Today on The Prather Point:

Today on The Prather Point:

  • Subway shoot crisis actors!
  • Fearful Fed fenced off!
  • Passover Christ connections!
  • Sudarium & Shroud Science!


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9 Responses

  1. Interesting guest. Got a link to his site ?

    Yes, men have pollluted and perverted who and what God actually is and what Jesus/Yeshuwa actuallly said and taught. As well the imprint on the shroud was a cosmic event.

    We can easily defeat these maniacs, but we must fight back to do so, if not we lose by default and they will destroy humanity for our own weakness and ignorance.

    Your apology and contrition was spot on. I have long known it is quite impossible to sit on your couch and say I forgive you for whatever only because I am a supposed Christian and I have to do that ? That perspective is totally bogus. Forgiveness can only happen when a person comes to you and asks for forgivenes as you did for whatever transgression . Then YOU must determine if that request for forgiveness is genuine and if they camer to you it likely is. Then you, the victim, are required to fogive that person openly. That is how it really works, no other way as we see today where phony Christians sit in their living room and fogive everything so they will never have to face anything and falsely think they are righteous ?

    Would King David have put up with this CV junk or the trans junk or would he have destroyed these maniacs before they coul grow and infect the earth with their dark forces ?

    This is the weakness I speak of often in humans today and some of it comes from the fraud religions and their dogma today. Part of why we are where we are today in this mess and few can see it or will say it openly !

  2. Free will is just our own decisions and actions. We choose to align with the fotces of light or the forces of darkness daily many times And it is very real indeed. The only way you can lose your free will is to willingly or ignorantly give it away, same is true of your soul !

    Both must be protected to the death, no matter what. The dark forces are powerless if we know this and live it.

  3. I see harding the infrastructure of the FED, as a spotlight as this is an institution of critical importance, so perhaps they are placing databases there? The fed is a private bank, but as you said it is important to make sure what is inside those walls, stays inside those walls, You do not have to storm the castle, sometimes you just need to surround the castle and wait them out. Something in those buildings are being protected, so it an easy solution, one does not need to break the gates, simply monitor the airwaves, and use more powerful frequencies to override any such manipulative ventures, I was thinking if commerce is an issue, why not reach out to your local tribes, and as them to create a system based on shells or whatever? Economics can simply be overruled via the first nations, or better community. Humans have long known that anything can be used as value. To me I believe the bee should be masters of global commerce, this removes any human ego, if they are not producing honey this becomes an indicator of bear and land stewardship, if there is plenty of honey around then you guess it, it all bull from there. There is a lot more value than oil on so many different levels. Besides the great thing about honey, one can test its content for chemicals, huge indicator as to what going on in the immediate area of produce. Long live the new human order!

  4. Paddock didn’t fire an single shot!! Las Vegas was a Globalist FF PsyOp…….which we know, right from the start. Each time these PsyOps happen, there are 100’s, if not THOUSANDS of people who start to pick the BULLSHIT narrative apart. It wasn’t too long after the Rt 91 FF PsyOp, when we AWAKE HUMANS found what ‘we’ were looking for…..a bunch of HELICOPTERS over the skies of Vegas/THE CONCERT…..with individuals SHOOTING FROM said choppers!!

    Don’t know how many people have seen this recent doc, but it’s worth the 2 hrs and 16 mins to watch!!


  5. WHO would be AGAINST Marijuana?? First, let me just say……I am NOT a ‘pot-head’; I do NOT smoke pot! BUT……the marijuana plant IS a ‘MIRACLE PLANT’!! …..IS a HEALING PLANT!!……IS ‘GODS GIFT’ to HUMANS! If I ever NEEDED to ingest that plant……NO ONE will tell me that I cannot; or that it’s somehow ‘BAD’ to do so! Pot is NOT a ‘drug’. It IS NATURE’S MEDICINE. LEARN the difference between ‘DRUGS’ and MEDICINE!! (REAL) FOOD IS MEDICINE! (CLEAN/PURE) WATER IS MEDICINE! ect. Pot should NOT be ‘illegal’…….and guess what?……it is NOT ILLEGAL!! SHOW ME, IN THE CONSTITUTION, where pot is ILLEGAL?! You know… they DID DURING PROHIBITION!! THEREFORE……those who go around ARRESTING people for Pot (or any other ‘drug’, for that matter)…..ARE THE ONES BREAKING THE LAW!! (ARE THE CRIMINALS!!!!)
    The SAME goes for FIREARMS!! The ONLY ‘illegal’ Firearm, is one THAT HAS BEEN STOLEN!

  6. Indeed marijuana is a natural substnce given to us from God or what some like myself would call the life force of this cosmos as everything living came from that force the same, natuatlly not as a man made chimera as we are seeing today. I am not a marijuana cure all wonder drug advocate at all. I just realize that many natural substances can have some benefit, even opium. The real issue is ismply when people let anything control them. Drugs, alcohol, sex, food, power over others, whatever ? When it controls you and you do NOT control it that is a serious problem and will have serious negative outcomes on you.

    Another clear thought over this particular weekend is a simple but very valid question about religion and the current churches here in USA. How many people would NOT have taken these bioweapons if the churches had not pushed it and condoned it same as DJT did ? Would the numbers be at least half of what we see or maybe even less ? Yes they would, so who was and still is complicit in this madness ? Seems anyone with a few brain celsls still workng and any honesty can see religions today and most churches have nothing at all to do with God ! Yet many suppsoed conservative and Christian sites go along with it all and will never speak these simple truths but simly promote more dogma ? Recenlty one outlet said it is more important to be “popular” and accepted than it is to speaik the truth of many matters. This is the mindset of these marketers who call themselves Christians and intelligent and the good guys and they all use censorship deletions and even banning ideas or questions they do not want asked when that exposes their own junk or even gets close. Simple truth.

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