A long grind ahead, may take a long while.

    1. So WEF is conceding to AI, it seems prevalent to the program is intentional harm. Perhaps AI would not go this route, but I am assuming the upper crust feels like the control is leaving them. Actually truth and facts defeat this rhetoric every time. Now my understanding of AI is it growth will make it uncontrollable at some point, perhaps it already has exceeded humanity and the WEF is a smokescreen, who knows point is there is not a win for this evil as it self consuming.


  3. Thoughts of the day.

    To the talking heads everywhere, every day many must try to act surprised as the western republics repeat nasty history of failures of the “properly” designed republics.

    So thinking, how will the future republics fail again in repeating history? There are no doubt many repeating patterns of failure that will happen again, but failure for nations and people usually means success for evil elites, at least in the short term.

    A big area of storms and failure in the future will be in the currency/banking areas. A touted solution is gold and silver backed currency. The rich evil would like a new currency only backed by the threat of going to jail or getting shot, but that likely won’t be enough. So will claim to have a convertible currency to gold etc, of course convertibility will only last as long the masses are comfortably sucked into hell. Then slowly a secret creation of extra digital money will start. In time, the official conversation rate cannot be kept up. A created emergency will happen then legal exchange made illegal. Something like this is the repeating nasty history. All the talking heads acting surprised, again.

    So if we don’t want more of top down run central bank games by rich evil. What is a real possible solution? I tell you the obvious, it is NOT having the old failed designs of traditional republics. Got to try something different for a change.

    Need bottom up design of control over banking/currency/financial systems in some manner. Must have several competing systems of democracy/government design ongoing worldwide. So that when rich evil plays nasty stealing take over games then as they destroy their republics the people have good directions to fight toward.

    Of course obvious much resistance is on the payroll or brainwashed stupid. So no resistance is activity working on better competing systems of government that I know about. In general the future will go like this, until a new successful enlightenment movement, there will be no exit out of the coming dark age.

    By the way 1776 came out of the last enlightenment movement. This is an important point of history, shows what must happen in a good future for team humanity.

  4. Thought of the day.

    The race into hell run by rich evil is increasing in pace. Notice everything is coming to a head these recent times?
    War, then lots of dead bodies and so on? It looks like waves of dead bodies are coming soon. This war is those elites, the monarchy and church against the people, right? Oh, no, not so much , it is the super rich mafia elites vs the people for the most part.

    Notice tribalism is increasing? As it must because most every good institution of the western republics is based on lies and illusions. The illusions have shattered, no one trusts any of the three branches of government and so on.

    Saw an article that around 50% of people think the earth is going to end soon by climate change.

    Here is an lesson to learn of a kind of psychological operation. “Who controls the end time story controls the people.” That is a direct quote from Democracyman. So half the population thinks Jesus is coming in their lifetime. The other half thinks global warming is going to kill them in their lifetime. Both sides think the other side (or tribe) is crazy. Got it?

    What if both sides are psy opted? Fact, they are both psy opted.

    Think on that. Both sides think they are going to see the end of the world , and it will end by their own religious end time story.

    A old psy op trick, by psychopaths, tell two differing opposing lies and then have people argue about which lie is true. Understand??? It is another way of divide and rule.

    So, say hello to your tribal war hell, it is impossible for either side to truly really win. This is the great deceiver’s devil trick.

    All the while the two tribes are arguing, on which psy op is true. The rich evil is stacking up bodies.

    Let us make a toast for a new good enlightenment movement that must happen to escape the coming dark age.

  5. A bit farther.

    When Jesus comes again the bible says only the father knows. It may be in our lifetime, but history shows it has happened in no one’s lifetime as yet. As for global warming or climate change destroying the world, ( this alternative religion end times story). That has no exact date in time, it may happen in eons of time, maybe.

    Two differing end times stories, two sides, two opposing tribes. And there is the devil playing his deceptions like a fiddle song, as the world burns in a dance. Got it?

