On today’s show…

On today’s episode of The Prather Point…

  • Antifa-D-Day Obscenity
  • Team America Restoration
  • DIA Source Saved from CIA
    FBI Covers Up Child Crime Murders
  • Med Intel Confirms Not Vax Jab Deadly
  • And, much more!

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Bag Up

The Faraday bags are up in the shop. I just held one up the other day and now they’re selling off the shelves. And that is great because if you want to have any privacy, you’re going to want to bag up. So you can actually talk without big brother listening in on you. (Remember the FBI agent, driving the two ISIS terrorists to Garland, Texas for the draw Mohamed contest. And then the cop shoots them both, and the FBI agent tries to flee!)

Sign Up

Get your head in the fight and understand what’s going on. Sign up with Team America to create an action plan. The Faraday bags will come in real handy and I’ll have more stuff to come in that regard. While patriots are not criminals or spies, you are going to have to learn to operate with Tradecraft and OPSEC, operational security, like criminals and spies, do.

Hold the Line

To all who are standing up for Team America and Team Canada: You’re starting to stand up and get together and figure this out. We will win this. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be fun. It’s going to require great sacrifice, but we will win this together.

  1. A secret told isn’t.
  2. No communications are secure.
  3. All security is breachable.
  4. All codes are hackable. Concealment is not cover.
  5. All cover is temporary.
  6. All codes are breakable.
  7. Use a one-time pad. One time looking is not seen.
  8. Hearing is not listening.
  9. Moving is not action.
  10. Knowledge is not wisdom.
  11. Perseverance beats talent.
  12. Power is not force.
  13. Hope is not a plan.
  14. Plans are useless.
  15. Planning is invaluable.
  16. Training is essential.
  17. The most committed wins.
  18. Freedom is never given. It is earned, fought for, won, and taken.
    TAKE IT!

20 Responses

      1. I belive in God, my family, the Constitution and man’s God given right to life, freedom and liberty. Nuff said.

  1. Jeffrey, we LIVE in a 4D reality. I believe you are mistaken about being able to “see 4D beings”, because the 4th dimension is just TIME. Three of space, one of time. Einstein’s “spacetime”. That’s where we live. Out in “meatspace”, we meet up at a rendezvous, but before we do, I can’t see you. But, at the appointed TIME, we meet and we can both see each-other. Afterward, we part and can no longer see each other, but that is a “day-to-day” mundane experience. Higher dimensional “objects” like the theoretical “strings” or “superstrings” (which just got a big boost a few weeks ago as far as confirmation goes…) exist in TEN dimensions but vibrate in only eight. The following video link – will take you to a VERY SPECIAL video by Dr. John Hagelin. I am very familiar with his approach to physics as well as many other physicists, as well as “Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness” via Vedic Science. Just to help you get up to speed a little better. I hope this helps.

    1. If you could see time, time flow, and travel outside it and within it, you’d be a 4th dimensional being. But you can’t. You’re not a 4d being even though you’re living in a 4d reality. Except like you said there’s at least 10 dimensions. Doesn’t mean you’re a 10d being.

    2. We were told in a lecture that ET can be out of temporal phase by a fraction of a second. They can see yo but o can’t see them.

      1. Sir, many years ago, we lived in an area with two-large underground streams that formed an ‘ + ‘
        in opposing – directions. This caused bad EM Field distortions!!! Which caused a terrible accident involving a Royal White Queen of the D.E. (got on my knee’s to consult Jesus Christ, GOD, for help?, Told , “You will get her water, secure her in safe place, cover her in warm blanket until help comes! ” This accident had reduced her in size, greatly!!!) When checking on her, found her Gone, until she told me – I’m still here John, but now in 4th D. as agreed with your Pres. Eisenhower in 1954! Took her long time to heal she alerted me….. Was introduced to several ET Groups after that and ALL friendly. They since have kept me informed.

