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6 Responses

  1. Thoughts of the day.

    The ongoing lies that will ensure a dark age.

    The lie from Trump about the show trial. That we have never seen such a rigged trial before, or such a rigged election before. These sort of lies are being told by traditional republic lovers over and over.

    The real republic across the real world in real history has had rigged trials and rigged elections forever and now it is ongoing. Such lying may be innocent as Trump no doubt in shock believes that it is impossible to have (such a over the top) rigged outcome in a properly designed republic justice system. But any honest talking head who actually knows history about real republics overseas has no surprise.

    So, shocked Trump and shocked talking heads are just clowns running their mouths at a level. This situation creates dark ages.

    The truth is shown by my partial ban, the truth is shown by the selective silence by some talking heads. The traditional republic supporters are naked intellectually before most every republic in the world, most are failing. In the lying, blaming the people for not supporting the correct kind of dictatorship republic will only go so far. The soon ongoing fight of who runs the next dictatorship is heating up.

    Wheather I post the obvious someplace or not, this situation is far too obvious to ignore.

    That is the republic in a its flavors is a total failure and now must think about a new enlightenment movement worldwide. Good design reforms of republics and new ground up democracy designs must be created. In fact this work should have started over a hundred years ago. It has long , long, long, been obvious.

    With the Trump conviction we are at in a situation of two basic directions ongoing. One, a fight of who/ what is going to run the next dictatorship republic or maybe AI dictatorship, etc. Two, the long hard slog for good effective democracy design reforms, and ground up better democracy designs.

    Both will be very difficult for the people, as rich evil has most control of money creation and along with that most of political power.

    But, it is not a hopeless situation as total rich evil control can only destroy, including destruction of themselves. The people have God and the effect of good God given personal freedoms, for the effect of positive political economy. So that any better run system with freedoms will dominate over more dictatorship systems in enough time.

    The key here is must actually build those better systems to work. Doing stupid moves will get team humanity nowhere. Such as only trying to fight on who/what runs the next dictatorship republic, or only repeating the old failed designs of government etc.

  2. Further,

    The real future in real governments, what will that be? Open question. Here is the deal, the rich evil will make single political party ran republic dictatorships tied into AI with management. This is a 100% certain path they will attempt.

    If the response is only competing dictatorship republics, then at best that situation is a tie. That is a dark age creating situation to my thinking.

    The team humanity response must be something better than anything the rich evil side can offer. Then team humanity with its better run system with more good freedoms can dominate in every way over the dictatorship systems. This is a 5th generational warfare victory for the people over evil elites.

    This means having a successful new enlightenment movement worldwide.

  3. Pointing out the obvious.

    Other than my ideas, team humanity has no effective plans to defeat the evil. At least none that I can see of. Pretty pathetic situation. Right?

    Other than fighting on what/who is going to run the current failed design of republic, the good side has nothing. The good side hopes for a good populist king to save us all, not much chance of that.

    Make no mistake, the instant the evil really runs the dictatorship republics in the west. They plan to rapidly put in the AI control grid . If they succeed, it will be a very nasty long dark age that humanity may never awaken out .

  4. Thought of the day.

    As the western republics go toward the natural condition of most republics, that is third world chaos. We have here a meeting of many political and economic forces,, building into a storm.

    Old forces, failed republics and their evil despotic elites running stealing take over operations. New forces, the internet and cell phones enabling common people free speech power the real republics cannot handle.

    Remember the old saying? “You cannot handle the truth” well the peoples and republics cannot handle the truth on many levels. The main truth is the real republic design of governance is a dramatic failure. Look at 34 felonies on Trump in a show trail by the republic. Look at it, and don’t look away. This is the definition of the USA republic now.

    The rich evil is pushing in dictatorship on the western republics, the system of the properly designed republics is worthless but by new enabling technology of USA internet communications the people are getting ready to explode.

    The tich evil are getting desperate for any trick to destract the population, including a false flag for hot nuke war.

    At this point, even the most lying talking head about how the wonderful design of the properly designed republics must be kept, they won’t dare open their mouths now. The traditional republic design is finished, it is dead.

    So what now? Because of brain dead intellectuals and talking heads all we have are dictatorships and wars for who/what runs the next dictatorship republic of whatever flavor.

    One lesson communists teach, is that as these events go, eventually it goes to wars on the citiy streets of who runs the next dictatorship republic. Historically it has been fascists vs communists in street wars on the cities. All sides usually supported by rich evil and nations etc.

    This go around the rich evil have the hybrid communists/fascists as their side vs the common people.

    So it will may look different??? The rich evil run communists/fascists will burn the cities down, kill cops , kill Patriots. If any cops or patriots defend themselves, off to jail etc. Will it go like this?

    So this round of street wars, it will shock the population of the western republics.

    As for Trump, he is a good man in general, but he is a old man with only about 10 more effective working life span. He cannot save the republic long term. If it takes a independent billionaire to have the only chance to save a republic of a so poor of design. That is a dark age future with a world of these and worse designed republics, right?

    The general future is easy to predict,. Due to free speech power of internet and cell phones by the people vs rich evil running dictatorships, that only can be dictatorships due to poor design. It will be a global raging dark age, of all nations in third world conditions, so chaos like never before in history. Until?

    You know the answer, until better democracy designs come on line. A new enlightenment movement worldwide. In a 100 years , a 1000 years? You tell me?

  5. The rich evil will like to just make total dictatorships and totally remove cell phones and internet communications by the people. While making absolute AI control and tracking grids by cell phones, etc.

    But they can’t do so by naked force, why? Pay close attention to this post.

    If they do so, they destroy their power base, and they cannot do this or risk be eaten alive by other mafia elites. Such as BRICS+ vs the dying western republics. (By the way the brics+ nations are also in deep trouble by their own similar internal failures of democracy design etc)

    So what to do? The rich evil must force and trick dictatorship control. They must trick their populations to accept their nasty dictatorship system. They must try carrot and stick methods of trickery etc.

    Well, even many of the woke communist types are finally starting to catch on with the 34 felonies on Trump.

    To the talking heads, what is your plan to lead the people? No plan at all, or a stupid one that can’t work? I suggest to do more thinking and praying.

    Frankly, it looks to me the world is so lost and stupid that my door should be beaten down for what I am writing. But it is not, that is a sign of a huge emotional need for war and stacks of dead bodies. Sad.

  6. Denial and normalcy bias.

    Most everyone has these, including conservative constitutionalists.

    How/why ? It is human nature to hunker down , try to wait until things blow over, but that instinct often fails.

    There are two opposite ways to live or not.

    One , is fat dumb and happy. This is the sheep people, they do fine in a easy society that is not trying to enslave or kill them. The do denial and normalcy bias, sleep like a baby as long as their belly is full at the moment.

    The other type is the paranoid prepper type, the kind of person sure to survive. As long as they don’t over react or die from stress etc.

    But even so there is denial or normalcy bias in the prepared types. Like hoping in vain the republic in question will straighten itself out without major good design reform.

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