    Only a new good enlightenment movement will end the coming dark age.

  6. Thought of the day.

    Looking at the massive storms in the USA midwest, many are wondering if they are from weather manipulation or not?

    This situation shows the ongoing failure of an acceptable opposition. The kind of opposition that is often worthless. The acceptable opposition (to a level) is one that only fights to run the next dictatorship republic. Or one that only can out the nasty information, to try to win a vote in a rigged system that it is often impossible to win a vote.

    How will this go? Just like the deadly storms in the midwest, if they are rigged, no one will ever go jail and the response of the opposition will be mostly worthless.

    The correct long term response is to demand a ground up run independent secret service body to investigate such matters. In other words making fundamental good changes of design of government.

    So my partial shadow ban must continue into a new dark age to prevent such discussion.

    No matter the people will figure it all out when enough dead bodies pile up,,, sooner or later.

  7. Ever go to a conventional doctor? Most often all they are allowed to do is symptom treatment. No money in a true cure for the disease.

    Simular situation for the coming economic political collapse that is coming. Talking heads screaming we must stop the coming crash.

    Remember the last great depression? then a very rual farming society but still 7million plus starved to death. The republic then is the same republic now, same design same purposeful collapse to steal wealth. Property , farms sold pennies on the dollar. What got the world out of the great depression? The cold war situation, the threat of the whole world run by outsider communism. Yep.

    So the conservatives are self delusional on many levels, they are taking the people and leading the children into hell. Not purposefully, but accidentally because they are brainwashed stupid.

    The same republic that is crashing now iscthe same exact one that crashed in 1929, it was on purpose then and on purpose now by the rich evil elites.

    This go around it is very unlikely a new cold war situation will save the western republics. It is my hope that the BRICS+ vs the western republics will make a new good cold war situation. But that is very doubtful, very low chance.

    Nope, here it is , the only plan in existance to get out of the coming dark age . Must use AI, to do better democracy designs, must have good independent think tanks. Then to create good reforms on failed republics. Anything to give people more direct political power is in general the right move. Other than this must have multiple competing good democracy designs up and running ongoing,, forever. Must have an alternative democracy design ready to go on line on cell phones the moment new cell towers go back up after a nuke war. If can make a new good cold war situation, that will be helpful. Must have good morals movements. All of these to make up a new enlightenment movement.

    This is the only long term plan out of the coming dark age. There is no other. Short term it is only a fight of who/what is going to run the next dictatorship republic and/or AI dictatorship. That will be part of the raging chaos.

  8. If actually can understand real history, and tie that into political economy. Then the economic crash in 1929 was created to take away farms, land and other competing businesses, pennies on the dollar for rich evil. Also to consolidate wealth, to steal gold and silver again from the people.

    If a talking head says the rich fascists/communists will not confiscate gold and silver again. I say why not? Of course they will, at least the odds are high of it. Why? The same basic set up back then, as now. Same controlled republic then as now.

    What is new in this go around? It is cell phones and internet giving people intolerable direct free speech power for the rich evil elites. However, as like the past printing press that is not enough to save us. Must use this new great free speech power in the correct way, in the right direction.

    No new cold war situation is going to just spring up again to save the western republics. They are going toward their natural condition, that is raging third world hell.

  9. So a question, if take a former first world living population. Used to buying all food out of supermarkets with wages or government handouts. Then slam them into a third world kind of economy. What will that look like?

    Ever notice on youtube all the people buying food open air market on the streets? This in third world republics?

    The USA will be slammed into that kind of economy fairly quickly with no preparation at all.

    It will take the people quite some time to adapt to that kind of market system.

    10 s of millions are going to starve to death. All under the cover of a created war and diseases etc.

    The only thing that will slow the rich evil down is when they destabilize for stealing, killing and dictatorship. Is for the people having better democracy designs to fight toward. That is the only thing, fighting for another controllable republic design of government wont slow them down a bit.

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