On today’s show:

  • Cuomo resigns!

  • Arizona arrests Dem Pedos!

  • Texas hunts Dem cowards!

  • Chi-cops turn backs to Lightfoot!

  • Pfizer admits jab deadly!

  • Team Texas talks tactics!

  • Soros-owned PG&E arsons Cali!

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8 Responses

  1. Anyone in a public entity should be referring to this case, it can be brought to the Supreme Court and may take years to get there, if one delays it. So it there are plenty of tactics to be used in the legal system. I am not a lawyer, but it is a facile that one needs a lawyer to get results. It just recommended that one at least consults legal advice from a professional on these matters. A good resource I have found on youtube is R and R law group. He volunteers his time and also has been defunded, but does walk a person through current issues. He gets away with it as he is deemed academic in nature. Here is the source that I wish to share:

    Zywicki v Washington

    He alleges that as a public institution, GMU is obligated to follow the Constitution and its vaccine policy violates the 9th and 14th Amendments as well as the Supremacy Clause. Zywicki contends that his natural immunity from having recovered from a natural Covid-19 infection gives him equal if not superior protection than vaccines. His sentiments are supported by his immunologist, who informed him that receiving a vaccine would be “medically unnecessary”, as well as a joint declaration from Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Martin Kulldorff, prominent medical professors at Stanford and Harvard respectively. They write that,

    “Multiple extensive, peer-reviewed studies comparing natural and vaccine immunity have now been published. These studies overwhelmingly conclude that natural immunity provides equivalent or greater protection against severe infection than immunity generated by mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna).”

    The declaration, found in Exhibit A of the docket, also explains that the evidence to support mitigation measures such as vaccine mandates and passports is lacking.

  2. The opposite of Democracy is Dictatorship. It is remarkable that conservatives downplay the fact the republic is a representative form of democracy. If one cares to look at all the nations in the world , especially today’s western republics just about every one of them are in third world hell or rapidly heading that way. My opinion is that conservatives are in effect controlled opposition when they insanely reject all notions of of democracy design reform. They are dinosaurs going extinct and dragging down everyone with them.

    As I understand it, in Cuba their elites have shut down the net and cell phones. So what do you think about this situation.?? It seems the elite’s tool for control (net and cell phone) is the people’s tool for resistance. If Cuba goes to any known design of republic of today, they will quickly have rich international elites buying up all officials, judges, representatives etc just look everywhere else in the world, ? Right? Be honest. This situation will be repeated into the future in many nations, net and cell phones , elite vs people struggling over contol, etc.

    For Cuba and the people of the world, good options are few.

    I suspect and hope Cubans are working for democracy design reform. That they are working for some kind of system of direct democracy. Their only hope to have and keep control over their country. Fail or succeed, it is a start for the positive future. Honestly, they have nothing to lose for trying, same situation for most every failed republic in the world.

    As for direct democracy and democracy design reform into the futue it can vary, it can be mild or very wild. But at the least , it has to be enough. To be enough likely will take quite a bit as the rich dark elites are very powerful. They are using new tech for control and the people are largely on the defensive… so far…. choices.

    It is most important to open up a new front on this war in the way of a more advanced better democracy design or designs up and running in some countries. If that happens it will put the evil elites on the defensive world wide. Likely this is the only thing that will get the world out of the coming dark age.

    1. I am a bit harsh with my writings at times. In truth conservative constitutionalists are the heros of our times in the USA.

      One key battle ground is the internet and cell phones, as things go south, the government vs people will have titanic battles over these forms of communication. No matter what shadowy games elites and their spooks play this is the prime key for the future.

      I expect which side wins that battlefield will win the war. To win that war internationally likely will depend on democracy design reform in my opinion.

      Three keys for better democracy design reform.

      One, good constitutional rights, which the USA has the best current example.
      Two, non centralized control systems of government, with methods of locking these into place by self interest.
      Three, maximum amounts of good direct democracy, this is determined by what is acceptable and practicable.

      I suggest not standing the way of the coming birthing of new democracy designs that likely must happen sooner or later in failed republics across the world. As it is the only way to move forward , to stabilize society for many nations. To make honest secure systems of cell phone and internet based direct democracy is a technology problem that must be solved in some way,,, to move forward, at least in the farther out future.

      To go even father is to encourage the creation of think tanks for overseas nations for democracy design reform. This will increase the chances of success, if and when new better forms of democracy design come on line that will help all nations get out of a dark age.

      Everything, i write of course is my opinion, and the future is mostly uncertain.

      We all expect to have internet and cell phones to be shut down someday in some fashion. This strongly indicates that this is the main battle ground, further that tool for elite dictatorship control likely must be used as the tool of democracy to win the war of evil elite versus the people.

  3. I can beat this horse to death, have been in a few web sites. Right now the elites for the most part control the representatives , judges and officals in most republics , also inside most of the dying western republics. They control most levers( institutions) of power everywhere.

    They are passing laws for using modern tech for spying control right now at an increasing rate. Dinosaur conservatives may not get it yet, but we all will be experiencing it real soon. Total control by cell phone and other tech. Digital currency, social credit score, other harsh survalence and active restrictions etc.

    The choice will likely be direct democracy by cell phone and internet in some effective fashion along with other democracy design reforms. Or,,, the elites will have close to total control by cell phones , internet and other technologies

    Sorry that is the way it is going to be in about decade ongoing, maybe sooner.

    I suggest changing your minds on the subject of democracy design reform and direct democracy, sooner the better. At least for overseas.

    1. A thought, how is the AZ audit going? Nothing has been popping up on the news lately. Too quiet….And so I wonder? is the fix coming, mountains of money for bribes and threats? I really, really, hope the AZ audit bears good fruit. However if it doesn’t , that magnifys what I am writing.

      Oh I know everyone is terrorfied of the direct democracy mob. The elites, the communists, the fascists, all hate freedoms and democracy. At least the conservative constitutionalists embrace representative democracy, just need to go a little farther in some areas of the world.

      We are pulling for the AZ audit.

      1. So hear Biden is considering proof of vaccine for interstate travel. What will that look like? Traffic backed up for miles at every road crossing to check papers? Doubt that , likely pre planned to use electronic means to check papers, likely by cell phone as people drive by. You may think me a Troll, I think conservative constitutionalists are dying dinosuars.

        This is coming quick, the elites are 100% going use cell phones for tracking dictatorship control, we all know that, we can lie to everyone, but God. And the only way to counter dictatorship by cell phone, is methods of direct democracy by cell phone in some fashion. A international movement of democracy design reform.

        Most likely the dinosaurs will have to die out before some generation can fight this through, but if so, that is a choice.

        Is direct democracy and democracy design reform risky? Oh yeah, very risky, many movements likely to fail before success, but still it is the only chance.

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