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  • CCP = Covid Corpse Pyres
  • PA GOP’S Dem Speaker!
  • Jihadist Times Square New Years’ Eve Attack!
  • Ukraine Runs DIA Intel!


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9 Responses

  1. It is probably more accurate to ask what is NOT a scam in USA and the west today. What is real and what is justice ?

    We are living in a lawless democracy that has completely lost its way on every level. BHO was a huge turning point in all that we see today and he is still pulling the strings behind the scenes in his third presidency now.

    The simple fact is that most Amercans are not capable of facing what must be faced. They are far too weak, ignorant and compliant to their masters of their materialism that totally controls them .

    March 2020 is when I published one of the first exposes of the covid scams in motion. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Shiva told the truth back then and have not stopped ever since ! We have a lot of cleaning up to do, so lets get started. We still have many radio and other emfs to get rid of. Only when the people can face themselves will anything ever change for the better. Until then we will all suffer for that weakness and ignorance.

  2. Hello,
    Yes i know the founding fathers hated democracy. Sadly the word democracy has been subverted so much that many people don’t understand what it susposed to mean. Every time a elite uses democracy it is for the exact opposite, as in dictatorship or restrictions on freedom. But bits of history tells the truth. That in the orginal USA republic only more wealthy land owers were supposed to vote. Then of course slaves could not vote , nor could women. Heck, the veterans of the revolutionary war were issued worthless promissory notes for pay. Then the weathly banker types bought them up and then pressed the republic to pay them off. Issuing taxs on the same veterans to pay them. This is the real republic from day one.

    So when you say the founding fathers hate democracy, i will take your word for it. They have company in the fascists and communists along with all the rich evil elites of today. Also even the Rinos and the Democratic party who, many in their dark evil controlled hearts are woke Marxist communists.

    But despite all the evil games , notice carefully the common people. The average young man, who does own land will he want to join today’s woke communist USA military?? No, so today as way back when, the USA elites are not getting enough men to fight their wars.

    Also the women and blacks etc everyone, they all without even the little tiny bit of representative democracy they are promised to have, same as back when. So everyone is faced with the prospect of civil war, or suffer deadly dictatorship largely due to lack of good enough democracy design.

    The people are fighting today the best they can on many fronts for democratic control over their lives right now. Mostly for decentralization control systems , in currency, and payment systems and information etc .

    In any case without good democracy design reform in some effective manner this coming dark age will not end, in my opinion. The fact AZ has fallen, shows the truth.

    Beware any bring back the republic movements, if the people fall for that, well more harsh lessons to learn. Simular to bringing back the communists or fascists to run single political party ran republic dictatorships etc.

  3. So anyway, the true heart of the good parts of the republic are the common people who believe in freedoms and constitutional rights for everyone. They believe in honest representative democracy. But an evil elite is everywhere working day and night to subvert everything. They have subverted everything, everywhere.

    It is my opinion that the common people must have more political power by reforming the system. That everything is on the table to try , including elements of direct democracy.
    The evil elites have way too much power over systems to have any mental restrictions on possible reforms.

    In any case , those who fight for constitutional rights and freedoms etc. These people are the super heros.

  4. This is a man of action (bottom link), and the entire conundrum the ENTIRE country is in, give up the notion of left/right. Yes I know total right is anarchy, and total left is Nazi or Communists whom hate each other. However it does not change the fact that the country is caught between tyranny, and freedom not left and right, the frame of a situation is very important.


  5. With all do respect , Putin 33rd degree mason/Jesuit controlled just like DJT, is no real ally even though they make take out the Nazi s, and bio labs , he/they are NOT liberating their own people within Russia or anywhere else they are in control of. They are pushing ALL the same WEF agendas within, and as this progresses show they just want to be TOP DOG in their version of the NWO, DIGITAL TECH POLICE STATE. So then the outcomes of this war in Ukraine only devastate that country , devastate EU , amplify the global food famine and control, and further bankrupt America as our criminals send billions there to be stolen. It all players doing their part. ALSO cant recommend enough everyone listen to audio book or read ZEALOT by Reeza Aslan.

    1. I looked this over and it seems to have some merit, other subjects in this I continue to be on the fence, as it goes a little beyond my personal scope. I do see more folks getting into these divine energy topics, however from my angle I still see movements of futility on some levels. Brazil had their capital stormed to demand an audit of code for their elections, the only election code worthy of an form of government is an open source code viewable only to an population educated in code. Otherwise it is an unverifiable election, as those doing the verification either understand, and have been corrupted, or are completely clueless, and unqualified to certify. It would be interesting to see how many elected actually understand the process to become elected, including source codes, and kernel systems. I am finding that unless the system goes back to a transparent paper trail system, then there will be not credibility in any leadership in the future.

      1. Actually on that note, can ANY treaty with the WHO whom wants ultimate authority to create endless plandemics, be legitimate, given the current state of voting, the current mainframe of POTUS or perceived POTUS, and a congress of a uni party that has gone rouge? I am just saying from contract law all parties need to be within sane mind, and have zero duress.

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