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9 Responses

  1. Funny thing is Kevin McCarthy never asked Pelosi to vacate the Speaker of the House office. I was told she been a squatter, and has now been told to vacate!

  2. Thought of the day.

    The worthless Google search engine, signals the death of the elite’s “properly” designed republics.

    Notice how worthless the internet search is these times? The wise guy evil elites are in effect lording over society like the monarchy of olden days. I expect the special people can get the good search engine results.

    So, if for instance every internet search brings up lies, what will that do to a modern civilization? Of course , it’s demise and raging chaos, ongoing until a totally new system arises that has a generally good search engine results.

    So,, we have a AI run system generating information far faster than humans, and by top down directives going over top of human made information, with special directed lies ongoing. How will that situation turn out? This is not rocket science here. Right?

    The root is you are what you do, you are defined by your works. If a republic has this situation going on, a top down run system that is destroying society, then by definition by it’s bad fruits, it is a failure. To become a cursed fig tree .

    The only hope for any people in a area to escape death and destruction is to gain control over society. By the bottom up, away from the insane evil elites. Since all opposition seems ineffective to a large degree these times. It is going to a rough long road. Notice the people are trying vainly to gain just one honest election these times?? The evil elites have captured the government and the internet search engines to a large degree.

    Skynet looks to be in charge already. It is a AI with a management dictatorship, run top down by evil rich elites.

    What is hope? The only chance is to have break away search engines. The only hope is a good break away society, states, cities, nations. Any little bit better design of government, currency, constitutional rights, democracy design, search engine, etc, etc. By the power of positive political economy, those places will move forward economically, because of better run freedoms, the rest will fall behind in into a dark age.

    As this continues, watch modern society very rapidly break down in a matter of months. At the same times the more free better run areas will be hugely desirable for the common people. Voting by the feet a form of direct democracy that the elites will move to stop , will surge stronger, etc..

  3. Another thought.

    Reality, the republic as designed now is a dead man walking. The only thing holding the western republics together at any amount. Is the basic elements of ground up direct democracy powers the people have today.

    That is free speech information given by alternative media, driving broad public opinion. That is direct democracy power of voting by your feet. That is the direct democracy power of voting by your spending of money. By the direct democracy power of people accepting or rejecting top down elite directives.

    The people cannot get good honest elections or judges or representatives or officials, in these real republics for the most part. The western republics are dead men walking.

    Notice the controlled opposition republic lovers are always at the edge of their seats saying, “we got one good judgement from the court”, or “we have one good representative” etc?? As the republic titanic is going down in the icy Atlantic Ocean.

    Only by these very weak elements of direct democracy are the people of the western republics are barely hanging on. But don’t expect miracles if insanely keep fighting for a republic type of dictatorship tied into the tools of modern technology etc.

  4. Thought of the day.

    What or who runs the 5th generation warfare against the people?

    So, communism or fascism is a grass roots movement coming up by the common poor people, right?

    Once again to know reality, must stop the lying. Then to understand that in every case in history that vast amounts of rich elite money is spent to put communists/fascists in power at some point. But of course often these rich elites lose control over their monsters afterward.

    Remember, these same rich elites run all sides including money for many conservative constitutionalists etc. So they may have a blind eye to certain realities, etc.

    Lies by ommission are the same as lies by commission in sinfulness.

    So the world’s republics of today have no hope except for the direct democracy powers the people may barely hold onto. Such as public opinion driven by free speech, spending money how they want, voting by their feet, rejecting or accepting elites direction over society etc.

    Notice that the communists/fascists do not want these direct democracy powers for the common people. These communists/fascists are run by rich elite money.

    Right now there is a maasive secret services army being run across the world likely many times larger than the regular armies. The rich evil can create takeover control money out of thin air, but that causes hyperinflation. Still, many people will sell their souls for a few bucks.

    As history repeats in a fashion , expect the rich evil to lose control over their AI run with a management dictatorship systems. That monster will run wild someday for a time.

    For any real opposition. They will support God given freedoms. Such as true free speech, good strong consitutional rights that cannot be taken away, true democracy and so on. Good morals movements are needed as well.

    I have said many times, that the cell phone will be used for democracy or dictatorship with little inbetween in the likely future. I get a silent response, well, the narrow confines of the republic design of government has little solution to this nasty future. People, you have to pull your head out of your rear ends.

    It is 100% certain the elites will try to use cell phones in a control grid. Throwing away the cell phone may leave you dead with no bank account etc. The exact future is uncertain, but I suggest thinking about using phones in some kind of democracy design reform. At least some countries can try this option.

    This future is coming quickly, ready or not, consider your choices.

  5. An example.

    Biden backing off a tiny bit on illegal immigration. Why?
    Because it is over the top too much for the sanctuary cities to take. It is over the top too much, so those cities are going to hell, far too fast. Too many people are mad, the direct democracy power of free speech and public opinion is having an effect, with some protests.

    Broad based public opinion is moving against the Democrats who are acting like communists.

    Does this mean the republic is working well ? No, not at all, the whole of government is still mostly worthless and run by rich evil elites. The judiciary won’t act, the legislative is worthless. The executive is acting as like a foriegn power trying to destroy the country.

    So stop lying.

    This tiny bit of direct democracy power of the people by public opinion is trying to hold back the illegals. While the whole of the property designed republic is a wortless captured enity, run by an outside evil force.

  6. Thought of the day.

    It appears that the dropped viruses scam is not effective enough this go around. Some factors, the powerful God given immune system. The ability of white hat actors to determine the orgin of new viruses, also and more likely the ability of the white hats to engineer new viruses, so to give immunity without the deadly affects. Finally a lot of people are rejecting the top down directives of the rich evil elites. This is a basic form of direct democracy, the kind of direct democracy that is the only thing holding the elites back in the western republics.

    So anyway, it appears to me the rich evil is moving toward war operations for chaos, death and dictatorships. Hence the rising conflict in the middle east. I suggest to beware for the alternative media to magnify this media “show” for any kind of gain. As evil is behind it.

    It is interesting to note the rich evil is running out of effective options in its operations. That means at the other end of all of this, an enlightenment movement is possible.

  7. Thought of the day.

    HAMAS = He run by us.

    If you assume every opposition is “run by us” as in the evil western elites and their lackeys, you will be far more right than wrong.

    If you want to know the likely future, then stop lying or accepting lies.

    So how may the future go? Maybe because of the internet more and more people will understand the controlled opposition scams. Then to this understanding, a new enlightenment can happen, then toward more advanced thinking for better democracy or government design.

    This is a possible repetition of past history, of going away from monarchy with church rule, toward something better. Back then, the printing press leading toward the republic, with elections of representatives government rule, of this more modern time.

    But know the monarchy has been replaced by vast rich elite money rule. Most every lever over the republic is under rich elite control with little influence by the people.

    So the need of a new effective enlightenment movement to get out of the coming dark age.

  8. Know that public opinion on the elites rule is pushing hard on them. They cannot hardly even take this tiny bit of direct democracy force.

    This is driving their insane actions and chaos. As people must resist or lay down and die.

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