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11 Responses

  1. Thought of the day.

    Babbling idiots, they are in the most shocking places. You know that guy who says tha people got what they voted for so deserve it in an certain case. Then the next day say the presidential election was rigged or stolen. Or that guy ( a conservative constitutionalist) who says we have never seen that happen before in a properly designed republic. While it happens all the time, but often looked over.

    They are babbling idiots, the important thing is not me pointing out the obvious, the important thing is too many people are figuring it out.

    The the truth is most republics long ongoing have had stolen elections, and are failed third world countries, with brief respites. Have bad people called good and good people shut away in a corner and so on in real history. The truth is the propped up heros in controlled history have never been the best of us at a good amount of time in real honest history.

    So what is different now? Well it is a few things , like the new tech of cell phones and internet. So that someplace somewhere, someone is always ratting out the evil at a quick pace. This is direct democracy by free speech power in action. That the evil is desperate to shut down. But kill all free speech then kill the power base the elites must have to complete with each other. As in destroying free speech destroys economy and then by extension your power base.

    So as like the printing press in the past, forcing free speech power onto the evil elites. So is internet and cell phones forcing free speech power onto the elites and their whore republics. Elites are going crazy, and desperate to create a form of dictatorship to stabilize and keep power. This is driving chaos more than ever.

    To the Babbling Idiots, beware, the common people are figuring you out, instinctively.

    How will this play out? In real history the psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists ran things. Lie and pump up their Republican chests and act respectable, write proper history etc. Well, never before in history the lies and evil actions can be found out so quickly. This is driving chaos and evolutionary change like never before in history. Can we survive it?

  2. By the way , the great irony is that even the most ardent traditional republic supporters. They, by using free speech power via the internet. They are using the direct democracy power of free speech. So every time they rat out the evil elite’s. They are in fact pushing for good democracy design reform movements. And they don’t even know it. Understand, the traditional republic cannot stand so much independent free speech. So government design must evolve forward or go backward.

    Ironic, right???

  3. The future?

    Change is going happen, but how? One way, let chaos rage , have a french revolution kind of chaos. The fight against monarchy and church vs enraged mad mobs , so the chaos, slowly eventually moving toward the better republics, that is the past example. That is one way, very bloody and extra risky in modern times with nukes and bioweapons etc.

    Or the evil way of trying to set up AI with management run dictatorship republics in some fashion.

    Or try to go back into past of traditional designed republics. That likely will go nowhere.

    Or the hardest option of all, good democracy design reform movements. By using some kind of good sane scientific method? All options are on the table, choices.

  4. There is no change without truth , I would respectfully suggest everyone read Tony Bushby s THE CHRIST SCANDAL, the AUDIO BOOK or book ZEALOT by Reeza Aslan, and American Holocaust by David E Stannard

  5. If you want to predict the future in general , first must stop lying.

    It is impossible to predict the exact future , but can get the general direction or maybe possible futures.

    Here is a big one, does anyone really believe that most overseas republics have honest elections? Do you honestly think most third world republics in south and central America have honest elections? Do you really believe most of the republics in Africa have honest elections? So on, then by extension do you believe most of the western republics have non rigged political parties and elections?

    It is called lies by ommission, long ongoing lies about real republics in the world and history. Do you think that lying talking head is your friend?

    The truth is there are tons of evidence of rigged and stolen elections in the western republics. Just have to be honest and dig around a bit.

    The problem with such lying is that you may even believe your own lies and not know reality.

    Like the history of the western republics becoming first world during the cold war era. The truth is only the threat of losing the whole world to outsider run communism forced the western republics in line for that time period.

    So now since the evil western globalists decide to ditch their republics for communist/fascist dictatorships or AI run management dictatorships. All the talking heads can’t believe the republics are falling so fast. Babbling idiots.

    They will try to take out Trump , probably will succeed and likely engineer the response, it will be ugly chaos.

    As like in true history, the way forward is another enlightenment movement with advancement of government design.

    I will attempt assetment of the state of 5th generation warefare situation. The strengths and weaknesses of the elites and common people. For an attempt of a prediction of likely futures.

  6. As I initially learned from Prather and as i understand it. 5th generation warfare is non kenetic kinds of war. Primarily made up of influence operations and by the evil side,
    trickery. I imagine 5th generational warfar is as old as kinetic warfare.

    This kind of warfare is of any two sides. But my focus here is people vs elites.