  2. Leviticus 23 applies, “A statute for ever in all your dwellings throughout your generations”.
    Notice v 3.
    Exodus 20: 10.
    Matthew 5: 18.
    Genesis 2: 3.
    Mark 7: 7.
    Matthew 24.
    ♦️Deuteronomy 28 is today.
    Leviticus 26: 16 – 22 and 39.
    Exodus 23: 12.
    Matthew 15: 9. I Kings 2: 3.
    🔹️II Chronicles 7: 14🔹️

  3. I live small town Midwest. In 23 years living here never have I seen Muslims here two days ago my 25 ye old daughter introduced me to here new friends 3 Muslims woman covered and all black . My daughter left right away but makes me wonder now you said that. And my daughter never brings friends for me to meet.

    1. Wrong when it comes to the 25 % Radical Islamics that follow Shariah. Sharia Law allows Rape and even marriage to a young girl like 13. And by Shariah Law they will never assimilate ! Rape is legal under Shariah, & They Must Lie to us, & they must Never Assimilate with us -List of Rules ‬
      ‪http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/sharia-law.html ‬

    2. When it comes to the 25 % Radical Islamics that follow Shariah. Sharia Law allows Rape and even marriage to a young girl like 13. And by Shariah Law they will never assimilate ! Rape is legal under Shariah, & They Must Lie to us, & they must Never Assimilate with us -List of Rules ‬. Learn
      ‪http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/sharia-law.html ‬

  4. In Hubbard Lake Michigan, heavily wooded area is a “MUSLIM COMPOUND” THEY GO THERE TO TRAIN FOR THEIR TAKEOVER!!

  5. Mr. Prather. Check out this speech by a Chinese General back in 2005. This has been their plan all along. Also, the Chinese owner and former member of the PLA, Sun Guangxin of the 100,000 acre wind farm in Texas at the border, in my belief are planning to make the “wind farm” a FOB (forward operating base). You don’t need a 10,000 foot runway unless you’re bringing in C130 type aircraft to transport large vehicles, equipment and personnel. Its a set up… See the below Speech and article from the Washington Times. We have to prepare for what is by all accounts happening behind the scenes. PDFhttps://timinhonolulu.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/2009-chi-haotian-text.pdf

    1. May I mention that 15 yrs. ago, put the warning out to be watchful for ” Converted SHIPPING Containers of 20 foot & 40 ft size, turned into Launching devices for tactical nukes and also HE Projectiles (such as the IRA used to bomb a Police Station) using plugged metal/HD Plastic Tubes to fire volleys of such devices, from the flat bed truck left in position to be either ignited by electric or pyrotechnic fuses for timing devices….These could be effectively used on moving rail lines, also!

  6. Great information but until the Zionist Occupied Government is called out it’s only half the intel. Who controls the media? Who controls the banks, Hollywood, drug companies? Why does the U.S. continually support Israel with billions of dollars and advance weapons even while it practices Apartheid against Muslims. Why do so many members of congress have duel citizenship?

    To find out who rules over you find the group you can’t criticize.

    1. Phil: I had three-Blue Sphere ET’s, visit me over a couple of issues in 2002. They told me they had earlier drained out for their own use, every kind of needed intelligence from ‘every major’ Capitol on Earth to analyze the “over whelming crises setting off THEIR Alarms far, far away. That our planet was in Critical Condition!!!” They also were visiting to check on the ‘death call’ of a D.E., R.W.Q., who was on our property from an accident….(They had already talked with Her at length and were Very concerned with her Health and my families well being??) They told me, she had alerted the big Males of the D.E. Group how we had saved her and if They Would protect EVERYONE in the area, which they agreed to do until she could return home…. So, Sir, I’m in True HOPE we can get assistance in doing Whatever IS Necessary to SAVE OUR NATION & EARTH… The Blue Sphere’s ARE GODLY Beings, my dear Cat wished to further visit with them…! Believe my friends at DoD got all of it on film, since I had alerted them prior and “smart dust” had been introduced…

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