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  • Arizona America’s Alamo Fallen!
  • mRNA is militarized!
  • Hospitals Holocaust-ed!
  • World Wide Weaponization!


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16 Responses

  1. It is disheartening to see endless bought off , blackmailed off, threatened off representatives, judges and officals. But to be honest this has been the normal in little overseas republics for a very long time and now is coming home to the western republics. In my opinion only global multiple alternative democracy design reform movements can turn this around. Someday.

    Here is strong inherent to the system hope for people. It is the powerful unstoppable force of positive political economy. Those areas, cities, states, nations, who are more free, have good strong consitutional rights and at least some real democracy, so are run better. Those places will have more economic activity and innovations and slowly or quickly will leave all the despotic places behind. The despotic elites will destroy their own power base, then themselves.

    Right now the elites have lost much power over the control type information control. This is well known. But what is not so well known the elites are now terrified of losing their main control type of today. Which is banking/currency/financial/payment systems etc control. Notice the elite setup and destruction of FTX? Europe wanting to ban bitcoin, China banning bitcoin etc. The globalists are getting ready to lose much control over banking/currency/financial/payment systems. This is important the common people should support any alternative in this field possible.

    As the elites intend to make a cell phone tied into digital currency control/tracking system. It is important that alternative systems out of elite direct control assert themselves and possibly dominate in some places of the world.

    If elites lose power over two main control types , information and currency. Then that will lay a framework for better democracy or maybe even better alternative democracy designs.

    I still think people should find ways to make direct democracy voting by cell phone secure and then demand for it every protest in the world. As that cell phone likely will be a tools for dictatorship or democracy with little inbetween.

    Anyway here is some different thinking.

    1. Again founders hated democracy since it was mob rule and majority tyranny, we were a Republic!

    2. We do not live in or under any real democracy, but democatic republic. A true democracy is in fact mob rule. Let that sink in and realize this fact.

      Any democracy can only end as we are now seeing it end in a totl collapse taht will take some years.

  2. The pro freedom movement may want to spend some extra effort in strengthening any good alternative currency and payment systems out of the direct control of elites. It may be key for the future.

    That threatened off judge is a done deal it seems. Right? Other than war not much can be done about it. It is inherent to the failed design of the real republic.

    1. Another point also related to the subject of banking/currency/financial/payment sysyems.

      Is it seems we are heading toward a shift of lack of a true reserve currency in the world. As I understand it, to have a true reserve currency it must be so that you can buy long term bonds in that currency and believe your getting your money. However, in the soon coming world, where is that going to be?

      The USA is going down , up to it’s eyeballs in debt, same for most of western republics. The BRICS nations , they want to make themselves a reserve currency, but will anyone trust lets say a 10 or 30 year bonds from there?

      In the soon coming world can you trust a 30 year bond from anywhere???? Or would rather stack metals or other commodities etc???

      If the coming world has no true reserve currency, likely several “sort of” reserve currencies emerge, sorta floating around. This should weaken the globalists I would think and help strengthen the common people ability to choose and use the currency and payment systems they want. At least in the more free areas of the world, they may dominate in time in this future world.

      So anyway the reserve currency situation is up in the air in the future. As well the currency, payment systems. These are areas to strengthen the common people and weaken the evil elites.

      1. Correct on many points, but we were never imtended to be a mob rule democracy, we were intended to be a republic of the people and it has morphed into what we see today.

        The same exact thing has happened to all religions as they are all very polluted and politicized deliberately.

  3. May want to check out Mark Moss on youtube. Into finance, business, cryptocurrency etc.

    1. Mark Moss has the idea of parallel economy, and defeating the evil elites by how we spend our money. Check out some podcasts. The latest one I am watching now is on blackrock.

  4. I will straight up sit on post watching for idiots looking for a fight. I am not afraid of the deepstate, I am one to go on the hunt, but my nature is of the farmis er. I like to grow my reward, but to prserve freedom I want to ATTACK, I wil l not backdown under a firefight. I go in, and if I do not come out so be it! Let me know, I already contacted my old commander, the only one in DC I would folllow otherwise FOff, That is where I stand at this point, sorry I care for the nation, but not the BS. I come to the fiight once it is defined.

