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11 Responses

  1. Todd confirms some of what I believe God revealed to me that it won’t go like the evil ones believe for God will bring a reaping to many. God’s Mercy is coming in judgement. That Mercy is for both the wicked and the Righteous for it is not God’s Wrath. For those who perish -they will still have been given God’s Mercy by death, and those who are Righteous will be given God’s Mercy to know His Judgement has come upon those who hate Him and hate us and scheme evil against us (Micah 2). The righteous will know God is not finished with these evil doers in this nation as more reaping is to come upon their heads. Still God wants change in His Church as well, and we must be men and women of action for truth, righteousness and justice!

    If what I say is truly from God, then this needs to get out after it happens in March.

    What I tell you now is the first public prophecy, so I must be tested. It is my 3rd prophetic revelation God has given me before an event happens, but the other 2 were focused around my immediate life and family, but the 2nd event in 2013/2014 can true as did the first, but this second patterned everything for the 3rd, even having an exact day.

    I believe God’s work through many will come afterwards to inform and preach repentance to avoid something far greater to come. I prayed about if I should write Newsom, but it was nothing. I only need to make it known before it happens – it is a sure thing that cannot be changed. God desires people in the Church to know it was God, not a mythical “mother” nature, or random. Which is why God’s precision is given to it as only He can do.

    In 2019, I was given insight into double judgement coming to California that combines the 1964 Great Alaskan earthquake, and the 1980 Mt. Saint Helen into one that would happen sometime before 2026 and on the same day. Later in 2022, God revealed the exact year and day which I will reveal below:

    These past disasters were 2 judgements that came 2 year and 7 years after SCOTUS law of the land to war with God, respectively making the law passage – 1962 and 1973. This insight came to me as I was studying the book of Jeremiah and the book, Jonathan Cahn’s book -The Paradigm.

    These 3 judgments (2 past, 1 future) are in response to laws of the land passed to war with God.
    God is engineering a feat that only God can do. The Spirit revealed the target cities for the earthquake is where our national hubris is for the unnatural (San Fran), and hubris in technology (pride and idolatry – San Jose). Directly due East is a volcano, Mammoth Mountain, that will erupt on the same day as the 9.2 earthquake.

    In Fall of 2022, the Spirit revealed more as a prayed and sought truth about such info. The Spirit revealed that this 3rd judgement to come had a grace period that was the combination of the past two. These periods give time to avoid judgement with repentance. It was 2 years for the first, and 7 years for the second, giving the 3rd judgement a 9-year grace period which is 2024, for the SCOTUS law in 2015 to war with God.

    The American Churches and people need to know it was God and He revealed it before it happened exactly as He said He would (Amos 3:7). The Church needs to repent, believe God’s Word, stop tolerating sin, and live for Jesus, or it will not be well for them. They need a proper the fear of the Lord, and live for God, not themselves!

    If true, 2024 will bring a reaping to many wicked doers in America as well. We have started to see this with more truth being exposed on the corrupted, and more blowback upon their acts such as Biden, Hunter, Fani, Jack Smith, Letisha, etc. just this year. It will continue, and I sensed that God may remove some evil men/women by taking them this year 2024 so they do not accrue more punishment in the lake of fire than is already going to be paid after the great judgement. Some may come to faith in Christ, and this will be their only hope, as it is ours.

    Finally, the day – it is the same day! Yes, the same day of the past 2 judgements for who but God can engineer such a thing over 6 decades, all starting on the same day, combine the first 2 into a 3rd event – 3/27/2024

    1. Shabua is a Hebrew 7 set, weeks or years. A variation of which fits Revelation prophecy precisely from around 444 BC forward..

    Judge issues ruling in Trump Civil Fraud case. Truth is more important than illusions and beliefs.
    Whether this is truth will be hard for anyone else to know for sure. Judges can be corrupt for sure but are these documents from Trump or organizations false?

    what else is new this is how most all white collar criminals work , this how his family made their money this is how nearly all this HIGH LEVEL REAL ESTATE game works perhaps they should investigate the Kushner family real estate empire as well SK

    1. It one of those enemy of my enemy things. At the surface level all that is needed to understand on the most basic levels is Trump is an ally. From there it is Greek, but to place things in perspective this is how corrupt the system really is. It goes beyond politics and has since at minimum WWI reperations. Like the UN in New York, the international settlement bank is above any oversight, and regulations, it event financed the German war machine for perspective. Also on YouTube it is 25 minutes long and places the entire global system in perspective:

      1. I do not see DJT as an ally, a moral, or truthful man, a good president or anything on any level , that does NOT mean I see what is in office anywhere in any party as better either , its all controlled at this point. Until we really realize that and ACT accordingly , we go nowhere.

  3. Todd C . was embarrassingly wrong on the Oct 4th emergency broadcast testing and other items as well , and his history and more are a bit sketchy as well . It would do all well to be better and deeper researchers into controlled opposition many levels deep.

  4. There is great amounts of evidence on the Khazar Empire and its false conversion to Judaism and why . , I have been speaking on this for years . But they are SECOND STRING business partners to the Black Nobility families [Roman and Persian, and Babylonian families that go much farther back. Those who always point the finger at the Khazars are offering cover for all those families who names most dont even know or recognize . Most are Italian names The Sabbatean Frankist thing is VERY real and important. You once had Hill and McGibbon on who told more about this , what happened to them , why are they not back on? Todd C. does not show a way for this to be the year humanity takes back control of the planet. We would all like that , he also says the people with badges . guns and or military show no interest. He says clearly the courts are worthless , I said that decades ago , so who will ?

    1. Send Khazar evidence. From my research Khazarian conversion is myth. But Sabbbatean Frankism history. Don’t agree with Todd or anyone for that matter on all points. Hill and McKibbon do not team they demean.

  5. If Todd C. was correct on Russia , THEN WHY are they putting so many WEF young leaders in place in Russia,, pressuring their people to take the death shots as well, pushing the digital passport /social credit system on their own people , and even bringing CCP people in to advise them on this . They are also creating enormous areas to bring in 10 million Chinese , and an entire area for Zionist Jews to move to if things get too dangerous there . How can it be disproved that Russia and Putin are not just doing their part in the entire scheme , I would challenge him to do so . Russia put down the peoples rebellion against corruption and banking theft in Khaz. Prove he threw out the globalist bankers there. Obama altered the very DEFINITION of informed consent long ago , they can lie , omit and do as they wish legally.

  6. This is an interesting side note conversation, reason I am sharing is he saying get over this Whitehat/Blackhat bullshit. He said at best out of the complex you are getting a shade of light gray, there rest just goes darker shades to just black. This is in regards to ET type disclosures, and he thinking China and Russia will be the first movers on these issue, and the US will once again being in a position of playing catch up. The reason of the share is his analysis sounds reasonable to me.

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