United Satanates of Abortica!

Today on The Prather Point:

  • Satanists say baby murder is sacrament!

  • Tali-Biden holds Americans hostage in Afghanistan!

  • Disney’s new black, tranny Cinderella Godmother!

  • Ivermectin for Afghans not Americans!

  • Team America helps hostages escape!


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14 Responses

  1. Thank you for this report. Many puzzle pieces to connect at this time. The fact that the propaganda media machine is still churning out the narrative gives some of us pause: Are we going to defeat the brainwashing mechanism soon…or are we still waiting for Martial Law to kick in?


  2. I am pro wisdom. Abortion is a symptom, not a solution.

    There is nothing more vulnerable than an unborn human. Infants need many years of care to survive. This makes sex a responsibility.

    My body, my choice doesn’t work with recreational drugs or vaccines. This means the government only wants control of everything including the population numbers and they don’t give a damn about mothers.

    How about being a responsible adult? When you have unprotected sex, you should expect to get pregnant. If you don’t want children, have your tubes tied.

    The Taliban will need to become atheists. China has no god but the state.

  3. I have used GSE or grapefruit seed extract in a nasal spray (home made) for years. GSE kills envelope viruses Sars, Mers, Sars Cov2. At the beginning of the pandemic I was curious if there were any studies on it and I checked out pubmed and yes; there was an article but has since been removed about the great effect of GSE killing Sars virus. Here is another article that combines GSE with Xylitol. You may want to save it to your computer before they take this one down as well. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33173650/

    Much thanks for all your efforts!

  4. You are one of if not the first one to mention Iodine as an important killer of all pathogens . I have using and prescribing it for 40 +years…. SSKI (saturated solution of potassium Iodide) will loosen a cough quickly and you can spit up clumps of mucus and pus and graphene …whatever is blocking the bronchial tubes. SSKI requires a prescription because it is another of Big pharmas’ hated drugs because it is cheap and effective. Younger doctors have never even heard of it . It will keep a lot of coughing people off the idiot killer ventilators which can’t push air through blocked bronchial tubes.Thanks for your mentioning Iodine . Of course it also can block radiation as Potassium Iodide
    NAC (N acetyl L Cysteine ) is also a vital immune booster Get a large supply. with Vitamin D3, Selenium and zinc. IvermectinAND HCQ!!! These are all life savers. Dr Dan

  5. Jeffery, Just wanted to thank you so much for keeping us informed. I really appreciate everything you provide us with.

    Theresa M.

  6. Jeffrey, the American people have been so incredibly indoctrinated and mind effed for at least 3 decades now that they are not capable of questioning any authority or fighting back in any way today ! PRAVDA/ MSM the deep states propaganda arm is alive and well in USA today ! We must realize the many illusions that are created to control us or we will all be destroyed. Same as stepping into a setup L shaped ambush because state dept says so ? Wake the hell up people as you are under attack 24/7 !

  7. Everything we see today is 100% deliberate as there are no coincidences in motion. These maniacs are NOT stupid , just very devious and evil ! Biden knows exactly what he is doing on command and direction from BHO and crew.

  8. I am part of ta CA, and I have joined patreon at the $25 level. When I try to read the patreon briefs, I still get the blurred photo, and am unable to get the written brief itself. I was momentarily able to get the briefs, but when I tried to reset my password, it went back to the blurred picture again. Can you help me 1 to unblock the Blurred picture again, and two reset my password? Thank you.

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