    1. Until we all actually say no more and fight back as nothing much can or will change. All the talk in the world will do nothing but make the majority weaker and more complacent. A perfect example of the democracy or mob rule in motion.

      Get enougn people to act that way and to be compliant is always the issue and figthing back is always much more difficult. We are at an inflection point no doubt as this world system is collapsing on many fronts. Humanity will not go along with the current madness in motion. Government is the problem not any solutions, ever !

  5. Some further thoughts. Like it or hate the current form of republics are obsolete, they will be replaced by dictatorships or by better democracy design in some way. The most common dictatorship of today is the single political party ran republic dictatorship of whatever flavor, these times a high tech dictatorship with control grid.

    New thoughts to Prather, at least new thoughts to me. The naturally arising asymmetric warfare the common people are instinctively using against the evil elites on many fronts.

    The huge one is currency/banking/financial/payment systems, the people are instinctively supporting this for noncentralised currency systems. This is global, so even the evil elites beat it down most everywhere, they can’t stop it everywhere. Then those places with more currency freedom and control will in time dominate the world due to the force of positive political economy.

    The asymmetric warfare of common people vs elites is on many fronts. On what people spend money on, like go woke then go broke. Like religious thinking, the woke communist thinking vs the traditional Christians believing. Which one is better for prosperity and stability in a society? The woke communist type supported by evil elites , the Christian thinking supported by common people. Even non Christians can support freedom of religion and all the consitutional rights that come from Christian thinking about God given personal freedoms.

    So there is much asymmetric warefare going on now that people are using against evil elite dictatorship control.

    To Prather we should think about this and support it whenever possible. Especially when tied to new technology that can be used for dictatorship or used for democracy or freedom power.

    A prime one is the cell phone and internet, it can be used for dictatorship or for democracy. A prime battle ground of people vs despotic elites.

  6. Sorry Prather but Katie Hobbs becoming governor proves the point. The general trend for all real republics will be failure. If after everything the state of Arizona went through and the best efforts of so many people and the deep state still can steal this election. The republic as we know it today is finished. Heck, we even don’t have digital currency tied into cell phone tracking control grid systems set up yet. We that happens , it is really game over for republic lovers.

    Like it or hate it, this reality and has been reality in little overseas republics forever.

    Must think out of box and consider all possible options.

  7. Thinking outside the box. The box of the traditional republic. Lets take the chance, find any way to make direct voting by cell phone secure, IF that can be done. Then can have elements of direct democracy by cell phone. This can mean having negitation voting at times getting rid of bad laws, judges, representatives and officials. Of course we know the evil elites will try to subvert this direct voting. It will be a battle, but to me a focused one in a good direction.

    This is a global fight. Any nation, anywhere, with more freedom, constitutional rights and real democracy. That nation will move ahead in all ways, it’s better design of government will be a beacon of light to the world.

    Any kind of positive reform of a traditional republic can be tried. Also ground up new democracy designs can be tried. There should be multiple independent think tanks working on better democracy design across the world.

    Understand , this most likely will be a long term problem. We are likely to enter a kind of global third world dark age. Very likely there will be no quick fixes, we should have started the effort of better democracy design over a hundred years ago as per the experience of never ending third world hell in many overseas republics.

    If nothing else, anything that gives common people more independence and political power should be supported.

    For instance, the more currency and payment systems are decentralized and in the hands of people. That will equally reduce elite power, that will transfer into all of society. This is the reason for the set up and destruction of FTX. The banning of bitcoin in some countries etc.

    I imagine conventional republic next steps can be citizen grand juries. That may be effective, but hard to avoid conflict.

  8. Trying to avoid any conflict is also a huge part of the problem we face. Most people are so docile they will not standup even against the tyrrany we have seen from the covid scams. Most are simply spoiled with the current system and paradigms same as congress is. This weakness will lead to the necessary changes needed, but only when the people have suffered enough. This is the problem with majority rule as most will never fight back in any way, they will only complain at best. This is our current issue we must face within. Americans are far too concerned with the outside and pay zero attention to the inside. The simple truth is how we live and think inside is far more important.

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