    The rich elites, they have the directed wealth , they have access to the money printing press. By this power they can buy up everyone who can be bought. Therefore own the levers of power in government. The representatives, judges and officals, they can’t buy up everyone, but seem to hold the majority. They hold the high ground of the republic in terms of levers over government. To effectively hold power they must control the main control types over society. Such as police force, judicial, banking, information control and more.

    The people have basic simple direct democracy power if they choose to use it. Free speech at some level, voting with their feet, voting with their money, voting with accepting or resisting direction from up high. Etc.

    Notable is the increased free speech power for the people by the internet and cell phones. This as like in history of the rise of the printing press. Most of human advancement in the past is due to the printing press , most of change was forced or the elites and the government designs of that past. IE, monarchy and church rule, gave way to republican democracy. But the elites fought it the whole way as hard as possible.

    So in the most basic terms, the elites hold the high ground of society, the common people broadly hold the low ground. The elites have first use of technology to use for dictatorship, the people are usually slower to use it for direct democracy useage.

    In basic simple terms the evil elites have new tech for spying, and possible money control systems via digital currency and other tricks, such emergency powers due to plandemics and contrived wars. So on.

    The great weakness of evil is everything done for more power and control weakens its power base. Every restriction for making dictatorship, makes that society weaker and gives any more free society a chance to dominate. This is the power of good political economy.

    This subject, one can easily write a massive book, just for a start.

    The punch line? Basically, I expect if mankind moves forward and not backward. That the new tech of communications will enable a new enlightenment. The past of monarchy and church rule to democratic republic rule will be repeated in a fashion. The next go around will be toward more direct political power for the people via GOOD democracy design reforms of some kind. This combined with good kinds of cold wars.

    Of course many ways for the future to go badly.

  7. Thought of the day.

    Knowledge vs wisdom.

    We all have vast knowledge and due to cell phones and internet it travels faster than ever. At least knowledge can travel faster than ever in the dominating society with the best design of government, that allows the most freedom.

    Wisdom, it may grow faster or just as slow as ever. Wisdom use and growth is the roll of the elders in a society, if the elders (or talking heads) are fools that society is in trouble.

    For instance it took the failed single political party ran republic of the USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) about 70 years to collapse. If information travels 10 times faster with the internet these times vs the printing press in those times. Then it may take a similar badly designed government only about 10 years to collapse,,,, maybe??

    If people and the elders direct their society well, it should have a better chance to use new disruptive technology in society, in a positive fashion.

    A mesage of hope. In general, those societies more free, better run, have more strong good sense constitutional rights, and so on, etc. Those societies will have a stronger economy, stronger currency and financial system, stronger military, stronger culture and will dominate all others in time. So the evil elites effort for power control and dictatorship destroys their own power base in time. This an iron unbreakable rule of positive political economy. The time of self destruction can be slow or quick. (Notice the self destruction in many dying republics these days?)

    So I suggest working on better democracy designs, work on good morals movements. Move toward a culture of having God given personal freedoms. While of course having good sense enviromentalism, avoiding the death cult environmentlism.

    Those societies and governments that move toward a new enlightenment will do better than those who do not.

  8. Note,

    Putin’s Russia even though it appears very dictorial. It actually may dominate the western republics or at least hold its own. It may have a bit more freedom on its on internet. It may have a more free to use currency for other countries–backed by gold and commodities etc. And so on.

    A country with even tiny bit of more God given freedoms may dominate if given enough time.

    God given freedoms === Prosperity
    In most cases in a well run society.

    This is just only a possible example.

  9. By the way, notice the elites in the dying western republics racing to import disruptive populations.


    It is obvious to me. The only effective response by the people of the dying western republics is having more direct political power by reforms. This becomes harder and harder by muddling up the population.

    So, if there is an controlled opposition. Well, think on what its job will be to do? Maybe it is just a brainwashed opposition?

    In any case the only effective response to dictatorship is real democracy in some fashion. If nothing else, by honest elections of representatives. If that is impossible in a given design of republic, then that design is a failure, that simple.

    Remember the evil will only give a government design that must fail. Then blame the people when of course it fails. Then blame the common people for it. Nice, right?

  10. A bit farther, notice Russia and China allowing in disruptive illegal immigrants? They are really drowning in them, right?
    Notice the LGBTQ community really going strong in China and Russia these times? Right?

    Simple, it is not that Russia and China are that good. It is that the evil western globalists are that bad . That the government designs of the western republics are that bad, so the people and nation cannot defend itself.

    It is certain even school children can understand this fact.

    But not a controlled opposition, beware.

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